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Aluminum Blinds for My Vacation Cottage

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50 years ago, my dad had purchased a beautiful cottage just a little distance from Lake Muskoka at a very decent price. He got it cheap because the cottage was not well kept and needed lot of repairs that the previous owner could not afford. More than the profitable purchase, Dad says he enjoyed decorating the cottage with abandon because this was his personal space. He had to please no one here. Not his neighbors, nor his friends or anyone for that matter. When he met mom and they got married, they spent a whole of 15 days in this lovely secluded place, fishing, hunting and walking through the forests.

Though there was no one around to peep through the windows, my mom insisted on getting the windows covered. We had natural blinds with a very earthy feeling on the cottage windows and blended well with the wooden floor and paneling on the walls. I grew up spending at least four weeks a year, vacationing at the beautiful place my dad loved so much. We enjoyed skiing at the Hidden Valley highlands Ski Area, which was less than an hour’s drive from the cottage, fishing in the lake and sitting and talking beside the fire.

Time flew by and now I have to scramble for a few days to visit my favorite place. Life is hectic and busy with a flourishing career in Ontario. Dad is no more. The unusual man died in peace without any illness or suffering. Mom is not interested in visiting the place since the memories makes her feel sad. Without dad around her, mom seems to be sad most of the time.

Linda, my wife loves our vacation time at the cottage as much as our twins. A few years ago, I got a call from a local shop owner at Gravenhurst, where I shop on my visit to the cottage, enquiring whether I would like to rent the place for a few days to his relatives who wanted to go fishing on Lake Muskoka. Anyway, we were not using it for the whole year other than few weeks we vacationed there. The money was good as well. I agreed. What started as a favor, turned out to be a good, stable income in the next few years for me! The shop keeper started taking his share of commission and also took it upon himself to keep the area around the cottage clean.



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I decided to make some changes at the cottage, putting in a new stove, refrigerator, a sofa, two beds with new sheets, coffee maker, dishes and cutlery, a microwave oven and toaster. I put up a few new posters on the walls and got the floor boards fixed. I also got rid of the old washing machine and set up a new one. There were families who wanted to rent out the cottage for a month or two at a time. I made sure that the rentals did not interfere with our own vacation time, no matter what the money involved.

On my last visit, I observed that the blinds on the windows had given way and needed replacement. With all the visitors, including children, it was not safe to have the old window blinds with corded operations. We ensured that the cords were tied up beyond the reach of our children, but how can we be sure that all the visitors would do that as well? I also saw that the previous blinds had received lot of dents, scratches and stains all over them. I decided to install the economical aluminum blinds which had essential features like anti-static finish that repels dust and resists scratches and stains. They were also time sturdy, robust and durable which was required considering the demand the cottage had. Design and style wise, I agree that they did not blend in with our cottage as much as the previous natural blinds, but independently they made a great style statement. I opted for the Graber 1″ Aluminum Cordless Supreme Blinds that were ideal for a place frequented by children and pets. With these motorized blinds, I did not have to worry about cord safety anymore, and it applied for my own family during our vacations as well. They were also good enough for those weekenders who loved to enjoy their party as though there was no tomorrow. For couples who wanted to spend some quiet, intimate time bonding together, these blinds gave enough isolation and privacy from the noise and light outside.

Aluminum Cordless Supreme blinds are easily raised and lowered without cords at the touch of a finger, making them a new and innovative product that gave a modern and chic appearance to our old cottage. I loved the way it functioned so smoothly and soundlessly that I did not even know it was in motion. The blinds have the option of hidden holes that gave me the opportunity to control light and privacy as desired. This was the best makeover I had made to the cottage ever. Since they were economical, I did not have to spend much on them. The cottage was paying for its upgrading, maintenance and also for our vacations, with a bit of our savings thrown in.

The rent on my cottage went up on its own without me having to mention it after I had made the changes. I am glad that my dad has left behind a place where people bond and have fun with their families just like we did when he was around.




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