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Advantages and Disadvantages of Bottom-up and Top-Down Blinds

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bottom-up and Top-Down Blinds

Most electronic gadgets that are used in the house are now operated with the help of remotes. From the comfort of your couch, you can switch on and off your devices. These gadgets and devices come loaded with new features that make them more productive and conducive to different environments. The manufacturers are quick to recognize the potential demands of the users and before you realize it, the product is already in the market for you to use. Dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, thermostats, coffee makers, motorized blinds and shades, etc. are few examples of the devices that have taken away the pain of manual labor and allow you to concentrate on more productive tasks.

What are TDBU Shades?

Technology and innovative thinking has made inroads into the window treatment market. Apart from motorized shades and smart technology that makes the operation of these shades and blinds smooth and convenient, there are many features that have revolutionized the way we have perceived them over the years. Conventionally, shades and blinds have to be pulled down from the top when you want to close them. Vertical blinds open sideways and stack neatly on either side of the door or large windows. Over the years, the expectation of users has increased manifold. They want multiple functions to be served by the blinds or shades that they purchase. They want light diffusion, preservation of outside view and privacy all at the same time. Traditionally speaking, natural light and privacy protection do not go hand in hand. If you want natural light you have to keep blinds open which will compromise the privacy of your space. If you want privacy then blinds will have to close which will cut out light. So how can this dilemma be resolved?

The solution came in the form of top-down-bottom-up shades. This TDBU comes with a unique functionality where there the shades can operate from both ends of the window. The blinds can be pulled down from top and also pulled up from the bottom of the window, depending upon your need for light, privacy and outside view.
Top Down Bottom Up Honeycomb Shades

Advantages of TDBU Shades

Control over Natural Light

TDBU shades give you complete control over the flow of natural light into the room. Natural light and sunlight is extremely important for any room. They infuse positive energy, brighten up your space and also help to dispel darkness and gloom. A dreary, gloomy room is the last thing anyone wants. But at the same time, too much of light can be disconcerting. They expose your furniture to harmful UV rays and harsh rays of the sun can cause your furnishings to fade untimely. TDBU shade allows you to let light inside the room without having to open the shades completely. You can enjoy the light at different times of the day. When the sun is overhead, you can avoid the glare by keeping the top part of the windows covered. It will allow light to stream through from the lower half of the windows. When you want to cut off the view of the room from outside, yet want to keep enjoying the light you can pull the blinds up to keep the lower half covered. With these shades, you will not have to switch on your electrical lights every time you wish to light up your room and this will help you to save on energy.


A major concern for householders is protecting their privacy. Home is where people spend their private intimate moments with their family members. Bedrooms and bathrooms in particular demand maximum privacy as people are most vulnerable here. If you wish to enjoy natural light and view of the outdoors, it can be hard to do so without jeopardizing your privacy. TDBU allows you to enjoy your share of sunshine and view while providing privacy. At night you can pull the blinds up to cut out view of the inside of the house and keep the upper part open to enjoy the stars and the moon before going to bed.

Pet & Kid Friendly

TDBU in the cordless variant is extremely safe for kids and pets. It also lends a smart, sleek and neat appearance to the windows and enhances the aesthetics of the room.
Top Down Bottom Up Shades

Why Buy TDBU Shades?

You can choose from different variants for your TDBU shades. There are light filtering cellular shades, blackout cellular shades, pleated shades, Roman shades, etc. which can be custom-made to meet the requirements of the TDBU mechanism. You can choose from a wide variety of colors, designs and styles for optimal visual impact.

TDBU shades make a fantastic choice of window treatment for homes that are located on the ground and first floor and face privacy concerns. They are great for rooms that are exposed to morning or afternoon sun as they help to control the glares without blocking out the much-needed light. And last but not least they are perfect for bathrooms as they need maximum privacy and natural light at the same time.

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