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Accessorize Your Window Treatments with Wood Cornices and Valances

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The benefits of ‘finished’ windows.

Have you ever done a presentation without doing a recap? Didn’t it feel like something was missing? How about that day you got all duded up, glam in designer clothes, shoes, accessorized to the hilt, but hair scrunched into a dreadful ponytail?! Quite a bit like having people over for dinner and not paying attention to the finer details of garnishing and missing out on matched crockery! How about those passé retro styles of not quite finishing your decor and passing it off as ‘rustic’? All the tricks we come up with to fool ourselves!


Just as it’s important not to leave a bedroom with an unmade bed in the morning, it’s important to give windows a finished look. After all, windows provide the impact to a structure much like the eyes lends essence to our persona. The first thing to do, as it is with anything else, would be to give the window thorough cleaning – vacuum the accumulated dust away, give the window glazing a good wash, wipe the window frames with a cloth dipped in warm soapy water to get rid of the grime or stains, and do any weather stripping and caulking required once the snow has melted away. The next step is, of course to give the window dressing a cleaning as well; one can also decide to get a refreshed look with new window dressings for the new season.


A minimalist look no doubt provides clean lines and neat looks that will allow indoor elements to be uplifted and highlighted. But there are times that call for the refinement provided by ‘finished’ windows. There are those instances when Roman Shades and Roller shades can look like planes of cloth hung over windows. Or drapes can look like cascading panels without finish. These faux pas’ could definitely do with additional elements to provide a much-needed elevation, so windows can retain their magnificence in interior decor.


Cornices-and-Valances -

Wood Cornices.

A cornice is a word derived from the Latin word ‘coronis’, meaning curved line or the Greek word ‘koronis’, meaning curved object, the same word that gives us the crown. This, then, paves the way to understanding its meaning related to architecture or decor. Though the definitions are many, based on its purpose, the one we’re interested in is, “any molded projection which crowns or finishes the part to which it is affixed”, according to the Dictionary of Architecture and Construction. This brings us to the wood cornices I’m interested in. Wood cornices for windows are made to accessorize the dressings to offer that extra bit of refinement to a window. Made of North American Hardwoods, they’re the ideal solution to provide that much-needed elegance to window dressings. They’re available in modern and traditional designs that will ensure that they blend into any decor and the stains and finishes they’re available in allow them to blend with interior elements of any style.


Use them with drapes (so much more interesting than ordinary pelmets, aren’t they?), wood and faux wood blinds, Roman shades, roller shades, vertical blinds, you name it, and they offer a seamless solution to the finish of your window dressings! They can also be matched to any existing mouldings or wall cornices, otherwise present in a home, to add much-needed character to widows. As they’re not covered on the top side, they are covered with dust cloths that can be detached and cleaned separately. Available for both inside and outside mounts, they are easily maintained as the polished surface allows them to be wiped with a dry cloth. The installation, too, is a breeze, and can be used with single or multiple window dressings. They come with a limited lifetime warranty to boot!



A Valance, on the other hand, is a length of decorative drapery hung above a window to screen the curtain fittings, and is derived from the French word, avaler, which means ‘to descend’. It is almost always a ‘piece of fabric’ that’s suspended over the top of a window dressing to hide its hardware. This functional accoutrement soon became a decorative feature with endless possibilities! Today, they’re used on their own for a cheeky, casual look, or paired with drapery, blinds, and shades. They are fashioned into ruched styles, pleated, swaged, wrapped around boards for a more defined and designer look. They’re also used instead of drapes, swaged on four-poster beds/canopied beds for that luxurious and romantic feel. When used on windows, solely or in combination, hey also serve to act as an additional insulator as they block air seeping over the tops of window dressings; in addition, they cut out any light seeping through any gaps between the top of a window dressing and the wall. So they’re hardly just a decorative feature!


Now, in addition to fabric valances, there are also wood valances, only the latter are covered with wood on top as well, unlike the wood cornices. Those beautifully finished windows that are seen in interior magazines are now attainable. So, go ahead and give your windows the finish they deserve!



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