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A New You for a New Year! Window Treatments

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happy-new-year2014 is almost here, and that means it’s the beginning of a new year! How will you be remembering your year? What was special about it? Will you look back on your memories with happiness? What did you learn from the important moments in the past year? Here are a few ways to look back on your year and remember everything you did!

1. If you’re into social networking sites, you have many options that will help you remember all the fun of your year. Take being a member of Facebook as an example. There are many applications that will help you remember your year, and they’re exceptionally easy to use. Find one that shows you your year in pictures: these applications collect pictures of you from your Facebook and shrink them onto the size of one photo. This grid will show you some of the memories you’ve shared with your Facebook friends, and others.

2. Take the remembering a step further when you make a picture album, or a scrapbook. Develop pictures of your favorite 2013 memories, as these always look more polished and clear than pictures printed on paper. If you’re looking to develop many pictures, a photo album might be a better choice for your 2013 keepsake. It will hold more photos, and store more memories for you. If you have a theme or a specific memory that you want to remember, say a vacation or a day at the beach, a scrapbook is a great way to store a handful of photos of the occasion. The best part about scrapbooks is that they are always uniquely you! Use glitter, foam paper, different scrapbooking papers, and make your photos pop by giving them little frames, or using props to make them stand out. Is your scrapbook about a day at the beach? Glue in seashells and make pails and shovels out of construction paper. Decorate the background of a page with waves done in different shades of blue. Is this for a concert or a ball game? Save your tickets and add them into the scrapbook. Make speech bubbles that have concert lyrics, or quotes like “PLAY BALL!”. Remember, nothing is too creative for a scrapbook. Have fun!

3. This might be a bit harder to do now that the year is ending, but 2014 is a brand new year for brand new memories. Start keeping a journal. Writing about the memories you make and the moments you share helps you relive them all over again. You can write about all types of things, from the person who held the door open for you, to the first raise you received, or even the time you pressed snooze through your alarm 5 times. Writing about positive things can make you happier, and writing about the negative things will help you see how you overcame them. The more you write, the better you will become at it. If you keep up the habit enough, you’ll be able to fill quite a few notebooks. You’ll have something to look back on when you’re older, and they’ll help keep your memory sharp as well.

At ZebraBlinds, we know that 2013 is an important year. Our memories include adding a free cordless upgrade on many of our window treatments, and even starting an internship program for the year. For you, it may be about something completely different. Either way, going forward into 2014 is our new focus, and we hope it is yours as well! We can learn from the past, but we always must live in the present and plan for the future. Happy New Years from us!

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