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Affordable Window Treatment Ideas for Summer 2019

Affordable Window Treatment Ideas

Affordable Window Treatment Ideas to Cool Down Your Home This Summer


When summer comes around, the temperature tends to get high while making the surroundings warmer. To protect ourselves from the extreme levels of heat, we consider doing so many things for our home. It’s just as important to prevent the excess heat from entering your home which makes the space overheated. Summer is the perfect time to upgrade the style of our home. Bring home the tones and textures of the season and give your interiors a pleasant makeover. And the best way to start is by renovating the windows with best window coverings or dressings. To keep the home comfy and relaxing, we often spend a lot of energy and money on our AC bills. But with affordable window treatment ideas, you can effectively transform your home’s overall beauty while making it more pleasing, fresh, and comfortable. The right window blinds can help block heat from the outside and help insulate your home so that your cool air doesn’t escape through your windows.

The idea of choosing a window shade can be daunting as there are so many things to consider. There are plenty of window coverings available at reasonable prices, and our professionals can help guide you to get the best one that integrates both beauty and functionality.

Motorized Roller Shades


Summer Décor: Top 5 Affordable Window Treatment Ideas for a Sophisticated Home

Do you know that open windows cannot block the harmful beams and excess heat properly? Without protection, your health and furnishings can be damaged, and you’ll let in unbearable heat makes you feel uneasy. Here are our top picks to start a fresh summer season, available at an unbelievable price. To get started, let’s have a look:


If you have large windows, then cover them with Graber vertical blinds as those windows confront more heat and light. Install the blinds to get a casual makeover while bringing the natural element inside your home. With these blinds, you can preserve the exterior view while embellishing privacy. Being lightweight, these window blinds are easy to install and operate. The vanes are available in PVC, vinyl, and wood material along with stylish colors and pattern choices. Adjusting the vanes will control the amount of natural light entering your home while balancing a consistent ambiance all over the room. Vertical blinds are the perfect practical option that cools down any space while offering various advantages.

Graber Vertical Blinds


Roller shades with their wide assortment of styles and fabric designs are an ideal choice to go for during the summer time. These shades effectively block out the harsh sunlight and heat while maintaining a decent, comfortable climate throughout your home. These shades offer great privacy during day and night time as well. Featuring smart technology gives you the ultimate convenience in managing the shades, you can control these shades with your smartphone or through automation and schedules Customize the shades now to suit your interior style and get them at the best price, only at ZebraBlinds.

Graber Lightweaves Roller Shades


When heat is the biggest issue during the summer month, cellular honeycomb blinds might be the answer. The shades are uniquely designed for providing the best insulation, and keeping the heat out of the home. These window shades are perfect for the reduction of glare, UV protection, and for increased energy efficiency. By trapping excess air inside the air cell pockets, they create a barrier at your windows that helps to keep your indoors at a comfortable temperature. Availability of various styles and fabric choices lets you dress your window the way you want it. If you need to obstruct the natural light and heat completely, opt for fabricated blackout shades that will dampen the outside noise as well, making a perfect sleeping ambiance in these sunny days. These are a few cost-effective ways to decorate windows that additionally save on energy bills by reducing home’s temperature. Double cellular blinds that come with an extra layer of insulation are the best product that brings comfort and luxury to your daily living style.

Graber Blackout Cellular Shades


When you are looking for a versatile solution that will block out the direct daylight and heat, aluminum window blinds are ideal choices which are sturdy, robust, and economically-priced. A proper installation creates a perfect atmosphere with a comfortable temperature and a beautiful look.

Black Aluminum Blinds


During summer times, soft fabricated window treatments always look lovely and eye-soothing. But if you need a relaxed ambiance at low-price, then you need to consider blackout shades for the windows. They will block out the sunlight completely through their fabric and will help to keep the room temperature cool, which is much needed during the sunny days. These have a wide range of colors and texture options that can give any window an astonishing stunning appearance without compromising the mechanism or functionality. Upgrading these shades with motorization brings added benefit and convenience. Raising or lowering them smartly expresses your personality while increasing the value of the home. Electric blackout shades are responsible for creating a perfect sleeping ambiance which also takes care of the room temperature and ambiance during the whole summer season.

Electric Blackout Shades


Want to Enhance the Appearance of Your Home?

Window valances and cornices are the perfect accessories to deal with your window treatments. They will make any standard window coverings look like a masterpiece while improving the overall aesthetic of your home. Their availability in a variety of styles, hues, and finishes smoothly mix and match with any window décor type. Install them now to get a charming feel in this hot summer.


Is Layering the Ultimate Solution To Maintain a Normal Temperature Inside Home?

During the summer season, you should always look into the best possible way to save energy. And for that, layering can be one of the best solutions. Layering window coverings provide your room with the next level of heat blocking capabilities and create a perfect ambiance. For example, with any of heat blocking window treatments, consider layering draperies or curtains for enhanced beauty and functionality. Integrating shades and curtains block out the harsh heat completely.

Layering Window Shades


Will Adding Motorization Give Effortless Control?

Summer is all about being comfortable and what is more convenient and comfortable than adjusting your shades with the press of a button. Operating them with smart controller devices (remote button, smartphone, tablet, and voice-controlled assistants) brings efficiency that emphasizes the energy-efficiency, privacy, and light control. Electric blinds are perfect for large windows. Almost all the heat and light blocking window dressings can be featured with this smart function to make life easier and smoother in the hot days. Customizing with motorization doesn’t mean they have to be expensive. ZebraBlinds offers attractive deals and coupons to save more!


Say Goodbye to Heat with Summer Special Affordable Window Treatment Ideas

So whether you prefer a sophisticated, stylish décor, or a simple one, with these designer custom window blinds and shades, you can create your summer special home. These affordable window coverings will always make you happy and confident whenever you walk into the room. For assistance, contact the designers and get your home ready and stylish!

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