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Amazon Alexa Window Shades – Why Smart Shades are Taking Over

Amazon Alexa Window Shades

Amazon Alexa Window Shades – Why Smart Shades are Taking Over

Once upon a time, everything in this world was manual. Slowly, with new inventions and discoveries by a few great minds, automation started to take over. Today, human beings have reached a state where everything seems to be possible. New ideas, inventions, and discoveries are made every day. Starting with Siri by iOS, Cortana by Microsoft, and Google Assistant, we have virtual assistants at our fingertips. The Google maps navigation makes it easier to find any place just by entering the name or address of the place into the system. The navigation voice guides you by directing you towards the spot while driving.

In recent times, this kind of artificial intelligence and technology has improved by leaps and bounds. They can do a lot more than just find you an address or set an alarm for you or remind you to do something from your to-do list. They can integrate and bring together all the smart things in your home and do more advanced tasks. A simple voice command can get actual things done in a house!

You can even control electric shades and blinds with voice commands to Amazon Alexa. Opening or shutting the shades of your home is now easier and even more exciting for all you have to do is look in the general direction of your Amazon Alexa device and give a command.

Amazon Echo Smart Blinds


Alexa Controlled Roller Shades for a Modernized Home

There isn’t a single home in most urban areas today that are not connected to the internet or Wi-Fi. That is all is needed to get on board with an Amazon Alexa controlled smart home that makes things all the more easier for you. The Amazon Alexa device works on the Wi-Fi of your home and other smart devices, gadgets, and products in your home can be integrated with this device through a compatible smart hub. Once the integration is done and the connection is established, you can control all the devices and its functions through just the Amazon Alexa alone with simple voice commands.

While window shades can provide you with a lot of comfort like reducing the heat, blocking the light, providing privacy etc. all these advantages can be enjoyed only when you operate the shades at the right time. Leaving the shades open right through a hot day cannot help in reducing the light and warmth inside the home! With the Alexa controlled roller shades, it is even easier to keep a track on those shades and shut them at the right time with just a simple voice command!

Alexa Controlled Roller Shades


Smart Looking Alexa Controlled Smart Blinds and Shades

Smart blinds and shades that are designed to be integrated and controlled with Amazon Alexa are custom-made to make your home look smart and modern. They are cordless and hence are very safe for homes filled with children and pets. They work either through remote control or can be controlled by voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa. Their sleek and unique design add that extra oomph to the home interiors.

Amazon Alexa is the latest craze that everyone wants to get their hands on. In a home filled with gadgets and smart things, getting a gadget that has the ability to control all other gadgets seems like a no-brainer. Hence adding the Alexa controlled smart blinds and shades to your home make it all the more comfortable for you and all the more desirable for your guests!

Alexa Smart Blinds and Shades


Using Alexa Enabled Roller Shades in the Right Way

Sending commands to Amazon Alexa to get things done may sound really easy but there is always a right way to do things. For example- while saying any command to Alexa, you have always addressed the device and start the command with “Alexa”. The most ideal way to place command is “Alexa, open the window shades.” And your window shades will roll open, slowly and steadily! Doesn’t that seem like magic? At times, you can even program your Alexa device in such a way that all you have to do is to give a single command and the device automatically does a series of things on its own.

For example- All you have to say is “Alexa, Goodnight” and the device will ensure that all doors are locked and all the Alexa enabled roller shades are shut. It also ensures that the security system goes up, the lights are turned off and the home is all set to give you a good night’s sleep!


Giving Specific Instructions to Alexa Roller Shades

Through voice commands, you can do a lot more than just rise and shut your shades. You can give a more specific set of instructions as well. For example- you can raise the curtains up to 90 percent up or shut the shades up to 70 percent down and so on. Even something as specific as that can be done by Alexa enabled roller shades, simply through voice commands.

Life is being made more and more easy and comfortable through a range of gadgets and innovative devices. Anything being done manually around your home needs to be spruced up to suit the current trend and this includes your window shades and blinds as well. Join in on the craze for things being done smartly and keep your home absolutely modern with Amazon Alexa Window Shades.

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