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Affordable Decorative Cornice Boards

5 Decorative Cornice Boards

The art of decorating your space has greatly evolved through the ages. We even have certain styles and decorative themes that stem from history. We have concepts like ‘traditional style’ and ‘modern style’. With the evolution of technology, architecture, and our needs, the ways we style our homes has greatly evolved. When it comes to decorating the home and corporate spaces, it has always matured with time. In the world of SMART devices and homes, we always love homes with multifunctional furniture.

While this must be the case, we still hoard many decorative items that are purely for aesthetic purposes. One such decorative items are cornice and cornice boards. But these decorative items come with a utility and a history too! They have become a unique way to spruce up your windows and even decor themes!

What are Cornice Boards?

Window treatments play an important role when it comes to uplifting the charm of a plain window. They’re window treatments that are fixed on top of the window. Depending on various factors they can be hard window treatments or soft window treatments. They are sturdy boards that are wrapped with drapes, fabric, or just padded. These paddings are known as cornices. They’re extremely popular window accents that you’ll find in every house.

These little box constructions are attached above the curtain rod or the headrail where the blinds are fixed. The top part of the cornice board remains closed whereas the bottom part remains open so as not to interfere with the existing blinds or drapery. They’re a unique way to add some interesting personality to any room you like. There are different types of cornice boards. They are as follows:

• Wood Cornice: These hard structures are made purely of wood without any fabric. They’re a great addition to your space for a traditional or formal setup.
• Upholstered Cornices: These are more seamless to introduce to your decor, as they are wooden boards with fabrics. They come in various colors, patterns, and styles to design with.
• Lambrequins Cornices: Introduce some timeless charm to your space. These specially designed cornice boards are perfect for enhancing any ambiance they’re integrated into.

What are the Benefits of having a Cornices Board?

Cornices are more than just decorative accents. In ancient Greece, cornices were used at the top part of the entablature. They were attached to the space between the roof and the wall. During those times they were used to direct rainwater that accumulated on the roof to the side of the building. Though with modern technology, they have lost their main utilitarian purpose they have been molded over the years and now one of their many long-lost cousins are cornice boards. They provide various benefits; some are as follows:

1) They help in providing your window, curtain road or any other hardware a bit of extra protection for wear and tear. Featuring a box-like structure, they can be attached to any window too!

2) They’re super easy to maintain. Just ensure that when you dust your windows, dust the board too from time to time and voila!

3) Do you want to add some character to your space in the most subtle manner? Then the cornice boards are a great way to do so, they add minimalist style and come in many options to pick from that easily fit your budget.

Are there Cornice Boards that are Easy on the Wallet?

While cornice boards provide great functionality, it is always great to have various options to choose from. What many people worry about is whether they’ll be exorbitantly expensive. Based on how much you can spend and you expect in terms of design and functionality, they vary in price. Here are a few affordable options when it comes to decorative cornice boards:
Arched Crown Cornice Boards
1) Arched Crown Cornice Boards:
Give your home space some elegant style by just fixing the arched crown cornice boards over your window! Exuding luxury and displaying detailed craftsmanship, these boards come in various options like color and fabric. It comes with a wooden frame, fabric fill, and dust cap, giving your window and its accent extra protection.
Modern Crown Cornice Boards
2) Modern Crown Cornice Boards:
These boards are the ideal way to introduce subtle style to your contemporary space. Its clean construction is sure to bring out any surrounding it is set up in. You can customize in terms of size, measure, colors, and fabrics, perfect for giving your home space its unique personality.
Tailored Crown Cornice Boards
3) Tailored Crown Cornice Boards:
Want to give your space a touch of traditional style? Featuring intricate detailing and craftsmanship, the tailored crown cornice boards are the ideal way to uplift any home decor space. Not only will it allow you to have a well-synchronized ambiance but it will also easily blend with chic and rustic decor. Customize it as you please by adding fringes or a cord to lower the board.
Shaped Crown Cornice Boards
4) Shaped Crown Cornice Boards:
Tring to introduce some graceful yet subtle beauty to your space, that will enhance the look of your decor set up? The shaped crown cornice boards are perfect for the job. These shades not only come in a variety of colors but also can be easily paired with shades, blinds, and shutters making it extremely versatile.

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