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Are Blinds and Shutters Going out of Style? Advantages vs. Fabric Shades

Are Blinds and Shutters Going out of Style? Advantages vs. Fabric Shades

Blinds and Shutters

While there may be some fashion trends that dominate the market every year, you need not compromise on your personal preferences. The focus should be on what appeals to your sense of style and functionality and of course what complements your overall home decor. The window treatment family is quite vast consisting of blinds, shutters, shades and drapes. You can choose the one that blends with the personality of your house and even settle for a layered window treatment solution for added advantages. To help you make an informed decision with regards to window coverings, let us quickly take you through the different solutions and their advantages with respect to others.


Unlike a trending perception, blinds and shutters are not going out of style. They are not going anywhere and are very much here to stay. Shutters are primarily made of wood and they make a stunning impact on your homes, irrespective of the style of decor. They make a snug fit on your windows; their louvers or slats make them extremely flexible and can be adjusted to control natural light, privacy and view of the outdoors. Plantation shutters ensure the curb appeal of the windows. For larger windows, you can opt for larger shutter louvers and for smaller windows smaller sizes ensure maximum functionality and style.
Shutters for Windows


Blinds, on the other hand, are made of a variety of materials like wood, vinyl, faux wood, aluminum and even fabric. Blinds come with slats that can be adjusted to diffuse the harsh sunlight, block out UV rays and of course to ensure privacy. Blinds made of faux wood and aluminum is durable and makes a long-lasting choice for your windows.
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Window shades are made of fabric and have been a favorite among homeowners for a very long time. Fabric has a luxurious appeal and sensuality that is unparalleled. Consider mounting a Roman Shade in your living room and see the impact it has on the surrounding living space. You get to choose from different types of fabrics like silk, linen cotton and natural fabrics. You can choose from varied textures, designs, patterns and colors and can be completely customized to blend with your furnishings. Roller Shades, Cellular Shades, Roman Shades are some versatile choices for your homes.
Somfy Window Shades

Advantages of Blinds and Shutters vs. Shades

Ideal for Humid Areas
While they have their own share of benefits, fabric shades have few disadvantages as well. The biggest problem is their bad relationship with moisture and humidity which makes them a poor choice for bathrooms and kitchens. These are high moisture rooms in the house that experience a lot of steam, heat and water usage. Prolonged exposure causes the fabric to disintegrate and they start peeling off. You can consider fabric shades in kitchen areas that are far removed from your sink and the cooking area. Blinds on the other hand, made of faux wood or aluminum, can sustain exposure to moisture and humidity. They are moisture and scratch-resistant, easy to clean and maintain, and can last for years. For high traffic areas or if you have pets and kids you tend to make a mess, blinds are a better option than shades. You can also mount shutters in your kitchen and instead of wood use vinyl for easy maintenance and longevity.

Better for High Traffic Areas
Blinds and shutters tend to hold up better because they are made of harder materials like wood, aluminum and vinyl. They hold up better to wear and tear than fabric shades. For high traffic areas like doors, shades should be avoided as they could get snagged easily. Vertical blinds work beautifully as they open sideways and do a better job.

Better Light Control
One of the biggest advantages of shutters and blinds is their movable slats and louvers which can be tilted and adjusted for light control and view of the outside. Even while the blinds and shutters are closed you can continue enjoying warm natural light inside the house. This helps to protect your privacy while allowing access to light. Fabric shades are made up of a single piece of fabric that can be either opened or closed. When closed you get no access to natural light and if you want light you will have to keep the shades open completely which can compromise the privacy and security of the house. You will have to opt for light-filtering fabrics through which diffused light can flow even when the shades are closed.

Shutters Offer Better Insulation
Shutters do a great job of blocking out light and also providing insulation unlike blinds and even shades. This is because shutters make a tight fit on the windows leaving no gaps around the edges of the windows. Blinds and shades tend to leave a gap because of their make.

Every window treatment solution has its own pros and cons and we can say with confidence that blinds and shutters can never go out of fashion or style because of their versatile character and functionality. In many ways, they score over the shades as well and hence can be very much considered for your homes and any room that you may want.

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