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The Most Attractive Custom Blinds In Toronto, Canada

Custom Blinds and Shades

Get Your Window Blinds and Shades Customized How You Want It

Your home is your heaven no matter how small or big it is. It is not just a combination of bricks, concrete, gravel, wood, stones. It is a place where you feel the utmost comfort, safety, happiness, and intimacy. Away from the chaotic outside world, you can be as calm and relaxed as you want or go as crazy as you want. Designs of homes have evolved over the years to various different tastes, feel, comfort and requirements and have drastically evolved; even within the last decade  This makes most homes unique and a place built just for you.


The feel or ambiance of your home depends on many factors – design, build, the material used, color tones, and light. Light plays a very crucial role in creating a great ambiance. The major sources of light entering your home are windows and doors. They are the masterpieces of your home and can come in varying forms. Some are traditional designs while some are modern. Some have large floor to ceiling windows while others have skylight windows. Some have french doors some have sliding doors. And so on, and so forth. You get the picture, basically, homes tend to be quite varied and always evolve over time.


Similarly, window covering ideas have also evolved over the years. Curtains and draperies tend to be old-fashioned and are not very effective when it comes to dealing with harsh weather conditions. They can’t protect your home or insulate it as well as other options. To keep your home modern and trendy, the best replacements for curtains would be window blinds and shades. There are your ordinary everyday blinds and shades available, which can be customized to most requirements, but, these days that’s just too simple. For that added bang, you should probably consider smart blinds and shades which can be customized however you want. They are modern, looks great and in most cases, will react to what happens around the home without you moving a muscle (requires a smart hub).


Custom blinds and shades are not only great in terms of function, they can also be mesmerizing by appearance. They transform the look & feel of your home instantly. They are durable and long lasting. And in a city such as Toronto, ever-changing and ever modern, the benefits are even more obvious.


Below, you will find a list of what we consider major benefits from using custom blinds and shades in a place like Toronto:


Benefits of Custom Blinds and Shades


Light and UV blockage: Harmful UV radiations can damage your skin, furniture, flooring, and other household items. You can control them or at least mitigate their impact by using custom blinds or shades.  These custom window coverings can be adjusted according to need and level of comfort. They are available in many specifications. You can have products such as norman’s honeycomb shades which have honeycomb-shaped pockets for trapping outside hot air and are great at insulation. They are very effective in keeping the interior of the home cool and comfortable.

 Norman Blackout Cellular Shades


Noise reduction: Excess noise can be really irritating and disturbing especially when you wish to sleep or work or study or just relax at home. Cellular shades can be great at reducing the amount of noise if implemented properly. They can reduce the level of sound quite effectively whether it be traffic, party-loving neighbors, or other outside noises. You can get these window blinds installed in your baby’s room and theatre room as well. As these are areas of the home that require them the most.

 Day Night Cellular Window Shades


Easy installation: Installation of these custom blinds and shades can be done fairly easily and without worries. The blinds are available anywhere in Canda. Homeowners think that installing window blinds is difficult and takes an ample amount of time but it’s a myth. You can easily install them by just following the included steps. Generally speaking, you screw in the brackets and snap the blind or shade in place.

 Window Blinds Shades Installation


Eye-catching appearance: The interior design of your home can be transformed in no time at all with these amazing window coverings solutions. They give a neat and clean appearance to your space. From traditional to modern, every kind of custom blinds and shades are available. Natural blinds will bring nature close to you and roman shades will make it more grand. Smart blinds are also available to give an intelligent feel to the home and roller shades add simplicity (or smart roller shade for a simple and smart option). So, now it all depends on your choice on what kind of look you want to give your home.

 Eye-Catching Window Treatments


Customization: Endless options for color themes, designs, patterns, textures, materials, functionalities, shapes, and sizes are available. Homeowners can get their window coverings online and customized to their requirement and theme of their interiors. The look of your home reflects your style and taste. For simplicity lovers, we have roller shades, for smartness lovers, we have smart blinds, likewise, we have so many choices to fulfill the taste of every homeowner.


Affordable prices: Implementation of custom blinds and shades won’t dig a hole in your pocket. They can be customized in any material, shape, design, the size that you want. You can also get them customized as per your budget. For instance, you can get faux wood window blinds installed in your home instead of real wood blinds. They give the exact same appearance like wooden blinds but they are cheaper than them. We have window coverings online available for every budget range and choice.


Contribution in savings: After installing these super-effective window blinds, you can see potential savings in your energy bills since the temperature would be much easier to control and maintain. It makes these worthy investments and a great asset in the long run. High energy bills can break your bank easily, therefore, taking smart steps is necessary.


Motorized functionality: Our motorized blinds which available in Canada can be operated with a remote control or your smartphones (if the specific product is compatible, will require a hub) or you can even give voice commands (will require a compatible hub as well as a voice assistant) to them. These window coverings are equipped with Z-wave technology (please make sure the shade you are looking at is z-wave compatible) and can be integrated with home automation hubs like Samsung SmartThings and Wink. You will need to have voice assistants like Amazon Echo or Google Home for the voice control part of things. Motorized blinds and shades can also be very helpful if your windows are hard to reach. We have skylight remote controlled blackout blinds and shades for skylight windows as well.

 Motorized Shades and Blinds


Durability: Crafted from premium quality material and made by various brand names, ZebraBlinds offers discount window blinds that last longer and are very reliable and have excellent warranties. They work as efficiently as possible while being simple to use and setup.  Different window coverings are suitable for different kinds of windows, for example, vertical blinds are recommended for large windows or patio doors. Horizontal blinds are recommended for smaller windows. You can also go through the differences in vertical vs horizontal blinds to decide whats best for your home.


We offer the quality and budget-friendly custom blinds and shades in places like Toronto; wherein most normal cases, prices are ridiculous for custom options. Get them installed and make your surroundings more elegant. You will definitely receive compliments from your guests for taking this smart and effective decision.

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