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Are Roman Blinds For Arched Windows Possible?

Are Roman Blinds For Arched Windows Possible

Home is where the heart is, and we all like to secretly design it in a way that sets it apart from other residences. So if you’re building a house from scratch, there might be several considerations that you may have in mind. Things could be slightly different when you have a home ready to move in, or if you’ve suddenly found yourself being the rightful heir of a property. However, when you have the power to design it the way you wish, there are many areas in the house that you can experiment with, including the windows. While standard, regular-sized square or rectangular windows are most commonly sighted in homes, building an arched window is an unconventional choice. It gives the inner space a classy and elegant appeal, diverting the attention of visitors away from the other aspects of the room. This may, however, pose a certain quandary to the homeowners: how to design the arched windows in a way that not only upscales the look of the room but also to protect it against extreme weather and intruders? In section, we identify the need for such windows and what kind of window treatments might be best suited for them.

How To Identify Arched Windows?

Arched windows were more common in an era that people still try to replicate in their modern homes. They have a curved top with a rectangular bottom, a structure that was very commonly used in Roman architecture back in the day. Adding a timeless and unique appeal to any window space, arched windows have a distinct appearance that still finds flavor in homes where the regularly shaped windows are passe.

Having arched windows for your home can increase the overall resale value of your home, and they are bound to come to the attention of property dealers and buyers who can boast about their design to prospective clients. A better way to design an arched window is to divide it into smaller, evenly shaped panes by having grids or grills installed on them. It lends a classy touch and magnifies the beauty of the shades. Besides, these grids can be installed either internally or externally, for both have their own benefits. While external grids simulate real, divided lights, internal grids facilitate glass cleaning.

The Benefits Of Having Arched Windows

Regardless of what some people might have you believe, arched windows can accommodate a large variety of window treatments, including shutters, cellular shades, roller shades, curtains as well as Roman blinds. We shall look at their multiple benefits below, which will help you in making an informed decision about their purchase.

1. Exquisite and Timeless Appeal: As already discussed, arched windows entail a unique quality that is hard to be replicated in any modern windows. Once you are used to their fabulous design and construction, it will be hard for you to get used to any other window type and shape. With their fabulous appearance, they can rev up your interiors as well as provide greater curb appeal that will find the attention of property dealers.

2. The Versatility Of Arched Windows: Even as a curved top with a flat bottom is the most common design for arched windows, they come in several other shapes to suit your style. So they may have circular, semi-circular, oval or a combination of these specialty shapes. These can also experiment with different grilled patterns, types and glasses. You can also have frosted glass on them and build them in houses that experience extreme heat and cold at different times of the year. They help in keeping it insulated.

3. The Range Of Window Shades: Classic window treatments such as plantation shutters were the first to come to mind to homeowners who got arched windows constructed in yesteryears. However, customization and free samples offered by multiple brands such as Graber, Crown and Hunter Douglas can make multiple other window treatments look good on them, as long as you have the dimensions correct and have them in designs/colors that complement the aesthetics of the room.
Roman Blinds for Half Circular Windows

Roman Shades on Arched Windows

A lot of us demand a sense of luxury and richness in our homes through the items that we collect and the way we design our rooms. Colors, paints, bedding styles, and furniture items are all good, but if you don’t have window shades that give the impression of upscale living, the room may not achieve that fabulous quality. Roman shades, one of the most commonly used and in-demand window treatments in the globe, help you achieve exactly that: a sense of class, sophistication and higher aesthetics.

As far as Roman blinds on arched windows, it is definitely possible. With the varied shades and types of Roman blinds in the market, you can choose those that best suit your indoors. However, you need to keep in mind that there are several factors dependent on such an arrangement. A few of these are discussed below.

1. The Type of Room: Long arched windows are best suited for a variety of rooms, from the kitchen and dining room to the bedroom and living room. While areas such as the kitchen and bathroom are better off with simpler designs in shades, you can beautify your living room and bedroom with different designs and textures in Roman shades on arched windows. Besides, the classic appeal of Roman shades will be better experienced in areas that are exposed to visitors.

2. The Type of Shades: Roman shades are one of those treatments where there is no dearth of styling or shapes. They are available in both stacking and rolling options; they can be solid or textured, striped or self-designed. There are the plain Roman shades, those with knife pleats and then others with London style. Brands such as Hunter Douglas boast of Vignette Modern Roman shades which roll completely into the headrail for providing an unhindered view of the outdoors when you demand it. Their Solera Roman Shades amalgamate the properties of Roman shades with that of cellular shades, providing soft folds in an insulating design. Meanwhile, Graber, with Artisan Elegance and Artisan Highlights Roman Shades, offers a number of designs and colors in both light filtering and room darkening fabrics to help you make your choice.
Roman Shades for Arched Windows
3. The Arched Window Shape: Roman shades can be great additions on long arched windows that are curved at the top and flat on the bottom. However, they might not be a great fit for Palladian windows or those in a completely oval or circular shape, as this may leave out some spaces and allow light, heat, or cold to pass through the spaces. It is necessary that you discuss the prospects of buying a particular window shade with your designer before you make your choice.

4. The Window Size: Window dimensions are an important factor, so whether you are buying shades for light filtering or room darkening purposes, you need to first identify the scope of having Roman shades on big and wide windows. Some may fit well; however, maintaining them regularly might be a tall order if you are not prepared beforehand.

Final note: Arched windows might be a great and unique addition for your modern homes, giving it a traditional and nostalgic touch while increasing its resale value. These windows can be covered by Roman shades. However, that is dependent on several factors such as window size, shape, and the type of Roman shades that will look good on such windows. It is necessary to do your homework well before you invest in the right window treatment.

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