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Update Your Home With Latest Window Treatment Trends 2018

Window Treatment Trends 2018

Most Attractive Window Treatment Trends 2018

What’s one of the first things that come to mind when you think about designing or redesigning your home? Homeowners prefer the latest trends whether they are shopping for themselves or their homes. From fashion to technology, the latest trends always steal the limelight. People prefer to remain up-to-date in every field. Home automation is gaining the attention of homeowners nowadays. There are so many innovative designs, technologies, and choices available when it comes to home décor. It’s easy to get out of hand and spend frivolously, so it is very important to shop smart, and only after you’ve done your research. This article is to make you aware of cost-effective solutions for redesigning your home. Replacing old furniture, changing wall colors, adding smart appliances, and many more such changes can lead to a large expense. The latest trend is to implement window blinds and shades instead of curtains and drapes in your home, proving to be an effective and affordable solution to refreshing your decor. This is one of the latest and budget-friendly solutions which will transform the look and feel of your home.


A home should be designed as such that it will not only look attractive but also feel comfortable. Smart window coverings not only update the appearance of your home but will also make it intelligent to understand the needs of homeowners. They make the operation and access to window coverings super-easy and automatic. You can even give voice commands to your window coverings or pre-program them for automatic functions as per the time of the day.


In addition to transforming the look and feel of the home, window coverings also shield your home from outside harsh weather conditions. They provide insulation and block harmful UV radiations. They help you to maintain a soothing and comfortable ambiance inside as well as outside of your home. They also dampen excess noise coming from outside. People who have rotational shifts or have to study at home or do work at home would benefit greatly from proper window coverings.

If you need to completely block the light so that you can sleep without any disturbance, then you can go ahead with blackout window shades and blinds. Noise-reducing window coverings can be installed if you have a theatre room at home to watch movies without any disturbances. Bring nature home with natural window blinds and shades which are made from natural materials like wood, jute, bamboo, etc. Likewise, there are window coverings available to fulfill every need and taste of homeowners.


Here is a list of the types of smart home window blinds available today. You can explore them and chose the best one for your home.


Top 10 Attractive Window Treatment Trends 2018

#1. Light Filtering Cellular Shades:

Cellular shades are also called honeycomb shades. These window coverings have small pockets which trap the air from outside leading to increased insulation of your room. They have a unique design, with maximum insulation, softness, and ultimate light control capability. They come in both cordless and with cord options. Cordless cellular blinds can be operated with a remote or your smartphones or home automation hubs like Samsung SmartThings and Wink. Equipped with cutting-edge Z-wave technology, smart honeycomb shades eliminate the risk of an openly hanging cord which can be dangerous for kids and pets. These window coverings filter out the excess amount of sun rays, letting in a comfortable amount of sunlight which merges with the artificial light creating a soothing ambiance. They are very effective and can help you save on your energy bills as they lower your reliance on of your air conditioner.

 Light Filtering Cellular Shades


#2. Sheer Shades for Windows:

Sheer shades provide elegance as well as a perfect amount of light to your home. They don’t block the entire view. They just minimize the glare and provide UV protection. They offer privacy during the day while retaining your view. Sheer shades for windows are a perfect combination of traditional looks and functionality as they are crafted using premium quality sheer fabric. They are perfect for large size windows, leading to a dramatic and sophisticated look. Windows and doors are the focal points of the home and designing them is essential to transforming the look and feel of it.

 Sheer Shades for Windows


#3. Faux Wood Window Blinds:

If you need to get an artistic look of wood without digging a hole in your pocket then faux wood window blinds are the one. They are durable, long-lasting and easy to maintain as well. Faux wood window blinds are crafted using composite wood material and synthetic PVC which makes them crack resistant and affordable as well. They will look like wooden blinds and shades only but are much more affordable. They can withstand harsh weather conditions without losing their color and quality. Mostly suitable for high humid areas, they have excellent moisture-resistance. They also offer greater privacy control with wider slats.

 Low Cost Faux Wood Blinds


#4. Plantation Shutters & Blinds:

Plantation shutters and blinds offer a sleek and neat look to your home. They are suitable for every area of your home like bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, backyard, bathrooms, etc. They are very sturdy and are available in various specifications as per the need and choice of homeowners. They have a permanent frame around the window with moveable louvers inside stationary sides. Preferred for homes and offices as well, these not only offer a mesmerizing look but also control light and privacy effectively.

 Plantation Shutters and Blinds


#5. Electric Blackout Shades:

These shades are best for those who have to sleep during the day. An excess amount of light can be disturbing, even if you are just doing household chores. They block the light completely, making the space dark and suitable for a sound sleep. Electric blackout shades can be operated with a remote control or your smartphones. They can also be pre-programmed according to the time of the day.

 Smart Motorized Blackout Shades


#6. Smart Roller Solar Shades:

These shades combine traditional looks with smart functionality. In addition to giving an elegant appeal to your home, these window coverings make your home smart and intelligent. They can automatically get closed or opened as per the time of the day with the help of a Z-wave chip installed in them. You can operate these window shades with a remote or with your smartphone as well. For giving voice commands, you need to have voice assistants like Amazon Echo or Google Home. They can be integrated with these blinds and can be connected with smart home automation hubs like Samsung SmartThings and Wink.

 Zwave Roller Solar Shades


#7. Smart Natural Shades:

Natural shades are crafted from a natural material like wood, bamboo, jute, etc. These soothing window coverings bring nature home and make it feel serene. These shades can also be operated using a remote from anywhere in the room. You can get them installed inside or outside the home. They look great and function effectively by filtering out the excess amount of UV radiations.

 Smart Natural Shades


#8. Smart Dual Shades:

Dual shades can have two window shades in one headrail. You can choose to open any single one as per the need and time of the day. You can have a blackout and sheer window shades in one headrail. They are very reliable and a modern way to shield your home from outside weather conditions.

 Smart Motorized Dual Shades for Windows


#9. Skylight Motorized Shades:

Skylight windows are hard to reach and operate. Therefore, a remote control makes the work easy for homeowners. Skylight motorized shades are available in all sizes, shapes, colors, textures, and designs. You can also get them customized as per your requirements. Our experts are available to help you with their installation and maintenance.

 Motorized Skylight Window Shades


#10. Motorized Roman Shades:

These window treatment solutions are modern yet traditional. They also offer an elegant touch to your windows along with making them smart. Equipped with Z-wave technology, these roman shades are tech-inspired and make your home smart. They filter out the harmful UV radiations, harsh glare, and also excessive noise. They make the ambiance of your home comfortable and relaxing.

 Custom Motorized Roman Shades


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