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According to the Huffington Post, British Columbia, the Burrard Bridge in Vancouver was shut down on June 21st for Yoga – to mark the International day of yoga. They claim that it is the day’s biggest gathering for Yogis outside India. A clear indication of how Yoga has become a popular trend among Canadians and the fervor with which they have embraced it.

Google Trends reports that British Columbia is the leading province in Canada in searching the topic- Yoga, and most of these Yoga enthusiasts are located in Vancouver, North Vancouver, and Victoria.

A study conducted by the Fraser Institute shows that 9% of the population use Yoga as a form of exercise and therapy. Next to walking, exercises such as yoga, weight-lifting, and aerobics is the second most popular of leisure activities in Canada.

Meditate Canada, a meditation movement started by the Art of Living, Canada, offers free meditation classes to empower Canadians to do more of the things they love by recharging themselves through meditation.

Yoga Retreats scattered all over this beautiful country from Montreal in Quebec to Nova Scotia provide guests with an opportunity to connect with the spiritual self and disconnect from their busy daily schedules.





With so much of Yoga happening all over Vancouver, my niece Laila got bitten by the bug too. Fortunately for her, she has her very own meditation room in her beautiful, ultra-modern three storey home. Being a very successful career person, and a committed mother and wife keeps her on a high all the day through. I’ve often wondered how she keeps her energy levels going. Meditation is her secret weapon to cope with her highly stressful3 life of maintaining an easy mix between a family and career. It’s like having a quick power nap to help resurface. She says that it gives her mind an active state of rest.

Laila has this beautiful meditation room looking out onto the scenery around. With neighbor’s houses spaced out and surrounded by vast expanses of garden privacy is all hers and so is the solitude and serenity that is her quest. Walls of glass surround her as she takes in the view and breaths of fresh air. An early morning meditation with the sun peeping out brilliantly from the east or a late evening schedule to add a finishing touch to her hectic day gives her the connectivity that she craves for. The meditation room on the uppermost level of the house is a clean, quiet and uncluttered space with yoga mats and blankets stacked neatly on a shelf. Pillows lie scattered around on a wooden floor and soft meditative music playing quietly in the background drowning out all other distractions. Dual Roller Shades glide smoothly up and down the wide expanse of the glass walls as Laila controls them with her remote control close at hand.





Appropriate lighting is an essential component of a yoga and meditation session. Soft ambient light is the best. Using led overhead lights with dimmers is a cost effective way of creating the right mood in a meditation room. Direct overhead lights is a definite no.
With the Dual Roller shades raised up and the sun peering through, Laila’s morning session begins with a short meditation and chanting exercise to calm her mind and focus on pleasant thoughts. Gradually she begins to warm up with her salutations to the sun, the ‘Surya Namaskara’. As she progresses through the various inversions and stretches and twists and turns, the Light Filtering shade of the Dual Roller shades gently unfold to create a soft, diffused glow in the room. The forward bends and back bends are then achieved with precise control and so too the Room Darkening Shades lowered, all with her Timer Enabled Remote Control. By the time she has comes to the Savasana or Corpse position, all is quiet. The room is darkened and still. The music gently fades away. It as though the Stage Curtains have come down on a great performance. The deep breathing sounds indicate that Laila has shifted from the world of to-do lists, kids and spouse’s needs, financial concerns and relationship struggles to something a little bigger. Her mind is uncluttered, and she is focused again.



Dual- LightWeaves Graber Blackout Solar Shade-Canada -



Dual Roller Shades from Graber available on create versatile light control and privacy levels for any interior. The design integrates two different fabrics from the Roller and Solar collections, which can be independently raised or lowered as needed. You can avail of any combination from the Sheer, light filtering, room darkening or Blackout range for your choice.

The Roller Shade fabrics, in their rich hues and textures, can complement any décor. A decorative effect at the end of the hem bar using a scalloped style with a Gimp, 3/8” Braid Trim or Fringe enhances its look. The back panel of the Dual roller shade is used for light regulation, so solar screen fabrics, sheers, and blackout fabrics are recommended. The Solar fabric has a range of Openness from 1%-25%.

The Cassette System or the Headrail conceals the two roller tubes around which the shade fabric rolls as well as the lifting system. The single piece design is quick and easy to mount either as a wall or ceiling mount. Each roller tube has an End cap at one end and a clutch at the opposite end that allows it to move freely when the shade is being raised or lowered.

Graber offers a valence option for the cassette system. It can be covered with a matching fabric of the Roller shade with end caps to match.
The shade configuration, in terms of a Standard roll and a Reverse roll is different, depending on the Cassette Valence option.
It features the same Continuous Chain Loop and Motorized lift option as a Roller and Solar shade.
A Double Bracket used for mounting a Dual Roller shades allows the roller tubes to be accommodated in either the front or back configuration. Each bracket pair contains a bracket for the motor end and a bracket for the idler end of the motor. Dual brackets can be ordered with the motor end specified either on the right side or left side of the shade. Although Double brackets speed up the installation of a Dual roller shade by predefining the offset required between the two shades, they cannot be adjusted after mounting.






If you wish to have complete control over the light levels in your meditation room, choosing the right window treatment is a must. Curtains add charm and coziness to meditation rooms. The visual effect of soft, folding drapes is very relaxing. Heavy curtains provide excellent light control and privacy if required, besides creating a snug ambiance. In contrast, lighter curtains made from sheer fabric add a delicate, wispy softness. Roller shades, vertical blinds, and Venetian blinds are perfectly suitable for a contemporary, minimalistic design theme. However, there is no fixed rule and window treatments do not have a feature that takes center stage in a meditation room. As long as you understand how your window treatment performs, you should allow your own tastes to guide you when it comes to the aesthetic contribution of your window treatments.




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