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Are You A Shift Worker? 5 Smart Blinds That Work Best for You


Creating a room perfect for sleeping is only for night time hours, several jobs require working hours beyond the typical nine to five. If this applies to you, you will know how unusual work hours can be taxing on your body. It interrupts the circadian rhythm, confuses the brain, and can cause insomnia, sleepiness, and other health-related problems. When the sun is up, and particularly during the afternoon, light entering through the window can be a real issue and disrupt your sleep, making you feel unrested. Research reveals that different colors of light can affect sleep patterns. Therefore, it is better to keep it out as much as possible when it is time to sleep.

Most shift workers have rotating schedules, which means that their bodies are continuously compelled to set to new rhythms. If you have to sleep and stay up at unusual hours, then managing the amount of natural light in your room is a must. Special blackout shades can be used to block out sunlight to entirely darken your room for sleeping. A good amount of sleep means you can concentrate better while working. Thus, it is particularly imperative for shift workers in the healthcare and those operating machineries so they can be well rested. Building an ideal atmosphere for sleeping can enhance the quality of your life as well as your mental health.

Motorized window coverings that can be opened and closed with a remote, a set schedule, or even with specialized program. Similar to smart lighting, smart window coverings offer a host of advantages concerning comfort, energy efficiency, and security. There is a safety perspective as well: There aren’t any pull cords that can pose any kind of risk to children and pets. Moreover, the wow factor that they offer also renders them an lavish item to have on your windows.

Smart Blinds That Are Perfect For Shift Workers

  • Yoolax Motorized Blinds

These blinds create a constructive barricade for your windows to keep out the natural sunlight while maintaining a cool atmosphere inside. These blinds are customized exactly to the given size of the window. The polyester fabric offer absolute blackout conditions and are available in a wide range of distinct colors, thereby making sure that there is a color suitable to your home interior. Additionally, these high-quality blinds can be operated using voice commands via smart home devices, through a Smartphone app, or with a remote control.

  • Springblinds Blackout Roller Blinds

If a difficult installation is not really your thing and if you are looking for an instant and simple way of blacking out your room, then these blackout roller blinds are the perfect solution for you. Installation of these blinds simply needs double brackets and a quick push. These battery-operated smart blinds can be operated with remote control. If you are looking for a quick solution, smart blackout blind, then Springblinds blackout roller blinds are the best pick.

  • Graywind Motorized Roller Blackout Blinds

These blackout smart blinds from Graywind are motor-controlled and can be operated using smart assistants such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa or with a remote control. These blinds are made of 100% linen polyester to blackout the natural sunlight for a restful sleep. These blinds are durable, easy to clean, and fade-resistant. A single remote can be used to control nine distinct blinds if required and the blinds can be linked with virtual assistants to operate them using voice commands.

  • Smart Z-Wave Blackout Blinds

These smart blackout blinds are an exceptional combination of opulence and elegance as they entirely block out natural sunlight during the daytime. They offer a maximum amount of light blockage, as well as energy-saving with an adjustable controlling choice through smartphone, remote control, and voice instructions. Graber’s virtual cord with Somfy Z-wave motors can be operated using a virtual cord remote.  The blackout blinds can be programmed to operate according to temperature, weather, and time based with Z-Wave integration. Smart Z-wave blackout blinds possess a thick foam layer that entirely insulates the house from heat and light while helping to save on energy bills. Smart cellular blackout blinds feature an inbuilt Z-wave chip that can be coupled with a home automation system. So, achieving absolute sunlight protection as well as privacy is only a few taps away. These blinds can be opened and closed to infinite levels as it operates as a dimmer switch with smart home hubs.

  • Smart Z-wave Dual Shades

These shades are a stunning and exceptional window covering that offers your space a classic and beautiful look. These shades help you completely block out the sunlight or allow some natural sunlight to pass through while retaining an outside view whenever you wish. You can have two different types kinds in this style of shade. Smart Z-wave dual shades come in a wide array of textures, fabric types like blackout and room-darkening features, as well as colors. For easy and smooth control, you can operate them with a voice-controlled assistant or a smartphone app. Save your energy and time, as the shades can be operated from anywhere in the house!

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