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Are Blackout Curtains More Effective At Blocking Heat Than Regular Curtains?

Are Blackout Curtains More Effective At Blocking Heat Than Regular Curtains

Blackout curtains are indeed one of the effective ways to reduce the amount of light entering your room. But do they block heat too? The answer to this simple yet common question is a big YES. Blackout curtains are found to be highly efficient when it comes to blocking heat and light from entering your room.

Blackout curtains are the cheapest option available that can save your high electricity bills by regulating the temperature of your room. These curtains are also known as thermal drapes as they can block the sunlight and heat from windows thus preventing your room from getting heated up. In this way, these curtains save your money which you spend on huge electricity bills that results from continuously running AC, cooler, or fan to get relief from high temperature.

How Are Blackout Curtains Beneficial For You?

Blackout curtains can be beneficial for you in several ways:

Regulating Room Temperature

Blackout curtains regulate the temperature of your room by reducing a large amount of heat entering through your windows. By doing so, blackout curtains keep your room cooler during summers and hotter during winters. This will, in turn, save energy and reduce your electricity bills more efficiently.

Block Light

Blackout curtains block excess light from entering your room, thereby providing you with a perfect sleep. Streaks of light that come through uncovered windows can be an annoyance and disturb your sleep. Blackout curtains exceptionally work for nurseries or for people who catch up on sleep during that day.   

Furniture Protection

Blackout curtains also add to the durability of your room furniture by protecting them from getting faded or get damaged by sun rays.

Cost of Blackout Curtains

Some blackout curtains can be expensive, around $100 or even more, however, the price of these curtains totally depends on the manufacturer or retailer. So, you can get blackout curtains at affordable prices also. You can buy them online or from a retail shop as per your preference.

Is It Safe?

Despite blocking excess heat and light from entering your room, most people are concerned about its safety. Many people often come with the question whether blocking light and heat with these blackout curtains is a wise decision? Does it leave an impact on our health? Are blackout curtains safe?

It has been found that most of chemicals used for blackout curtains contain volatile organic compounds or VOC’s. These VOC’s are released into the air in the form of gas or vapour from the materials that contain them. So blackout curtains are considered to be toxic by many researchers. However, still, there is insufficient data available that prove the use of these curtains chronic or lethal.

Mostly blackout curtains are made up of polyester which is one of the most common cloth fabrics. These curtains also consist of a blackout lining that blocks the heat and light from entering your room. The polyester material is often known to consist of VOC’s which can be hazardous depending upon their exposure and proximity. These curtains are also known to contain stain treatment and flame retardants that can be made up of toxic chemicals. However, there is no such evidence available that proves the hazardous nature of blackout curtains.

DIY Existing Curtains into Blackout Curtains

You can turn your regular window curtains into blackout curtains at home on your own. You can either hang a blackout liner on another rod adjacent to your normal curtain or hang it on the same rod along with your curtain.

Difference Between Blackout and Thermal Curtains

Most people get confused between blackout curtains and thermal curtains which make their decision making more difficult. Blackout curtains are mainly designed to make your room darker by reducing the amount of light that enters your room through windows. Whereas, thermal curtains are specially designed to regulate the temperature of your room by controlling the amount of heat loss through your windows. Most of the blackout curtains serve both purposes. That is, they can work as thermal curtains as well which means they can block light as well as heat both from entering your room through windows.

Do Blackout Curtains Comes in Black Color Only?                                   

To be effective, there is no need for blackout curtains to be black. The blank out curtains is available in a wide range of dark colours that give you desired results. These curtains also come in a variety of fabrics and textures. Some manufacturers also design light-colored curtains with triple layers for giving them an effect and efficiency of blackout curtains. Also, due to their innovative designs, fabric, color, and textures, these blackout curtains give your room an unique and eye catchy look. In terms of privacy, these curtains are found to be highly effective.


Blackout curtains provide you with a high level of satisfaction by serving two purposes at a time. They block the excess amount of light ensuring better sleep and also prevent heat loss from your window to keep your room cooler during hot summer days and gives you warmth during chilled winters. With the help of blackout curtains, you can save extra money from buying heating and cooling gadgets. So, if you are looking for an effective and innovative window covering that serves both the purposes, then blackout curtains are the perfect choice to go for.

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