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Aluminum Micro Supreme Graber Blinds For My Windows

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Home – A Place Where We Are Protected and Loved

Every house where love abides
And friendship is a guest,
Is surely home, and home sweet home
For there the heart can rest.
Henry Van Dyke
I am one of the lucky few who has a home where unconditional love abides! Growing up, I believed I would have an ordinary family with a husband and children who I would love and receive love in return. I am not sure when the transformation happened, and I ended up with a family who had more quadruped persons than two-legged beings.

Meet my amazing family. Coffee and Toffee are the American Staffordshire Terriers, who are extremely intelligent and excellent guardians of my home. Buffy, my Australian Shepherd, is a brilliant dog who behaves like a civilized person most of the time. She needs a lot of activities which is easily available to her in our home. She is the caretaker of the four naughty kitties we have. Annie is the most disciplined cat, and also the dullest member of our family with her plain gray fur. I am not sure of her breed though she resembles a Nebelung quite a lot. Frick is the lazy Persian cat whose goal of life is trying to escape into the outside and panic immediately when he actually succeeds. I am sure I would have a tough time managing him without Buffy to support me. Scooter and Molly were two lovely Munchkins who were often seen cornering around my table at lightning speed as though they were escaping from the world that was about to end in seconds. They loved playing with every family member to the extent of being a nuisance. I was a lucky human who got all the unconditional love these fabulous creatures could bestow on me. I had a lovely home where I was admired and respected by the beautiful family I shared my life with.

I recently moved to a neighborhood that had no objection to pets, with a home big enough for us to have fun. From my experience, I had learned that draperies, sheer curtains, shades or even wooden shutters were not pet proof, at least not from naughty kitties who were spoiled to bits by none other than me. I had to find something for my home that would withstand the onslaught of my pets. For my sprawling mansion, I needed something priced reasonably as well as durable for the windows, two skylights and one French door that led to my porch. I had to be sure that my pets would be safe with my new window treatments. I had a terrible experience once when Frick had got somehow entangled in the large slats of blinds in my previous home.


Aluminum-mini-blinds-Canada -
After a lot of research, I finally found the ½- inch Aluminum Mini Blinds Micro Supreme from Graber to be the best option my windows. They were even perfect for the French door and all the windows in my home. The home had series of small and wide windows, which made these blinds an excellent choice for my home. The size options for these blinds ranged from a minimum width of 6 inch and a minimum height of 6 inch to maximum width (1 on 1 head rail) 120 inch and maximum (2 or 3 head rail) 190 inch with maximum height at 96 inch. That would be good enough for all my windows.

Aesthetically, they had a great appeal with their sleek finished look that was enhanced by their other color-coordinated installation components. Another appealing feature of these blinds is the availability of wide range of color choices. From bright and sparkling colors to subtle and soft hues, I could pick anything I felt perfect for my requirement. The ultra-sleek finish provides my windows with an allure that resonates across the interiors of my home with endless beauty, and at the same time, safeguards the interiors of my home from the external weather conditions which I know is going to last for a long time.
My new blinds can be safely cleaned by dusting, vacuuming, soil removal and spot cleaning. They could be immersed in water as well. What finally sealed my choice was the attractive price of these blinds, which perfectly fitted my budget.

As for the skylights, I opted for SkyTrack 1-inch Skylight Aluminum Blinds from Graber, which blended perfectly with the sleek elegance of my other window treatments. Since they are available in a large variety of colors, I could pick the one matching my décor quite simply. These blinds are constructed with striking, built-in contoured head rails, discarding the need for valances. Their visual appeal is enhanced with the color coordinated components giving a balanced, sleekly finished look to my home decor. Made from 8 or 6 gauge aluminum, they are strong and durable to withstand the harsh conditions the skylight would be exposed to. They are easy to clean – require only a feather duster or the soft brush vacuum option on a regular basis. They are rust-proof, hence cleaning with warm water and a mild detergent is also viable.

Finally when I was done with the installation of all the products, I was amazed at the new look of my home. I could not believe that the installation of the aluminum blinds could make such an enormous difference to the aesthetic appeal of my home. I am so proud of the choice I made for my home, sweet home!




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