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Technology made automatic shades cheaper, easy to install and easy to use.

It’s mystifying that man has made such tremendous inroads in the world of technology; Why! We’ve even begun the process of occupying mars, practically the netherworld!! Because, as a species, we are a lazy lot, aren’t we? Given a choice, we’d rather sleep in every morning. We’d be only too happy to veg out in front of the TV, watching our favorite shows or sport, all day long on a weekend, than to move a muscle and weed out the garden or mow the lawn! Send the kids down to the store for groceries, order take-outs rather than cook a wholesome, healthy meal. And the cherry on a sundae, we’d rather complain about the outcomes of such worthless behavior than make a change for the better! Consequences? Vegging out – obesity; too much junk food – acne, unhealthy pallor, indigestion; no exercise – hypertension, elevated cholesterol yada, yada, yada! Notice how all the symptoms are inextricably interlinked to bad habit forming behavior!? So how is it at all possible that man is the most evolved of all

species? Jeez! Beats all, doesn’t it? But that’s human kind for you! We manage to come out on top, come what may! If we’re ill, we invent new medication; if we’re disabled, we come up with wheelchairs, now motorized!; voice enablers if we lose our voice; we had the Ford Model T that was the ultimate in motor vehicle invention, but now have the Bugatti Super Veyron that panders to our secret insanity! The sky is the limit, and we broke through the clouds way, way back when the assembly line was first instituted!

We have an invention for every bit of laziness. To look at it another way, modern innovation has made life so easy for folks that we really do have more hours in a day, be it to work or to play! From washing stones and boards to washing machines and dryers; wood and coal stoves to oven and microwaves; from transistor radios to blue tooth enabled a/v receivers – need I say more? Let’s not forget remote controlled gates, garage doors, car locks, home theater systems, and what deserves more than a few words, remote controlled window shade operation!

Yup, the pleasure of chilling out in front of the TV, remote in hand, flicking through channels is not a singular one anymore. You can now have window shades or blinds lighten, darken and insulate your home at theVirtual-cord-motorization-window-shades

touch of a button on the same remote you use for your a/v system! Modern invention? Kudos to those who’ve worked tirelessly to ease the rigors of a hard day! Remember when you were a kid and played with all those matchbox cars or pull-back cars? Your children played with remote controlled cars and airplanes! Our parents got off their seats to switch a TV or music system on. We are the lucky people who have remote controls for a variety of appliances.

Integrated Remote Control for Window Shades and Blinds – high technology shakes hand with cutting edge style! It is now an accepted fact that up to 30% of energy costs are saved with the use of automated window coverings – you can enable light sensors that will lower automatically the motorized shadings when the sun is too bright, thereby allowing the a/c’s integrated with the shades to cool at optimally low levels and keeping any required artificial lighting (also integrated with shadings) at its dimmest. Likewise, shadings will automatically rise to let in the winter sun to prevent the heaters from overworking. Importantly, since automated shadings are inherently cordless, so they’re child and pet-friendly. Also, timers can raise and lower your shades at a pre-set schedule, whether you’re home or on vacation, enabling privacy and security for your home. Somfy motorization for blinds and shades protect wear and tear that obviously comes from manual operations.


Remote or Virtual Control the best option for Blinds, Shades and Drapes.

Earlier, we had wall switches that were manually switched on and off to operate motorized devices like garage doors, awnings, window shadings and home theater systems. That gave way to infrared (IR) remotes that use light to carry signals based on binary codes between it and a device that corresponds to commands such as Power ON/OFF or Volume UP/DOWN. And they were efficient enough to have found relentless use for the better part of the last 25 yrs. A few of the limitations of the ‘redeye’ are their limited range (not more than 30 ft), and the fact that they require a line-of-sight to be responsive (IR Rays don’t travel through walls). Though IR remotes are still prVirtual-cord-motorization-window-shades ZebraBlinds.caedominantly used for home theater systems, RF technology enabled remotes have found its niche in automated devices like window shadings – radio waves that correspond to the binary command of the button being pushed on a remote embedded with a specific digital address code of the device at a specified frequency. All said and done, the greatest advantage of RF remotes is that they have a range of operation of up to a 100 ft, and radio waves travel through walls.

So what we now have is wireless Virtual Cord Motorization, an automated control system for homes by which radio waves are emitted from a remote control to operate motorized window coverings from a distance of up to 65 ft, which in turn can be integrated with other devices like a/c’s, heaters, home theatre systems, and lighting. It can be configured to operate single or group shadings to control glare and the amount of light you want in a room, and equipped with timers and light sensors to make for seamless and silent operation of your window coverings like Roman, roller, natural and cellular shades, Venetian blinds and shutters. And guess what? They’re yours to be had at shockingly low rates!

The consultants at Zebrablinds will clarify any doubts you might have.

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