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Are Cellular Shades Waterproof?

Are Cellular Shades Waterproof

Window coverings are a versatile home décor element. They serve multiple purposes that include extensive heat insulation, light control, and effective protection against dust, glare, and UV exposure. These window coverings also do well in the way they enhance the aesthetic appeal of the home décor. This versatility combined with their durability is one of the main reasons why window treatment products are so popular amongst the homemakers.

Why Do You Need Waterproof or Water-Resistant Window Coverings?

While the window treatments, be it a set of shades, blinds, shutters, or any kind of fancy drapery, are good enough for most use case scenarios, some sections of the house need a more specialized solution. Outdoor sections of the house such as the patio, the porch, or the portico and the indoor sections such as the bathroom and the kitchen are often exposed to moisture and hence such places need window treatments that can withstand the moisture and not get affected by it.

Water-resistant window coverings can handle moisture well and it does not affect their durability. Other window treatments such as wooden blinds that are made from organic material do not handle moisture well as it causes them to decay and thereby decreases their lifespan. Hence knowing the specific requirements of the different sections of your house is just as important as researching the features, quality, and price of the shades and blinds you are looking at. When you consider the two aspects together in perfect synergy, only then can you make the right purchase decision.

Which Waterproof Window Treatments You Should Opt for?

Window treatments are already versatile enough with the perfect mix of aesthetic and practical features, the water-resistance capability only adds another dimension to their usability. Not all window coverings can boast of being waterproof but there are many good options at different price points to suit all kinds of budgets. Let us look at some of them in greater detail:

Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood blinds are an affordable alternative to wooden blinds which are much costlier. A look that is very similar to real wood blinds along with similar features make these blinds a very appealing prospect for the people who like the look of real wood blinds but find them beyond their budget. Faux wood blinds match the real wood blinds in terms of looks, durability, heat insulation, light control, etc. at a fraction of the cost of real wood blinds.

The best part, however, is that the faux wood blinds unlike the real wood blinds handle moisture well and don’t get affected by them. Since the faux wood blinds are made from synthetic material such as PVC or composite wood (wood sandwiched between layers of protective synthetic coating), these blinds are waterproof. Hence, the faux wood blinds are much more durable and an ideal fit for outdoor sections as well as the kitchen and the bathroom.
Faux Wood Blinds for Kitchen

Aluminum Blinds and Shades

Aluminum blinds and shades are not only an extremely affordable window covering option but are also water-resistant due to the material used. Aluminum window treatments can last you a long time if you opt for the ones built from high-quality aluminum. They provide excellent heat insulation and light control as well thanks to their ability to reflect warm sun rays and the wider vanes that help better control the amount of light you want to allow inside the room.
Mini Aluminum Blinds

Roller Blinds and Shades

Roller blinds and shades are also water-resistant to some extent but that depends to a large extent on the kind of fabric used. Some roller blinds make use of water-resistant fabric and present themselves as an excellent option for covering outdoor sections of your house or as window treatments for your kitchen or the bathroom. The roller mechanism makes them super easy to operate and also gives you the option of motorizing through retro-fitting. You can easily adjust them to alter the amount of light that you allow inside or to prevent heat gain inside the house.
PVC Roller Blinds


Shutters are probably the most resilient of all the window covering options available in the market and can easily outlast any blinds and shades installed in your house. They provide unmatched heat insulation and light control capabilities. The shutters are excellent options both as external and internal blinds as they can withstand inclement weather conditions and also handle moisture well.
While wooden shutters are also resilient enough to withstand moisture, due to the organic nature of the material the durability of the shutters can get affected. Hence, if you are planning to get shutters for your kitchen or bathroom or outdoor sections of your house, you can look at shutters made with synthetic material. This is also advisable if the area, in which your house is located, witnesses frequent rainfall. Shutters made from PVC material or composite wood are also considerably cheaper in comparison to real wood shutters.
Composite Shutters

Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb shades are also a great and relatively affordable option if you are looking for a quality window treatment product that can prevent heat gain, dust, and glare and also allows greater light control. What makes the deal sweeter is their sound-proofing capability. Honeycomb shades can significantly reduce noise penetration and create a calm and peaceful environment inside the room. Some honeycomb shades make use of water-resistant fabric or material too. Hence, if that is your priority, you can pick the variants that can handle moisture well. All these features combined together make these shades a well-rounded and value-for-money option.
Maxxmar Cellular Shades

Are Cellular Shades Waterproof?

Cellular shades along with the honeycomb shades have a peculiar structure that facilitates the creation of air pockets in between the layers of fabric. While this structure provides some extent of natural propensity to prevent moisture penetration, most of the regular cellular shades can not be considered water-resistant window coverings. However, this depends on the material used in these shades. There are variants of these shades available in the market that make use of water-resistant fabric.

So, if you are buying shades for your kitchen or the bathroom that are constantly exposed to moisture, the cellular shades with water-resistant fabric will a good enough option. Great heat insulation, sound-proofing, and good light control features do no harm to the reputation and prospects of cellular shades as an excellent window treatment option for your house.

Most of the shades, blinds, and other window treatment options are easily customizable. So, you can always get them modified to suit your specific needs. Water-resistance, heat insulation, or anything else, whatever your requirement maybe, if you are clear about your requirements, you can surely get a solution that is perfectly suited to your needs.

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