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Are Plantation Shutters Out of Style?

Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters Trends for 2019

Are the plantation shutters still in style? The clear answer is ‘Yes’!
Plantation shutters are a popular and subtle window fashion for a good reason. They work best with any interior design that enhances the overall beauty and functionality of your home. They have been used for the last hundred years. In the 18th century, they were used on plantation mansions to create a classic appearance, which is where the name came from. Just because they are old, that doesn’t mean shutters are out of fashion. The style or design may be the same, but the functionality makes them a worthy choice. Their flexibility and feasibility make them a unique option to install them every year.

There is plenty number of window shadings available in the market come with different pattern and style options. But what makes shutters unique and distinct from other window solutions? Let’s learn about why these window shutters have remained trending over the years.

Window Shutters

Features of Plantation Window Shutters

When it comes to selecting window shutters, you might consider both beauty and functionality. In terms of look, shutters may be an outdated option for you, but you can’t argue when it comes to functionality. Today’s shutters have gotten some renovations for a perfect window décor. Know the factors that make these window designs a popular choice –

Goes with Every Décor Style
If you are looking for a traditional look, then customize the shutters with 2-inch louvers and get the perfect desired beauty. You might think that shutters don’t look good on the modern décor. But a little bit of adjustment and customization can bring the contemporary look that will create a fashion statement for your interior.

For an enhanced curb appeal, the shutters are now available in various bold colors and texture options that will provide your indoor with a modernized makeover while adding the right amount of warmth and sophistication. Wood and the faux wooden material of shutters can highlight the windows while making them the focal point of your interior.
With proper care and right maintenance, shutters can create long-lasting and timeless beauty that will be appreciated for lifelong.

Make sure to customize these window dressings properly for an elegant, streamlined appearance and will fit the windows correctly.

Wooden Window Shutters

Have a Look on Functionality
• Shutters look amazing on every window, but their astounding benefits will make your life hassle-free and luxurious. Controlling the natural light with the adjustable vanes is easy and smooth. If you wish to allow more natural light and fresh air, then go for a 3.5-inch or 4.5-inch louver. Besides obstructing the excess light, they can prevent the glare and other harmful beams while providing the ultimate privacy.
• Shutter vanes help to keep the excess air out of the home and balance an ideal temperature throughout the indoor. In this way, you save big on energy bills. R-value denotes the ability to prevent the excess heat, and the R-value of a Wood Shutter is 2.77, and Vinyl Shutter is 3.17.
• No cord mechanism makes the shutters an incredible selection to the kids’ room.
• Premium quality material used in these solutions makes them withstand at any weather condition without being faded or damaged. Increase the value of your home with this trendy window decorative.
• A custom-made window treatment that will fit odd-shaped or specialty sized windows.

Plantation Shutters

Flexibility with Shutters
Having open areas are always great. But if you want to use the space for multiple purposes, then divide it by installing shutters. They are the best room dividers that maintain the perfect privacy you want.

Goes with Outdoor Windows
Most of the homeowners love to spend their quality time at their outdoors while enjoying the outside view. To cover the large windows, French doors, or sliding glass doors of your exterior zone, shutters are the right choice because of their extreme versatility. If you have small windows, wider louvers are available, which means even if your shutters are closed, you can have a clearer outside view. Install them to add characteristics and a finishing touch to your patio.

Plantation shutters don’t look good in every room. Consider the room where they make some sense.
Note – Graber custom shutters have some cons too. Know the cons as well before you consider investing on them –
• Window shutters require more precise measuring than regular blinds and shades. Make sure you know what you are doing!
• Expensive than the other window solutions.
• Cleaning the shutters daily is mandatory to keep the shutters maintained for a long time.

White Window Shutters

Be the Owner of Trendy Window Design!

Because of these pros, you can carry this shutter trend a hundred years from now. So, are you ready to get the best shutters for your home’s style? Talk to the window experts who will guide you to get the top-quality design selection that will match the décor perfectly. Shop now and upgrade your windows with a modern and fashionable look!

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