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Alexa Compatible Devices: The Future of Smart Homes

Alexa Compatible Devices

Alexa Suitable Gadgets for Future Smart Home

Amazon’s Alexa device makes it easy for everyone to live a luxurious and hassle-free life. This device is a best-selling product in the current market because of its incredible excellence in functionality and performance. Alexa seems to continue learning new things while upgrading herself through the cloud. It can fulfill many complex tasks, including managing a smart home system.

75% of the people use smart devices daily, and most of them state that Alexa helped them a lot in enhancing their lifestyle.

There are lots of Alexa devices that can do a lot for your home – from playing your favorite music to answering all of your questions.  If you have already started to create a new network-connected home, then Alexa is an obvious choice. Go for it and change the future you want to see!

Top 7 Must-Have Alexa Compatible Devices

Amazon’s Echo is not only a smart speaker solution, but it also has a vital role in controlling all the smart home devices. There are various Alexa compatible devices available, but figuring out which ones to buy is difficult. That is the reason we have gathered a list of top Alexa enabled gadgets which you should go for –

  • Smart Thermostat – Ecobee4

Ecobee4 is an ideal thermostat that collaborates with Alexa to work smoothly and efficiently. This will bring control over the heating and cooling systems to maintain a perfect ambiance inside your interior. The best part of Alexa integrated Ecobee4 is that it is compatible with an external sensor, which can determine the temperature in different rooms. This device is easy to install and operate using voice commands. For example, when you need to change the temperature of the indoors, command, “Hey Alexa, set the thermostat to 50 degrees.” And it cost you only $225 bucks, and in return, you enjoy a comfy home.

  • Smart Lighting – Philips Hue Kit

When it comes to the smart home, a smart lighting system is a major thing to look for as it brightens up your room in a dramatic way while enhancing the security system of your entire home décor. There are various smart lighting manufacturers in the market of smart home, but interior specialists suggest Philips Hue bulbs which cost less also, only $100. You can ask Alexa to turn on or off lights in a specific room. Like – ‘Hey Alexa, Turn on the Lights in Living Room,’ and it will work automatically, which means you don’t have to leave your couch or bed to access them.

Smart Lighting System

  • Indoor Security Camera – Blink

Amazon’s latest innovation is a high-quality security camera which is integrated with the Alexa voice assistants and ensure the ultimate security of your home décor. You won’t find any wire with this camera, which means you enjoy a mess-free interior. This device is capable of recording video at 720p and costs around $100. But make sure to change the batteries on time to maintain the smoothness of functionality and versatility.

Indoor Smart Security Camera

  • Smart Bedding System – Eight Sleep Jupiter+

Proper sleep is necessary to keep our body immune system working. And technology has a significant impact on your sleeping. Eight Sleep Jupiter+ is uniquely designed so that you fall asleep faster without any disturbance. By featuring smart technology with this bed and mattress, you can track your sleep score and your behavior while sleeping.

By commanding Alexa, you can change the temperature of the mattress depending on your needs. Before getting into the bed, say ‘Hey Alexa, Heat the mattress’ and enjoy a peaceful sleep whole night. It costs you around $999, but it’s worthy of keeping you healthy and fitting lifelong.

  • Smart Window Treatments

You can control your virtual cord smart shades using Amazon’s Alexa app. Make sure the shades are connected to the Z-wave home automation hub. Ask Alexa to turn on or off the shades according to your needs, and the shades will do the needful. For example – ‘Turn on the window shades,’ and automatically the shades will open for you. Most of the window solutions can be featured with this mechanism, which includes solar shades, roman shades, cellular shades, and many more. Explore all these options to enjoy the ultimate pleasure. Just imagine, you don’t have to get up to open or close the coverings all around the house. Smart motorized shades are very reasonable, and during sales, you can save more with attractive deals and discounts.

Smart Window Treatments

  • Smart Plug System

Getting smart plug can transform your all regular devices into a smart one. You don’t have to purchase an additional Alexa controlled gadget. For example – Buy a smart plug and connect it to the fan, and control them using Alexa voice app.

Belkin WeMo Mini is highly recommended plug system which costs only $30.

  • Smart Doorbell

Pairing Alexa with your smart doorbell system will allow you to see who is outside of your home. Whenever a person comes close to your home, the app will detect any motion, and you will get a notification. This kind of bell doesn’t require any wire, which means you get an uncluttered appearance for your indoor. This device comes with all the latest features and cost around $100.


That’s all folks. These are the best Alexa compatible devices that work best for your interior. If you are interested in any one of these, go and get yours now. We can assure you that these products will simplify your life and you won’t regret after installing them.

Need further information about any product? Consult with a professional. They will help you with all the information or answers you are searching for!

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