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Alexa Smart Home system – What Can New Motorized Shades Do For Your Home?

Alexa Smart Home System

Alexa Smart Home System – What Can New Motorized Shades Do For Your Home?


For each one of us who has spent a fair share of their childhood watching shows like The Jetsons or Star Trek, voice-activated smart homes would seem way too cool to be a reality.  Just imagine the power to have a command over every intricacy that is a part of your life, all of which can be done without going through the trouble of lifting up a finger. But, there isn’t any harm in dreaming of a time where you would be surrounded by such unimaginable luxuries. Well, it is time to meet the future with Amazon Alexa. You can now switch on and off your lights, control the thermostat, enjoy an enchanting home musical experience by streaming songs across different devices, and an endless number of other things. Everything we just mentioned can be done with a few simple voice commands. But, can you believe that Alexa smart home system can now take care of your window treatments as well?


Every homeowner will now have more convenient access to light control than ever before. Alexa will allow you to connect your motorized shades and blinds for an astounding and futuristic experience which is completely out of the world.

Alexa Smart Home Devices


Automatic Window Shades: It’s Time for Home Automation

With Alexa, you will finally be able to follow a routine that can take care of several actions simultaneously. Here, allow us to paint a picture for you. Your alarm has started to ring and its 7 am. At the same time the lights have started to fade, and the window treatments rise very slowly. You hear the click on your coffee pot and Alexa is doing her job reciting the weather. Imagine all of this already done. Doesn’t it feel that a handful of your everyday tasks have been already taken care of? And, all of this without even going through the trouble of leaving your bed. Come nighttime, all you have to do is wish Alexa Goodnight and like magic things will happen. This includes doors locking, your lights turning off, and blinds or shades closing. What else is left to do? Absolutely, nothing. You can enjoy your cozy bed and dive into the arms of slumber without further delay.


The possibilities that you have with Alexa seems endless. From maintaining your privacy by lowering the shades to raising it when you want, switching off the lights, controlling the thermostat, and so on – all of which can be done within a heartbeat. Alexa routines and window coverings walk hand in hand when it comes to customization.

Alexa Smart Home


Smart Window Shades: Do you need them?

By now you can’t help but imagine how amazing it is going to be if all the blinds and shades in your home would simply operate with the click of a button. Isn’t it something each and every one of us would really want? Well, the wait can be finally over for you have the chance to incorporate the must-have luxuries that powered blinds and shades offer. The motorized shades and blinds are exactly like the lighting control systems which means you can operate them with the use of touch panels, wall keypads, handheld remotes, smartphones, or Alexa.


Apart from being an absolute must when it comes to convenience, motorized blinds and shades also add an exciting and excellent dimension to your home and overall energy.  The integration between motorized window coverings and home automation will enable the blinds, drapes, and shades to move in sync with the other subsystems which includes music, lighting, as well as the heating and cooling equipment. This can be a massive benefit to any home. For all of the above reasons it is definitely worth considering to have motorized blinds and shades, they are an important form of investment.

Smart Window Shades


Other than being easily integrated into your home automation ecosystem, these are the top 5 reasons as to why you need to add motorized blinds and shades to your home.


  • From saving energy to preserving your privacy – Integrating Alexa Smart Home System with blinds can do it all


When you pull down your shades on a hot, sunny day, this minimizes the solar heat gain. What does that mean? Well, it means your home air conditioner will have the power to function more efficiently. On the other hand, when the shades are all the way up you can keep your lights turned off. You can easily rely on the sun to illuminate every inch of your home. Did you know that motorized shades can be automated to position themselves automatically depending on the sun’s intensity and the time of the day?

Alexa Controlled Blinds and Shades


  • Oh, the amount of convenience!

Do you know what the best thing about motorized blinds and shades is? It’s that they are fuss-free and don’t demand any attention from you. All you have to do is spend some time programming it according to your desired settings based on different hours of the day and night. The rest will be taken care of. Do you want to watch TV without being disturbed by the blinding light flooding your home? All you have to do is click a button and it shall be done. What is better than not getting up from your couch?


  • Smart Motorized shades and blinds will offer you with the kind of privacy you crave

Are you always adjusting your blinds? Using them keep the prying eyes of your neighbors far away? Then, you will be relieved to hear that the Alexa motorized shades come with a feature that will deal with all your worries. Shades and blinds are undoubtedly a great option when it comes to providing natural daylight and maintaining privacy, but when you choose the motorized option you enjoy a superior level of benefits. Close your shades automatically at night, or have them adjust during the day to give your home the illusion of occupancy.

Alexa Motorized Dual Shades


  • What do you want more than security?

Don’t you want to keep every individual with a hideous motive far away from your home? Keep thieves away by giving them a feeling that you are at home. Home automation provides an incredible feature of automatically closing and opening your blinds, this gives outsiders a feeling that people are at home. If you combine the feature of operating your blinds and controlling your lights together, there will be absolutely nothing to worry about. You will be able to control every aspect of your home with an active internet connection.

Alexa Controlled Blinds


  • Have you thought about the safety of your children and pets?

If you are constantly worried about the cords that are dangling from your window shades, then trust us you’re not alone. However, you can take care of it by simply upgrading to motorized shades and blinds for your home.

Alexa Motorized Roller Shades for Kids Room


Now, is the time to avail the benefits that modernization has in store with motorized blinds and shades.



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