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Are Shutters Always Better Than Regular Wood Blinds?


Which One is Best? Shutters Or Wooden Blinds

Window treatments are a vibrant way of inviting colors and textures to your interior. They add a splash of style without overwhelming the space. Their functional values and versatility make them a must-have choice for your designer-worthy homes. But the key to achieving all these benefits is knowing the right window designs for your home. There are endless options available in the market and each of them is designed with unique and special features. In recent times, most homeowners are obsessed with the integrity and feasibility of window blinds and shutters, though there is a surprising amount of similarities between them. Both these designs offer a minimalist, streamlined look while still providing full coverage. So what is the difference? Are shutters a better choice than regular wooden blinds? In this article, we’ve compared these two window products that will help you make an informed decision.

Comparing Durability

Shutters can be manufactured from various materials like wood, faux wood, vinyl, composite wood and many more. If you are choosing faux wood or vinyl shutters, then be assured to have a lifelong design solution for your windows as the materials are incredibly strong and also treated with additional finishes and protection which makes them sturdy and durable compared to any other window covering. No matter what the outside climate condition is, they won’t warp or crack. Built with a reinforced design, makes them last for many years. Always ensure to choose high quality materials. Be cautious of choosing wood in high moisture environments. Wood is extremely delicate and doesn’t always hold up for a long time particularly when they are exposed to different elements of nature like moisture, humidity and heat.

Do Shutters Keep Light Out Better than Wood Blinds?

When it comes to light and heat control, both solutions work well. But according to the window specialists, shutters always provide better control than wooden blinds. In this scenario, shutters need to be well constructed and custom made so that they can perfectly fit your windows and offer maximum sun blockage when closed. But when it comes to blinds, they may let sunbeams through the sides and slowly increase the temperature of the space, causing high electric bills.


Water and Moisture Proof Quality

Shutters made of faux wood or composite material are resistant to water and moisture and protect them from warping, cracking, and even fading. Whether you are cleaning them with water or exposed to rain or snow, you don’t have to worry about damage. But water is wood’s worst enemy. No matter whether you are planning for wooden blinds or shutters, they won’t last for long and will last long only when delicately handled.

Are Shutters Easier to Install When Compared To Regular Wood Blinds?

Shutters come with many different pieces and frame types and tend to be more difficult to install. Because they need to be fit perfectly in your window, measuring correctly is even more important with shutters than with regular wood blinds.


With Shutters, Say No To Scratches

Shutters made of faux wood or vinyl are resistant to scratches, this makes these solutions ideal for homes with kids and pets. But wooden blinds are prone to be scratched after a few uses.


Now, you know the advantages of choosing faux wood or vinyl window shutters over regular wooden blinds. Though both of them offer dimension to your space, the end decision comes down to personal requirements of aesthetic style and functionality.

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