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The Advantages of Room by Room Window Décor

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Dress the Windows of Various Rooms Differently.

Boredom is a terrible thing! The inertia that makes us incapable of performing tasks with any measure interest, much less perform it well, is mortifying, to say the least. Although boredom is universal, researchers haven’t defined it well enough to give it shape. Psychologist John Eastwood, Ph.D., of York University in Toronto, his colleagues scoured the scientific literature for theories of boredom and tried to extract the common elements. Then they interviewed hundreds of people about what it feels like to experience that tedious state. They concluded that boredom is best described in terms of attention. A bored person doesn’t just have nothing to do. He or she wants to be stimulated, but is unable, for whatever reason, to connect with his or her environment — a state Eastwood describes as an “unengaged mind” (Perspectives on Psychological Science, 2012). At times, boredom breeds lethargy — you might even have trouble keeping your eyes open. In other situations, being bored can lead to an agitated restlessness: think pacing, or constantly tapping your feet. Often, he says, boredom oscillates between the two states. You might pump yourself up to concentrate on a dreary task, and then slip back into listlessness as your focus wavers again.


Don’t Get Bogged Down.


Whatever! It’s funny that the word ‘boredom’ entered the English language with the Dickens novel Bleak House, in 1852, in spite of it being such an everyday malaise. So, what do we do about it? Some of my remedies –

• Stop making excuses – get out early in the morning for a half-hour invigorating walk. Come back home and have a cooked breakfast – a power breakfast that is quite easy to make – some flap jacks with a blueberry topping and fresh cream with some great coffee will give you the kick that’s needed to carry on with the rest of the day.

• Attempt to engage in some cerebral reading – open to the editorial section of the newspaper and develop a point of view,

• Lend a hand to a favored charity – charity doesn’t have to mean writing out a cheque. Get actively involved in the functioning of an old-age home or orphanage or help with differently-abled kids. This offers a different perspective to the regular and allows you to step out of the ‘I, me, myself’ regime.

• Bonding activity with the kids – go on a hike, play ball or go bird watching -there’s no better way to bond with kids!

• The occasional home and garden pampering – to keep our visual senses edified, we need to keep our surroundings stimulating. Clean and tastefully done up environs, both interior and exterior, are key to peace and harmony that thwarts boredom.


To me, exercise and beautifully done up interiors make a lot of difference. I often change the colors and prints of individual elements to make for a change of mood. Simple changes go a long way in keeping the place charged and edifying. Little things like changing the pastel cushion covers I got for my sofa when spring arrived, replacing them with bold and contrasting stripes of yellow and red, or getting woven sisal rugs for the sides of my bed, or getting a set of white polka dotted towels in different colors for the different bathrooms, or using plain glass vases for my flowers than the earthen jugs I most often use. You’d be surprised at the excitement the changes you’ve wrought brings!


Consider What a Room is Used for?


This summer, I plan on slightly bigger changes. Over the years, I have learned that making changes room by room keeps me challenged. It’s nice to make changes depending on the footfall and what a room is used for. I live in an apartment where the garden and grounds are lovingly maintained. I have a deal with the gardener that keeps me supplied with fresh green plants that I change every fortnight! From palms to orchids, to ferns, I get a constant supply that makes it appear that I have green thumbs.

Last fall, I had the faux wood blinds I’d had in our study replaced with the fascinating motorized Tradewinds Sheer Natural Shades from Graber. Light colored (an Ascot cashmere) and stylized with a deco pocket hem and accent rod at the base for weight, in the standard Roman style, to go with the pine cabinetry and furniture, they transformed the room with natural splendor. The study doubles as our a/v room, I had privacy liners attached to the shades to make for pleasing darkness when lowered during the day.


Blackout Cellular Shades for My Bedroom.



Energy-Efficient-Cellular-Shade-Canada -



I plan to change the drapes I have had in the master bedroom for more than a few years now, and it’s time for a change. We decided on the motorized CrystalPleat Blackout Cellular Shades as the sun rises high and early in the eastern sky and doesn’t set till 9pm, and when I go to my bedroom, I want night to seem as if it’s night. The blackout cellular shades have a metalized lining inside their cells that block 100% of the light when lowered, and they are operated on side rails that cut out the ambient light as well. In addition, they are said to be some of the best insulating shades on the modern window dressing scenario as they comprise a layer or two of lined cells that cuts infiltration of warm/cold air and noise levels from the neighbourhood activity, especially the co-ed parties. The neat lines of the shades will complement the Scandinavian décor of my bedroom – this is essential for my peace of mind.


With 3/8-inch double cocoon Cellular Shades in a green called Rosemary to complement the green, gray, and white décor of the bedroom, I was all set for the lazy summer sleep-in’s I was looking forward to. With my newly charged window style!



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