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The Advantages of Using 2.5-Inch Slats in Faux Wood Blinds

Advantages of 2.5-inch Faux Wood Blinds

2-inch vs 2.5-inch Faux Wood Blinds

Both 2-inch and 2.5-inch Faux Wood Blinds have excellent light blocking power and they are long lasting too. They will not warp or stain. They are great UV inhibitors which help protect your furniture and interiors, and which make them long lasting even in extreme sunlight. 2.5-inch Faux Wood Blinds offer a bigger view than that of 2-inch blinds when they are opened due to their larger slats.

2.5 inch Faux Wood Blinds Advantages:

Let us know what makes 2.5-inch Faux Wood Blind a better option compared to 2-inch blind.

The benefit of a half inch:

How can the tiny half an inch of the strips of aluminum, vinyl, composite, faux wood or wood that open and close for light control on your window blinds make a difference at all? Naturally, you may wonder about this. But when it comes to blinds, even the 0.5-inch makes a world of difference. “Give light, and the darkness will disappear of itself,” said Desiderius Erasmus and this is what 2.5-inch slats will do. They will allow more light to flow in when they are open, in addition to giving you an excellent view of the world outside your home.

The choice of material:

Before choosing the slat size, you have to select the material of blinds you are going to install on your windows. The market is flooded with variants like

· Aluminum Blinds

· Composite Blinds

· Faux Wood Blinds

· Vinyl Blinds

· Wood Blinds

Making a choice might just be difficult for you. Every variant has its own set of pros and cons. For example, though wood blinds are natural and elegant, they are quite expensive to fit into everyone’s budget. Vinyl blinds are cheap, yet they can pose significant health hazards if the manufacturer fails to follow safety production norms.

2 inch Faux Wood Blinds -


Best Faux Wood Blinds

Save trees, use faux wood. Contributing to being green should be an incentive to buy blinds made of faux wood, which are an excellent combination of style and elegance. Faux Wood blinds are manufactured to mimic wood expertly – they must have been created by some tree hugging genius! Today, he must be smiling from ear to ear because of the trees that have been saved due to the widespread use of faux wood products. With the progress in technology, once the poor cousin of the elegant wood, faux wood products are replacing real wood due to improved looks, durability, and competitive price tag. Though faux wood imitates wood, it does not imitate its bad habits of chipping and cracking, giving out splinters, or falling apart, they are also easily cleaned and maintained.

Top blind manufacturing brands churn out amazing custom faux wood blinds that can do almost everything that a real wood blind would do. They add warmth to your home, allow you to control the light flooding through your windows, insulate the room, and are environment-friendly as well.

PVC Faux Wood Blinds

a) Choosing Your Slat Size

Coming back to the slats, what makes 2.5-inch faux wood blinds slats more efficient than 2-inch slats, especially when the blinds are made of the same material? When the slats are broader in size, there will naturally be fewer slats that make them lightweight and increase the gaps between them, making visibility to the world outside your window better. When you use narrower slats in your blinds, the number of slats used in the blinds goes up. When these slats are raised, they take up a lot more space than the wider slats would do. If you opt for 1-inch slat, it may give a cluttered look to your window, besides hindering mobility options for raising or tilting your blinds.

b) Style Statement

Blinds with 2-inch slats are outdated and not preferred by many interior decorators anymore. The reason for this rejection is the popularity of the 2-inch slats itself. Since slats in the blinds come in sizes ranging from 1 inch – 3 inches, the easy choice for every person who loves to choose the middle path would naturally be the 2-inch slat. The extensive use of this slat size has taken away its uniqueness. For the aesthetic perfectionists, the 2-inch slats have become the choice of people who are unsure what works best for them. Hence, designers prefer wider slats in blinds, which allow them to stand out from the norm.

c) Better Protection

2.5-inch slats are a blessing to your room if the window faces the sun when it is at its peak. The wider slats in the blinds would provide you better insulation and more control over the light flooding in your room. The wider the slats, the more tightly they shut together to block light seeping in through the tiny cracks. When raised, they occupy lesser space, allowing more light to flood in, besides giving the window a tidy appearance. Here you are having best of both the worlds.

d) Savings and More Savings

2.5-inch faux wood blinds slats have more durability and are known to last longer than narrow slats. That means more value for your money. They allow more sunlight to flood your home during chilly winter, thus cutting down on your home heating cost. Conversely, they block more of the sun when turned upwards, so they cut down on cooling costs in summer. More savings added to your account, besides the money you saved purchasing faux wood blinds.

Homeowners with large windows often prefer 2.5-inch slats for their blinds, ignoring the traditional 2-inch size, since the larger slat size appears to be more proportional to the large size of the window. People who have smaller windows prefer larger slats for a different reason. The small windows do not provide much light or view when the slats on them are smaller; hence, larger slats are preferred for a better view and more light.

Go for the larger slats of the elegantly designed faux wood blinds that blend in with your furniture, flooring and other interior decorations of your home. With these blinds, you can choose to let the light shine through and watch the world unfold, or just hide in the welcome darkness they can provide, and curl on your sofa to watch your favorite movie once again.



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