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Aluminum Blinds for window treatments

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Betting on aluminum to adorn your window!

Working on a budget? Looking for an elegant window treatment solution? Think aluminum. Aluminum blinds have come a long way to suit the aspiration of homeowners looking out for elegance and functionality.
Aluminum is a silver-white, soft non-magnetic metal. It is the most abundant metal in the earth’s crust. It has a low density and a remarkable ability to resist corrosion. Aluminum reflects up to 92% of visible light and almost 98% of infrared radiation. It has no known adverse effect on plant and animal life. It is easy to extrude. As if all these properties aren’t enough to make it qualify as an ideal window treatment material, it turns out that aluminum does not ignite easily making it naturally fire resistant. The clinching factor, though, is that it is 100% recyclable without any loss of its natural qualities.

The qualities of aluminum especially the ease with which it can be extruded into thin sheets that can be neatly cut into slats makes it perfect for assembling blinds. The slats can be ½”, 1” or 2”. The choice more or less boils down to these three slat sizes. ½” and 1” slats are used to fabricate aluminum mini blinds. These were amongst the bestsellers a while ago but new and upgraded versions are being introduced into the market with attractive colors and features to retain the hold that they have had on homeowners ever since they were introduced into the market. Larger slat sizes are quite popular these days because larger slats give a better view when they are fully open and larger size means fewer slats to stack and easier control.

Aluminum is a good material for both horizontal and vertical blinds. The rigidity of the slats becomes an issue when the panel size is large; the slats can sag. Sagging slats are an eyesore and a control nightmare for homeowners. To solve this problem, the inherent property of aluminum comes to the rescue. The gauge of the aluminum, meaning the thickness. The lower the number of the gauge the thicker and hence more rigid the slat and the thicker the gauge, the more expensive the product. Thicker vanes resist creasing and bending are always erect and withstand wear and tear and rough handling.

As the seasons unfold, direct sun rays, dust, moisture and molding take their toll on every window treatment. Window treatment is an expensive undertaking and we all endeavor to find products that have long lasting qualities built into the treatments that we choose. Aluminum blinds attain their attractiveness through the color applied to them. Manufacturers like Graber and Crown have introduced painting processes that ensure that the slats are scratch proof and the paint UV resistant to retain their color and luster over longer periods. The solidity of the characteristics of aluminum and the processes through which they go before being offered on the market makes it easy for manufacturers to confidently offer lifetime warranties for their products. These qualities make aluminum the most versatile window treatment material that can be deployed in bathrooms and kitchens requiring ventilation and grime and mold resistance while also adorning living rooms and bedrooms requiring light control and easy handling.

The control mechanism for aluminum blinds is normally Cord lift or Wand lift that come as standard. Graber offers Ring tilt with a Crash proof cord lock – a very useful innovation to prevent the nerve-wrenching crashes of blinds that were part of yesteryear life at home. Crown offers the One-touch solution that is completely cordless with an integrated control handle on the bottom rail that tilts the blind open and closed with one simple touch. Cordless means safe to both children and pets.




1-inch-Aluminum-insigna-graber-blinds-Canada -



The choice of color is wide and a homeowner can be assured to find the right shade and color to suit any home requirement. Available in sizes as small as 5 ½ “width and 6” height and as large as 120”width and 96” height aluminum blinds can adorn even crevasse sized openings in a home. When window sizes are multiple large panels can be introduced on single head rails going up to 192” width.

In spite of all the advantages that aluminum has as a material to consider seriously for window treatments homeowners in places like Canada and the North Eastern states of the US with extreme climatic conditions should be aware that as with most metals aluminum too is not the best energy efficient material. In addition to this metal does make a noise and mechanisms may not be able to prevent this characteristic over time.

However, thermal efficiency can be attained through multi-layering and the introduction of energy efficient treatments to compensate aluminum shortcomings because aluminum blind are ideal for spring, summer and autumn when nature has to be seen, felt and enjoyed.

Aluminum blinds in Canada have been around for ages and continue to evolve. They are a good choice for both traditional and modern homes. They are affordable and elegant, minimalistic and trendy. Don’t overlook aluminum blinds because they are economical. They are economical because they are aluminum and aluminum is entirely recyclable meaning it has everlasting value.




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