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Are Window Scarves Out of Style?

Are Window Scarves Out Of Style

Every homeowner is confronted with the question of whether valances are outdated and out of fashion. If the word valances evoke images of yards of ruffled fabric decorating your windows, then probably the answer to the question is yes. Valances have evolved over a period of time to suit the minimalist and contemporary preferences of homeowners. There is so much more to valances waiting to be explored and experimented with. Valances are far better fitted and constructed nowadays which lends them a touch of elegance and beauty. Designs have also undergone enormous changes.

What is a Valance or Window Scarf?

Valances are definitely not dated if you have a good designer to guide you and provide you useful tips to stay away from poorly made valances. They are still useful and help to pull a room together. They are perfect for hiding the ugly window hardware and also add the right amount of drama to your windows. Valance scarf is a type of valance that was popularly used and today one wonders if they are as much style and relevant. Whether a product is in style or not depends much on the purpose they are meant to serve and also the decor type. Today most homes and offices prefer the minimalist and sleek appearance for their homes and windows. They try to avoid anything that could appear bulky and too extravagant. This is why structured valances or cornices are quite popular. Ruffled valances with yards of fabrics covering windows on all side are not so much preferred today though it also depends upon the decor style that had been opted. Traditional, medieval decor could still incorporate these styles.

As the name suggests these are free-flowing fabrics like regular scarves that you wear. These are used to drape the curtain rods and they are allowed to hang and loose. They are used to accessorize the final outfit which is the room decor. These scarves can be hung on a curtain rod or on scarf hooks that are attached on either side of the windows.
Loop Window Scarves

Are Scarves Still in Style?

So are these scarves out of style? No, not if you choose the fabric, color and accessories like curtain rods and knobs correctly and also hang them in proper style. Most homes around the world today show an affinity for minimalist and contemporary decor. They love all things simple and sleek and disregard anything that is loud, gaudy and over-the-top. Window scarves can be anything that you make them out to be. They can be over the top if you choose bright heavy fabrics with too much design or patterns stuffed into them. Such materials and style are definitely out of style and out of taste with most of us here.

For scarves to remain in style they have to be chosen wisely. Lightweight fabric like polyester, chiffon, lace, linen is best suited for scarves as they are free-flowing and airy and add a feather touch to the windows and help to soften the sharp edges in the room. It is also easy to drape these materials and allow them to fall in soft folds.
Beautiful Window Scarves
Curtain Rods & Finials
To complement your scarves and make them look stylish and mod, make sure that you choose the curtain rods well. Buy a decorative curtain rod that has beautiful knobs on each end and which complements the decor of the room. The rods can be made of different materials like brass, nickel, wood, wrought iron, pewter. Wood can be stained, painted or unfinished. The rods can come in different colors like gold and black to accent your room. Pair these gorgeous rods with equally stunning finials and knobs. They come in many styles, shapes and designs to blend with your decor. They can be of crystal, iron, wood, etc. These will help to accentuate your window scarves.
Finials for Window Scarves
Instead of the curtain rod, you could use loops and hooks as well. This is a good way to hand you window scarves if you are not hanging any curtains and hence not keen on getting rods to clutter the space. You will find these hooks in any window treatment hardware shops. The hooks give the scarves a more valance like the feel and impart a sleek appearance to the windows.

Double Wrap
You can also experiment with scarves to get the right look for your windows and your rooms. You can use two scarves in contrasting colors and even designs, drape them in opposite directions and allow them to hang loosely to create a creative vibe in the room. You could even choose one solid color and one designed for added effect.
These experiments and subtle touches will help keep window scarves relevant and very much in style despite the changing and preference of people. Scarves are as beautiful and mesmerizing as ever and they can still weave magic in your rooms, help frame stunning views and bring them inside but how your use them and accentuate their beauty determines their relevance and style.

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