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Make a Design Statement: Top 5 Alexa Controlled Blinds for Large Windows

Alexa Controlled Smart Blinds and Shades

How to Get Started with Alexa Controlled Smart Blinds and Shades

Having a large, tall, wide window is a great addition to any home décor that can offer various benefits while maintaining the versatility and flexibility. Most people want to have dressed windows for privacy, light control, and perfect home decoration. But large windows can be difficult to decorate in both an aesthetic and functional way. The selection of Alexa controlled smart blinds and shades offered by ZebraBlinds can be the right solution for you. With the touch of a button or using a smartphone, motorization lets you operate your blinds or shades without the need for manual effort. So heavy or out-of-reach blinds are no longer an issue.

Day by day, smart technology is getting even smarter, and now with Amazon Alexa, you can control your smart shades with your voice. Voice-managed window shades are fun to operate and install – commanding the shades whenever you want, however you want. Now homeowners have better access to superior light control and privacy than ever before.


Recommended Amazon Alexa Controlled Smart Blinds and Shades

Integrating the shades with smart feature gives you access to control shades and blinds simultaneously or together using voice commands. For example, you say, ‘Hey Alexa, Turn on the Window Blinds’ and they will work automatically. This makes your home more secure from any outside hazard while keeping the little ones safe from the danger of window cords. Below are top-rated window coverings from renowned brands that will provide you a comfortable and pleasing hands-free mechanism.

When you wish to have a perfect light control through the large windows, roller window shades featured with smart automation is one of the best choices to go for. Their unique designs and incredible functionality make them elegant from other window coverings. The shades use Z-wave radio technology to make the shades automated and listen to your commands. Depending on how much light you want, they are available in sheer, light filtering, room darkening, and blackout fabrics and all of them offer a good amount of privacy during both day and night time. So apart from the hands-free control, the shades let you to enjoy various benefits which you will cherish for ages.

Alexa Roller Shades


Large windows confront a big amount of light, heat, and UV beams, so it’s important to make your home energy efficient. And now it is very simple and easy with energy efficient Alexa controlled cellular honeycomb shades. The honeycomb structured air pockets will trap the excess heat or air and make the room cool and warm as per the outside environment. These shades are the combination of elegant designs, insulation, softness, and reliability – so many things from one treatment. Get them now to make your large windows more effective.

Alexa Controlled Cellular Shades


Are you looking for beauty that will offer excellent functionality as well? Then yes you have made the right choice for your large windows. Decorating the large windows properly can make them the focal point of your room. Their wide range of textures, patterns, and color choices along with smart and hands-free mechanisms to make them operate smoothly and efficiently. Turn on or turn off the shades according to your needs of natural daylight and privacy. These Alexa compatible shades are very classy and traditional that matches with every décor style.

Alexa Controlled Roman Shades


Large windows are one of the best ways to connect with the outside world and that is why we should consider decorating them in a proper manner. Custom natural shades are functional and give your space an eco-friendly makeover. Featuring them with smart motorization allows you to control the shades using voice commands. For an elegant and casual design, they are an ideal option that gently diffuses the harsh sunlight and heat coming through the large windows. All you have to do is command them and they will work smartly. Place your order now to see the huge difference that these shades create throughout the room.

Alexa Compatible Natural Shades


For a crisp and clear design, pleated shades are the best choice that will create a modern makeover without breaking the bank budget. Integrating with Z-Wave home automation compatible voice activated speakers help the shades to raise and lower automatically. These shades are also responsible for managing light, heat, and glare that make the room uncomfortable. So get the free samples now and see how they will look on the windows.

Alexa Integrated Pleated Shades


Top 5 Benefits – One Voice-Controlled App – Alexa Smart Home Devices

Alexa controlled smart blinds and shades offer various benefits to give you a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle at an affordable price. Below are the top 7 advantages that Alexa controlled blinds and shades provide:

  • With a single command, smart shades and blinds will prevent the excess amount of harsh rays, heat, and outside noise while giving your space a touch of elegance and sophistication.
  • When it comes to privacy, no other thing can beat the functionality of smart window coverings. They provide you with the right amount of privacy to enjoy your perfect private time.
  • Shielding the home from excess cold or heat is a major thing – Voice-controlled Amazon Echo window shades and blinds block out the extra heat while maintaining a balanced consistent temperature throughout the entire décor. In this way, you can save a lot on heating and cooling bills.
  • Transform an ordinary home into a smarter home by managing the window shades with your voice – Alexa controlled smart blinds and shades for larger windows increase the value of your home more.
  • This type of mechanism ensures to have a cordless function that completely removes the hazards of dangling window cords, making a secure and healthy option for the home with kids and pets.

So if you wish to have a smart and safe home, then order these Alexa controlled smart blinds and shades for your large windows to change your daily living style from standard to smart. If you feel any difficulty during the measurements or installation, feel free to get in touch with our team. They are always ready to help you get a smart home where you can manage the shades using your voice commands smartly and smoothly.

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