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All You Need to Know About Motorized Window Coverings

Motorized Window Coverings

All You Need to Know About Motorized Window Coverings

With the advent of new technology, mundane tasks have become easier and easier. From opening a soda bottle to a garage door, everything is quick and convenient. Technology has been a boon for window shades as well, with battery operated window shades, which are also known as motorized window coverings. These shades have gained popularity for the reliability they offer and also for their low power consumption. Also, they are proved to be very practical, and extremely affordable too.


From master bedrooms to kitchens, and from home theatres to bathrooms, motorized window shades are generally used in several areas of home, mainly for privacy and also to keep the external light from coming in. They have proved their ability in large dwellings when used in conjunction with manually operated window shades. These motorized window treatments are not only preferred because of their convenient features but also due to security reasons. The window shades operated by batteries are designed uniquely to go up and down after fixed intervals in an automatic manner. With high-security features, they can be programmed with sensors or timers that tell the shade when to operate, allowing you to have the shades automatically operate when you are away, or when you get home from work.


Harmful rays from the sun and overexposure to sunlight and wind might not be the most suitable conditions for delicate artifacts, furniture, or paints. You can use them to operate when the temperature of a room is too high or to lower according to the position of the sun. If you wish to reduce the light in the room, to control the lighting and glare, or for protecting your home interiors from harsh sunlight, motorized semi-transparent shades can be used. They are also excellent for hard to reach windows, such as skylights.

Smart Motorized Roman Shades


Benefits of Motorized Window Coverings

  • Easy to use: In case of manual window shades, if the window is too large, it becomes a troublesome task to raise and lower it. Battery operated window shades, however, are different as they are convenient and easy to use even if there are multiple large shades.

  • Conserving Energy: The air conditioner might not work efficiently when the room has trapped summer sunlight. Use your shades to adjust to block heat and sunlight when needed, reducing the load on your AC and reducing your overall energy consumption.

  • Security: As previously discussed, automated shades can be programmed to operate even when you aren’t at home. This is very useful as it gives the impression that someone is always home.

  • Protection: Dusty winds, UV rays, and sunlight can cause deterioration to your artwork, flooring or furniture. These shades protect your interiors from the heat and UV. reducing any fading and damage.

  • For large windows: It becomes a tedious task if the manual shades are used for large windows. Some large sizes make manual operation difficult. In this regard, motorized window treatments are extremely helpful and prove to be a practical necessity. There might also be some windows which are hard to reach or have been positioned in an elevated position, for which these shades are ideal.

  • Child safety: The cords of manual windows result in a shocking number of injuries every year to kids and pets. The best solution to such a hazard is to eliminate hazardous cords. Opt for a cleaner, safer, and more convenient automated shades.

  • Less wear and tear: As they are operated by hand, manual shades tend to be more prone to damage, often caused by improper use or putting too much tension on the lift. As you only have to press a button to operate these shades, they will always operate the same way and suffer from less wear and tear over time.

Motorized window treatments are quite appealing. They add to the aesthetic beauty of your interiors and are better counterparts to the manual ones.

Smart Motorized Shades for Large Windows


Cons of Motorized shades

Certainly, motorized blinds and shades have cons too. We have mentioned a few below:

  • Battery life: Batteries have to be replaced every now and then. Most batteries should last 6-12 months but can vary depending on use and the type of shade used.

  • Costly: The shades can be expensive, though it depends on the features you choose.

Options to consider

Motorized window coverings are available in varied sizes, different styles, colors, and designs. You can find the perfect type of shade that is suitable for you as per your preference and décor. These blinds and shades enable anyone to create an ideal aesthetic interior and cozy space. Various accessories for additional functionality are also available.


Some of the motorized window treatment designs are:

• Sheer horizontal shades

• Roller shades

• Cellular shades

• Roman shades

Motorized Skylight Window Covers


Motorized Shades Pricing

Getting help from professionals for the installation of your shades can increase the entire cost, but is often worth the money. The pricing of motorized window shades mainly depends on the design of your shades and your accessories. The size of the shade is also a significant factor in the price. If you are comfortable with measuring and installing yourself, you can save a good amount on the cost.

You can purchase it from local stores as well as online. You can be sure to get some great deals online.


Tips on Choosing Motorized Window Coverings

Choosing the right type of window shades is essential. Choosing the right kind of shades will depend on your needs and requirements. Here are a few tips which you should keep in mind while considering motorized window shades:

  • Always keep the general theme of your home in mind. The look and tone of your shades should match your overall home decor idea.

  • Ascertain the purpose as to why you need the shades. Privacy, security, or to reduce the light – reasons can be varied.

  • Furthermore, considering the cost is also important. If you have kept a budget, always remember that. Try finding out from where you can get quality shades with discounted prices.

  • Always go for shades which are easy to install and control.

  • If you are considering online vendors, always go for the one that can help guide you through the process and has great customer service.

Now that you’re all set, it’s time to smarten up your home with these motorized window coverings.


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