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Are Wood Blinds Out Of Style in 2020?

Are Wood Blinds Out Of Style in 2020

Window treatment products have been important to home decor for a long time now and date back to the medieval ages. The blinds and other window and door coverings have been providing protection against UV exposure, scorching heat during the summer, glare due to bright sunlight and also the winter chill by keeping the indoors warm and cozy. But this is not the only thing that blinds are known for. These are just as integral to the décor of our homes as any other component of the interiors. Elegant, mesmerizing, and available in every style and color you’ve dreamt about, blinds really liven up the interiors of the house and give it a contemporary appeal despite their classic origins.

The Curious Case of Wood Blinds

Blinds have been available in all kinds of materials, be it fabric, vinyl or plastic, but there is something the look and feel of the wood that makes it evergreen, classic and uber-stylish no matter what your taste in home décor may be. Wood blinds were popular in the 18th century when their usage gained popularity and these are hot favorites of many – even today.

Benefits of Wood Blinds

Wood blinds offer the kind of flexibility to homeowners, which is seldom matched by other such window treatment products. These blinds provide complete control over the amount of light or heat, the homeowners want entering inside their homes at any given time. The wood is a far better insulator than fabric, the material most commonly used in blinds. The wood is not only more eco-friendly but also a stronger material than fabric. These are highly customizable and you can install them by yourself without availing the services of a technician. It surely will save you some precious money and time.
Slim-Fit Wooden Blinds

Are Wood Blinds Out of Style in 2020?

Trends come and go, the craze for things does not sustain for a long period of time but there are a few which have maintained their relevance, utility and visual appeal with changing times and preferences. The wood blinds have stood the test of time. Even is the year 2020 which is as contemporary as it gets, the wood blinds are selling like hotcakes. There are various reasons behind their continued prominence. Let us look at them in detail:

• Customisability: The wood blinds are very customizable. You can incorporate interesting designs and architectural perspectives onto these wood blinds. You can get them modified to fit the windows in your house perfectly.

• Easy maintenance: Wood blinds are very easy to clean. You can vacuum them to remove any dust. Since the moisture may affect the wood, you should refrain from using water to clean the blinds. However, you can now opt for faux wood blinds as well which look just like wood blinds but are not made up of wood. None of the limitations of wood, as the material choice, applies to the faux wood but you get the visual appeal of the wood blinds.
Cleaning Wooden Blinds

• Better insulation: Wood is a thicker material and this density helps in providing better insulation to the interiors from the outside heat. This provides solid savings on your energy bills. During the winters wood blinds help keep the insides warm more effectively than regular blinds.

• Better privacy: Blinds which are made from fabric or any such material, normally suffer to keep the prying eyes from peeping inside your house during the night when it becomes brighter inside your house than it is outside. With wood blinds, you don’t get any such privacy issues. When the wood blinds are on, outsiders cannot look inside your house irrespective of whether it is day or night.

• Better control: Wood blinds provide better light control. You can decide whether you want maximum light, limited light penetration or total blockage of the same.
Cordless Real Wood Blinds
• Good looks: The wood blinds look more elegant and have a classy presence. The peculiar grainy texture of the wood blinds makes them all the more alluring. You can have them in any shade you want. If you don’t get the shade you are looking for, you can just paint them to your liking. This makes them ideal to lighten up the interior design of your house. You can use them to create beautiful contrasts or can adjust them to fill in the overall scheme of the décor.

• Eco-friendliness: Wood blinds are made up of wood, a fully organic material which does not harm the environment in any way. In the present context, this quality really stands out and is the need of the hour.
Wood blinds can have their share of issues too such as their heaviness or susceptibility to moisture and humidity and even color fading. But, some such issues are common to many other blinds too. Heaviness can be countered by a stronger and more secure mounting mechanism. The wood blinds can be coated with water-repellent material to protect against moisture or you can also look at faux wood blinds as an option if you want to keep the look.

Color fading is a common problem for all kinds of blinds. Constant exposure to the Sun can cause any material to fade. It is a normal occurrence over prolonged use and cannot be counted against the wood blinds. In a nutshell, wood blinds have the looks and also the features which have kept them relevant and popular in modern times and will continue to hold them in good stead even in the future. The added advantage of customisability only adds to their appeal and reputation.

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