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The invention of the Badger Drapery Crane in 1939 was the beginning of an extraordinary and flourishing window treatment industry. John. N .Graber through his innovation and artistry elevated the standard of the window treatment industry with this practical approach. Quality materials and craftsmanship are the hallmarks of all their products.
The Graber Artisan Drapery is yet another treatment that stands proof to their everlasting commitment to growing customer demands. Creations from sophisticated fabrics that include solid colors, prints, stripes, jacquards, and sheers catch the eye. These drapes are fashioned with utmost perfection and have plenty to offer to assure us complete satisfaction through their durability.




The limitation on the length of the drape cannot stop you from possessing one. With a firm belief that the right length spells out the style statement of your drapes, one can avail of the Floor length that is the measure of the required length approximately ½” above the floor. Just like a trouser leg breaks at the top of a shoe, the trouser length is a measure of a drape to the floor with an additional 2” to create a break. A puddle length is a measure to the floor with an additional 6” to 10” to create a stylish pool of fabric. A sill length for shorter drapes measures up to the sill, typically for an inside mount. Apron measure for an outside mount is a measure to the bottom of a window trim.





The style of a drapery is an expression of our creativity. Artisan Drapery offers the ultimate in design versatility. Couple your style with the choice of your fabric and you can show off your personal design statement. Pleats of all kinds from Pinch to Cartridge, Tabs, and the Rod Pocket to get a ruched gather effect at the heading to the modern grommet in different geometrical shapes makes one completely lost for choice.

What is most appealing are the special features offered to show that they really care about their finish:
Double turned hems – They are of 5” at the bottom and a 1 ½” double turn to the side hems give extra weight and stability to the drape.
Mitred Corners – Corners of the drapes are folded to create sharpened neat edges and then sewn. When hemming, two edges that meet the multiple folds along each edge, pile up on top of each other and create an excess of fabric at the corner. Mitred corners reduce the bulk and allow the edges to meet evenly and look neat and tidy.
Sewn in liners – A Lining can make or break the look of a drape. They are backed with liners for a fuller and heavier feel and are functional too. All Artisan drapes have a standard liner of polyester or cotton. A Blackout liner will block light from entering through the fabric. Thermal liners look stiffer and are energy efficient. Water repellant liners protect the drapery from dust and moisture and help the drape to hang and drape well. Silk and silk blends need additional weight and protection because of their delicacy. Interlining of a cotton flannel between the main fabric and the lining fabric helps evade this problem.
Bottom weights – are stitched inside the hems of the drape to help them to stay in position and improve the hang for a classy, sleek look.
Banding – Punctuating your design statement with Banding and Color Blocking enhances the custom look of the drapes. Banding is a 3” wide accent in a contrasting color or the same fabric added to the inside edge, outside edge or to both edges of the drape. Trims in diverse styles and matching colors complete the dressing to give you that absolute fulfillment.





Graber goes one step further to be sure that we are completely enchanted with the Artisan range of products. We can now coordinate drapes with shades of the same color and texture or in a contrasting color for a desired effect. The mixing of window treatment styles is most appropriate when using the same fabric on different types of openings. A drapery and Roman shade in the same fabric exhibit a beautiful, transitional styling.
The Artisan Roman shades can be made in most styles. The structured look of a Looped Roman or a Classic Flat Roman, the casual style of a Seamless Roman and a Relaxed Roman or the softness of a Balloon Roman Shades. The shades can be customized to fit any size windows.
The Cordless and Motorized options empower us with a sleek functionality and enhanced safety. No operating cords to spoil the neat effect. The Motorized Lift for hard to reach windows and multiple shades can be operated with a remote control or a wall switch, automatic timer aiding in its function.
A Standard Cord control option is available. It is located behind the shades and can be placed to the right or left if needed. In the Continuous Loop Lift option, a powerful clutch mechanism lifts the shade and holds it in position for a smooth operation without the bead chain changing its length.




These fabric shades can be customized to fit a variety of unique window covering needs.
The Bottom-Up-Top-Down shades can be lowered from the top or raised from the bottom to maintain privacy while letting in natural light. They are ideal for bathrooms and bedrooms.
Multiple Shades on one window option allows three shades on one Headrail for wide windows.
Bay windows and corner windows can also be dressed with these shades. Care is taken that the mitred corners fit together to create an attractive view.




The Artisan effect is not achieved unless you use the custom made Graber Artisan Top Treatments for that crowning glory, along with the Artisan Drapery and Artisan Fabric Shade that you may have installed. Cornices, valances, swags, and cascades are all for the taking in different patterns and coordinating color schemes. Quality workmanship and a keen eye are the hallmarks of these exceptional Fabric Tops.





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