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Are Curtains Trending In Canadian Homes? A Look At New Curtain Styles

Are Curtains Trending In Canadian Homes? A Look At New Curtain Styles

Curtains are one of the most sought after window treatments available in the market. They have withstood the test of time and contribute to making the room look bigger, better and brighter. They contribute immensely into creating the desired aesthetics. However, if the curtains are wrongly selected, they will look out of place and appear more like an eyesore. So, if one correctly selects their curtains, they provide functionality and beauty, which makes it easier for the owner to get the required levels of sunlight protection and privacy.

Are curtains trending in canadian homes?

Curtains are certainly trending in Canada because first and foremost, curtains give the needed privacy to the homeowner. When curtains are installed in a room, one can create a space where they can be free from the intruding gaze of the outside world.  Likewise, they provide the requisite sunlight protection. They come in various options, and the owner can select fabrics that allow maximum sunlight to enter the room or ones that completely block the sunlight. Curtains also have another advantage: they help create the desired look and feel in the room.  Curtains are still trending owing to all these reasons.

A look at the latest curtain designs

The market these days is full of curtains of different styles and shapes. Therefore, one needs to be very careful when selecting curtains for one’ room. A wrong selection because of oversight may lead to a flawed and unimpressive look. The following are some of the latest curtain designs:

  • Monochrome Sheer Curtains:

Sheer curtains are the ones that are crafted out of fabrics that are translucent in nature. These curtains allow the majority of the light to filter in the room through the fabric. Furthermore, these curtains provide an outside view through them. Monochrome refers to the that only one colour palette is used for it. This fact allows the owner to emphasise and highlight statement pieces in the house by creating contrasting design schemes. One needs to select the monochromatic colour for the sheer curtain carefully and then get the other items of house décor of the same shade and hues. When done correctly, the monochromatic sheer curtains give a minimalistic and clean look to the room. They are best suitable for rooms which require a lot of natural light. Monochromatic sheer curtains are also back with a bang because they are easy to install and maintain.

  • Blackout Curtains:

Blackout curtains are made out of a double-lined fabric that is tightly woven. They are so designed to block out the natural light entirely. They are very popular these days with people who do night shifts. By deploying blackout curtains, people can create a night-like ambience during the day and have some quality sleep hours. In addition, they help create a perfect media watching experience by blocking out sunlight and glare completely. Furthermore, the blackout curtains provide good insulation to the room and make it energy efficient. Some of the manufacturers claim that these curtains can decrease thermal loss by up to 25 percent. Blackout curtains have also been found very useful in absorbing the external noise and making the room free from any outside influence. Therefore, they are a good investment because of their ability to contribute to creating the best ambience for their owner.

  • Linen Curtains:

Linen curtains are lightweight and sleek. They have many advantages that make them one of the most trending curtains today. They are known to bring a certain amount of calmness to the room. Typically white and neutral shades are preferred for linen curtains. They are simple yet contemporary and match with the majority of home decor styles. One of the benefits of using linen curtains is that they are good enough to handle high humidity in the atmosphere. Linen is antimicrobial and resists mildew, making it a suitable choice for window treatments in porches or decks.  They can survive direct exposure to the sun as they remain cool because of their well-ventilated weave. What is noteworthy is that the linen curtains are one of the most kid-friendly curtains. It is because linen is one of the strongest fabrics and can’t be damaged easily. Linen curtains are also entirely natural and organic. They are thus as per the likings of the environmentally-conscious people.

  • Valance Curtains

Valance curtains add grace to the home. They can be explained as mini curtains that cover the upper part of the window. They can be hung alone on a window but are typically paired with curtains. They were an integral part of Victorian era interior décor and have seen a resurgence in recent times. The most significant advantage of using a valance curtain is the fact that they conceal window boxes. In addition, they cover the curtain hardware and construction flaws. Therefore, they make the room look sleek, sophisticated and stylish, as well as adding a soft aesthetic to the room. When the curtains are not drawn and the valance is at the top, the natural light will enter the room and make it look brighter. They give a finished look to the room, especially if there are a lot of windows. Another reason for their popularity is the fact that they are easy to maintain and are affordable.  Dark window valances have seen an upsurge in demand because of the good amount of privacy they can provide, along with a grand design.

  • Insulating Curtains

Insulating curtains are also in great demand. It is because they give good insulation to the room and help the owner maintain a uniform temperature. They are made of heavy fabrics like velvets and synthetics, which offer an added extra layer. In areas with excessively cold temperatures or continuous cold wind flow, such curtains are in great demand. They are a perfect fit for bedrooms, dining room and living room. Again, it is because they create a comfortable and secure environment. People also prefer them because the cost is recovered in the form of energy savings. According to an estimate, they can help the owner save up to 25 percent of the energy bill by reducing the exchange of air through the windows. Apart from fabrics, these curtains can be crafted from a beautiful exterior fabric that covers a thermal layer made out of foam with the essential purpose of trapping the heat.

Curtains are, therefore, the quintessential part of any home décor. They are time tested window treatments that provide sunlight protection, privacy and insulation to the owner. When appropriately selected, they also createthe desired theme making the room look stylish contemporary and functional.

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