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Amazing Benefits of Using Maxxmar Shades in Canada

Amazing Benefits of Using Maxxmar Shades in Canada

An Introduction to Maxxmar Window Fashions

Maxxmar was founded in 2007, by Emilio Carinici Norbert Marocco and his two sons Steven and Mario. Since then, Maxxmar has built a solid place in the window treatment industry by providing exemplary service, good quality products with versatile designs. Despite the fact that there are window treatment manufacturers that co-exist in the market, especially in Canada, Maxxmar Window Fashions have managed to not only stay afloat but also persevere over the years due to their ability to innovate and the ability to cater to specific needs of their customers.

Maxxmar have been granted patents and trademarks for their innovate designs and brand value, while Norbert Marocco himself has been granted a minimum of 60 patents around the world. Moreover, Maxxmar shades have a wide reach in Canada with a well distributed network around the country. All window treatment manufacturers have certain desirable features in their arsenal that make them a dependable choice. This blog post will discuss those features that are unique to Maxxmar Shades and why they can be the perfect choice for you to decorate your rooms.

Benefits of purchasing Maxxmar Shades

  • Repository of Products – To put it simply, Maxxmar offers just about everything. If you’re moving into a new home or want to revamp the one you already live in, Maxxmar can be a one-stop-shop for all your rooms. You can get different window treatments for your living room, bedroom, bathrooms and kitchen too.

For instance, Maxxmar offers cellular shades, roller shades, horizontal blinds, vertical blinds, roman shades, sheers, pleated shades, wooden blinds, faux wood blinds and shutters. But, that’s not all. You can also get motorised options as well. Motorised shades have become quite popular because they can increase the quality of your life by giving you a lot of convenience.

They also offer custom products so that you they can be designed specifically to fit the dimensions of your window. You don’t have to always rely on ready made window treatments. Furthermore, Maxxmar offers window coverings in specific shapes under the ‘Speciality Shapes’ category to incorporate different types of window shapes. Accessories that are meant for getting the proper fit are also offered.

  • Access to Maxxmar Products in Canada – You will have no problem procuring a set of Maxxmar window coverings in Canada. They have a well distributed network of brick-and-mortar outlets that you can go check out. If you want to find out which of these stores are nearest to you, you can simply visit and choose the ‘Find Authorised Dealer’ option and give a location convenient to you.

Physically picking out your window treatment and getting a good feel of it can be very critical and play a huge role in your decision making. However, considering lingering situations like the Covid-19 pandemic, you can also schedule a phone call or video call for the purpose of consultation with these authorised dealers. You also have the option to order your shades online through a website.

  • Child Safety – Maxxmar prioritises child safety while designing window coverings. Children are often susceptible to strangulation because of the corded control mechanism of shades and blinds. While it is possible to childproof a home by making sure the cords can’t be reached at higher positions, this is not exactly fool proof. The ideal option would be to use other control mechanisms for their window treatments.

What cannot be denied however is the fact that corded control mechanisms are quite easy and simple to use. This creates and interesting dilemma between safety and convenience. The obvious answer would be safety. However, Maxxmar on the other hand has found an innovative way of ensuring safety while still being able to use corded shades and blinds.

A handy device called the DecoraSafe wand can be used to render the chain inaccessible to toddlers, whether intentionally or by accident. This trademarked invention is not only useful with respect to improving the safety of its users, but it also doesn’t hinder with the functioning of the shades and doesn’t negatively impact the aesthetic value of the window coverings. In fact, it acts as a fancy, yet necessary upgrade for your shades or blinds. The instructions on how to use the DecoraSafe wand are provided for in the Maxxmar official website.

  • Warranty – Maxxmar offers a very comprehensive and uncomplicated warranty policy called a ‘Lifetime Limited Warranty’ on many of their products. Manufacturing defects and deficiency in craftsmanship squarely fall within the scope of Maxxmar’s warranty guidelines. It’s not just the fabric of the blinds but all moving parts that fall within the policy. This includes manual components, the head rails and the brackets themselves. Naturally the policy doesn’t cover any damage that occurs through normal wear and tear through the course of the life of the window treatment, or through misuse.
  • Customer Service – Maxxmar has installation guides in a written and video format to help you through installing and using your blind. If you do end up facing problems despite this, you can always reach their service departments via email or phone by getting the details off the website.


Now that you’ve got a good sense of Maxxmar Window Fashions, there isn’t really any reason to wait. If you or someone you know is in need of window treatments for their home, Maxxmar has all the necessary qualities to be their top candidate for consideration. With the help of Maxxmar, you can find window coverings that control the temperature, give you privacy, ensure the safety of your children and pets, enhance the aesthetic value of your room and also allow you to control the light entering your room.

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