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Are Curtains Outdated In 2021? Modern Curtain Styles and Alternatives



With multiple options available to dress your windows like shades, blinds, and shutters, the ease of usage for them have definitely reduced the amount of curtains in homes and especially in businesses in the last few decades. However, curtains are still a popular window-covering for home owners.The following question has come to our minds:are curtains outdated? The sales figures tell some other stories.

The advent of technology and the inclusion of smart window treatment options which can be controlled with remote controls and voice-control assistants like Alexa, the traditional curtain might have reduced its appeal with the younger generation. However, curtains can never go completely out of fashion for many reasons.

Are Curtains Outdated In 2021?

Today most homes and offices prefer the minimalist style and sleek appearances. They try to avoid anything that could appear bulky and too extravagant. This is why structured valances or cornices are quite popular. Ruffled valances with yards of fabrics covering windows on all side are not much preferred today.

Offices prefer blinds and shades as they can be cleaned without much hassle. Curtains need to be unmounted and washed, so they are not the preferred choice of window coverings in commercial establishments. However, when it comes mansions and bigger homes, curtains still are a favourite choice because of the variety of fabrics and colours that can be experiment with. So, under no circumstances we should assume that curtains are outdated.

The Main Interior Trends 2021 for Curtains

  • Look and Feel

The main purpose of modern curtains 2021, is to give maximum comfort and minimal expense. Various ruffles and frills are no longer trendy. Such options are appropriate only if you have chosen a design for the bedroom or the living room in the style of some period era like Victorian times. If you have dining tables with Victorian motifs or have purchased an old cupboard with white Victorian looks, then it is recommend you to use a lot of frills and create a heavy look with the drapery too.

  • The Colors Which will be in Vogue for Curtains-

Interior design specialists have predicted that in 2021 minimalism will be trendy.So, if the question:“are curtains outdated?’’is bothering you, then read further.

The top minimalist colour choices will mainly be white, off-white, beige, grey and similar neutral colours. In fact, it can be used in different shades, ranging from snow-white to creamy and pearl shades. Now you can understand that your question “’are curtains outdated?’” is completely baseless. From time immemorial, curtains were the most sought-after window-treatments and with time their fabrics, patterns, colors, motifs etc. have changed, but curtains or window scarves never went out of fashion.

  • Various Styles of Curtains Relevant in 2021

Curtains are still in fashion and there are various styles and patterns which are liked by modern home owners.

There are interior decorators, who are going for curtains made of beads and sequins and hanging them in the partition walls between the living room and dining room and all such areas where you do not need strict privacy. These embellished curtains add a different look to the entire home décor.

To the art lovers, designers recommend paying attention to Japanese modern curtains 2021. They are canvases on rigid frames with width of not more than 1 meter. So, if you do not have space to hang a painting on your wall, or your walls are already occupied, then this can be a unique way to quench the thirst of the art lover inside you. They resemble light screens and move in a horizontal direction, opening or closing the window, like doors of a wardrobe. They add a beautiful look to the ordinary white shades in any home.

Curtains to Fill you with Awe

Now since we have looked at multiple trends and styles of curtains which are in vogue in 2021, let’s look at a few designs which are available today.

  1. Artisan Highlights Specialty Drapes- These drapes are meant for large windows and are available in extensive varieties of regal fabrics like Cotton, Silk, linen, etc. They come in bright shades of blue and black colors. Artisan Specialty draperies are in five different drapery styles like Back Tab, Classic Tab, Wrapped Tab, Grommet Top and Plain Top. There are varieties of lining fabric which you can use to give more strength to these curtains and safeguard them from the harsh rays of the Sun.

Genessee Lakeshore 6691, Kearney Lakeshore 5760, Addison In well 6980 and many other prints and patterns will take your breath away. You will find it difficult to choose the best one for your home. Hence, we would suggest you to go for different ones for different rooms. It will break the monotony when you spend long hours at home, as we have to do now during the pandemic. You can visit different rooms while working on your laptop and each room will give you a different feel as the curtains give a different look to that particular room.

The lining materials help to add energy efficiency measures inside the room and prevent outside light leaking in. Use matching valances, fabric wrapped cornices, and various styles and shapes of matching pillows and cushion covers increase the beauty of your interior .

2. Pleated Crown Drapes-If you are looking for a great look to your windows and doors on a budget, then were commend this variety of curtains. The exquisite beauty of these drapery panels can be unveiled when they are drawn on both sides. The pleats that are a part of the design of these drapery panels ensure that they look exceptionally beautiful and the grandeur quotient of your room increases ten fold when you mount them in your living room or bedroom.

There are a more than 50 fabric styles and colours available for these drapery panels and Voisey Ocean 1210, Vibrato Vivid blue 1135, Voisey Driftwood 1211 are the best ones for you if you are looking for prints in your window treatments. When you mount these curtains, you surely will tell yourself that curtains surely are not outdated. If you are a sucker for solid bold colours in your room to compliment your furniture, then go for solid maroon or navy-blue shades like Wilmington Caliente 880, Lucky Navy 903. When you look at the shade card, you will be spoilt for choices and will take a lot of time to make up your mind for the right colours for your home.

You can also update the liner to Thermal Sateen, Standard and Privacy ones in case if you need insulation from the heat and cold and require some medium level of privacy.


Since you have checked out the various patterns of curtains and understood the ones which will fit the best in your home, call us for free samples. We would love to send free samples to you so that you can change the look of your rooms and make them ready for your entire family to enjoy. So, as you know now, curtains are not at all out dated, so get yours now!

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