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Appreciate The View With These Solar Shades – ZebraBlinds

Appreciate The View With Solar Shades

Solar shades, sometimes known as sunscreens, are a beautiful, useful, and functional alternative to standard window treatments. They offer added advantages that make them the perfect choice for homes with a view or windows located where sunlight shines directly in.

You need some sort of window coverings to block out the early morning sunlight. Again, window coverings are an easy and simple way to add some style to a room. There are different types of window treatments, but let’s talk about the Solar Shade Canada. The shades are available in several different styles, many various materials, and a nearly endless range of colors and patterns; there is a shade to suit every bedroom decorating theme from casual to formal, rustic to contemporary. These are solid lengths of fabric that pull up and down with a cord or lifting mechanism.

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At ZebraBlinds Canada, our solar shade products include 6 – 14% LightWeaves® Graber® Solar Shades, 5% LightWeaves® Graber® Solar Shades, 3% LightWeaves® Graber® Solar Shades, 1% LightWeaves® Graber® Solar Shades and much more.

Along with the expected functions of blocking out light and providing privacy, window shades are an easy way to add a shot of color, texture, and pattern to your room without taking up much space, and without breaking your budget.

  • Solar Shades reduce glare, UV light, and heat transfer – all while letting you enjoy your view.
  • Solar shades are made of woven polyester or fiberglass or synthetic materials with different openness levels.
  • The openness factor of shade is related to the tightness of its weave and the percentage of light it lets in. The higher the openness factor, the more you preserve the view, but the more light and UV gets in.
  • The visibility depends on the openness factor varying from 1% to 14%. If your openness factor is less, then you will be able to see through the shade. The higher the number, the more open so, the better the view and more light will pass through. 1% solar fabrics block 99 percent of the UV rays and 25% solar fabrics block 75% UV rays.
  • Except for Blackout solar shades, other solar shades do not offer complete privacy when completely closed. Solar shades do not provide privacy at night.
  • Not only do solar shades offer a smooth, modern look, they are eco-friendly also. They can reduce harmful UV rays that can damage your home and furnishings. They decrease temperature transference, keeping it cooler inside during the summer.
  • There are different types of control systems to choose from, depending on your needs. The child-safe cordless lift system and motorized system are best for eliminating the strangulation hazard that cords and chains create. They also provide a clean, uncluttered appearance.
  • These shades are very easy to clean and easy to install.

What Does a Solar Shade Do?

Solar Shades block the sunlight, but not the view! Solar screen fabric is available in a wide variety of colors, styles, and openness factors to meet almost any criteria. They help with glare control (making them perfect for rooms with televisions or computers), heat control, and manage light and UV protection. You can get variations of sheer solar fabrics and blackout fabrics in these shades.

Exterior Solar Shades for Windows

Now you can decorate your outdoor spaces with the best exterior solar shade window treatments. These shades are treated for outdoor use and are well suited as exterior window treatments for Canadian homes. UV protection also assures to protect your furnishings from fading.

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Outdoor motorized solar shades are powered by Somfy Motors, and all these shades can be controlled by using a remote control. These motorized window shades can also be operated with the additional single channel, five channels or sixteen channel RF remotes. Timer options are available which can secure your home when you are away by programming the shades to open and close to a preset time.

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Choose from our broad range of exterior solar shades which will give your outdoor a beautiful ambiance with an elegant look.

Not sure which color or fabric to choose? We offer free samples so you can decide in the comfort of your home or you can consult with our designers to help customize your product. So enjoy your outdoors and indoors more with the highest quality of Solar Shades and find the love you look for.

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