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Are Curtains Dangerous For Toddlers? Understanding Child Safety and Window Treatments

Are Curtains Dangerous For Toddlers? Understanding Child Safety and Window Treatments

Children are precious and their safety is perhaps what matters the most to the parents. But children, especially toddlers, have been blessed with a natural curiosity that makes them explore their surroundings. No doubt, this natural curiosity is good thing because it enables children to learn about the world around them. But sometimes, it is this very natural curiosity and explorations can cause your child to get in trouble. A typical home is full of potential hazards that can hurt your child. Some prime potential dangers in your home are a staircase, hot stove and window treatments.

One of the first things that pop into your mind when choosing your window treatments would be – are window treatments safe? This is especially true if you have kids or pets in your home. Window treatments are something that cannot be avoided in a home for the many functions that it provides for the home. Only thing you can do is to make sure that your choice of window treatment is safe for your kids. One option is good old curtains. But before picking the curtains that you love, take some time to ponder on the question – are these curtains dangerous for toddlers?
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Are Curtains Really Dangerous for Toddlers?

To be honest, it is not the curtains themselves that pose the danger to the toddlers. It is the various parts that come with the curtains and shades that cause the issues. For example, free flowing cords, tie loops and chains can be a strangulation hazard. Heavy fabric can also strangulate or trap the toddler if it falls on them. Heavy curtain rods or rods that are not secured properly can fall on the child and hurt or injure them. The same goes for any window treatment. The aim is to keep the window treatments as out of reach of toddlers as possible. Tough there has been a considerable amount of cases where children were reported to have incurred mild or serious injuries due to the window treatments used. Fortunately, the cases with fatal injuries were very low. But even a single case of death is one too many. The home owners must take all the steps required to make sure that the little occupants are safe and secure in their homes.

Check if your curtains are dangerous for toddlers with this checklist
1. Make sure that your curtains do not have long tassels, tie ups and cords.
2. Make sure that the bed or crib of your child is placed as away from windows and curtains as possible. It is best if it is placed in the middle of the room or close to a different wall all together.
3. Make sure that there are no furniture, toys or shelves near a window or curtain that a toddler can climb.
4. Make sure that the curtains are not made out of very heavy fabric.
5. Make sure that the rod of the curtains is not too heavy. They must not be too flimsy too. While a heavy rod can hurt a toddler in case of accidental fall, a light rod may not be able to bear the weight of heavier curtains. If a toddler tugs on a curtain with a light and flimsy rod, it can get damaged and can potentially hurt the child too.

How to Use Curtains In Your Homes and Make Sure That Toddlers In The House Are Safe Too?

• Keep the cords short
Make sure that the cords, tassels and tie ups in all the curtains in your home are as short as possible. Make sure to check these cords occasionally throughout the day to make sure that every cord is tied up or loose cords are kept out of reach from the little hands. Children tend to move very fast and can get into a troubling situation within a blink of an eye.

• Choose safe window dressings and curtains

When choosing a curtain for a child’s room or rather, curtains for a home with children, it is important to buy curtains that are perfectly safe for them. You may need black out curtains too. Make sure that the curtains you choose are made with child friendly fabrics. Check for precautions and warnings if the curtains have them.

• Choose the correct curtain rod
Most curtains are fixed in place using curtain rods. The quality of the rods is an important thing to keep in mind too. The rods must not be heavy but be strong enough to hold the weight of the curtains.

• Make sure the curtain rod is fixed properly to the window
The curtain rod must be fixed firmly to the wall or you risk it falling and hurting your toddler. The curtain rods can fall down by itself or if your toddler tugs on the curtains while playing. So, it is important to make sure that it is screwed in properly. Keep checking it occasionally to make sure that it is in proper condition.

• Make sure that there is no furniture near the windows
Cribs and beds are traditionally kept close to the wall or are usually pushed against the walls. But having cribs and beds next to windows and curtains are a danger to the children in them. Babies grow very fast and soon become toddlers that want to explore their surroundings. They can use the curtains to pull themselves up, risking a fall. They can get tangled in the fabric which can be a strangulation risk. Surely the least of worries but, they can end up damaging the curtains too.

Also, make sure that any climbable toy or furniture is not placed next to windows and curtains. Toddlers are great at climbing these and the curtain fabric can aid them. If they do climb this furniture, they can end up falling and hurting themselves seriously. There have also been cases where furniture fell on the toddlers while trying to climb them grievously injuring them or even leading to death.

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