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Are Wood Blinds Out Of Style in 2020?

Are Wood Blinds Out Of Style in 2020

Window treatment products have been important to home decor for a long time now and date back to the medieval ages. The blinds and other window and door coverings have been providing protection against UV exposure, scorching heat during the summer, glare due to bright sunlight and also the winter chill by keeping the indoors warm and cozy. But this…

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How to Fix and Install Blinds on A Door

How To Fix and Install Blinds On a Door

Your home is your own sweet world and the windows and the doors are the small little openings through which you welcome everything great that is there outside. However, not everything outside is pleasant. During the summers you get the scorching heat of the sun and the glare, you get the frosty chills during the winters and so on. You…

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What Makes a Good Blinds Warranty? A Comparison Between Popular Brands

What Makes A Good Blinds Warranty

Window coverings are used in every household nowadays. These not only make our lives easier but also help in beautifying the interiors of our homes. Window blinds are some of the most popular window treatment products and have their practical advantages both during the summers and the winters. But while selecting blinds for your home what factors should one keep…

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What Are Maxxmar Sunset Shades And How Do They Work?

What Are Maxxmar Sunset Shades

A name that has been around for close to a decade in providing lavish window solutions to homes across the world is Maxxmar. Founded in 2007, Maxxmar prides itself on providing top-of-the-line window treatments with its wide range of blinds, shades and shutters to combat different weather conditions. With its sleek and uber-stylish range, it is bound to become one…

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Vertical Blinds Split Opening vs. Side Opening – Which Is Best?

When talking about blinds it is important to understand that there are two types of blinds, namely, vertical blinds and horizontal blinds. In horizontal blinds, the slats are placed horizontally. These blinds are extremely popular window treatments and perfect for standard-sized or smaller windows. You raise or lower these blinds as per your needs with the help of cords and…

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How to Dress an Awning Window Without Reducing Functionality

How To Dress an Awning Window

Awning windows are spectacular additions to the choices of windows you will eventually make for your home. Awning windows are similar to other types of windows with one key aspect that makes all the difference. While traditional windows open sideways, awning windows tend to open skyward. Many tend to use these windows on holes in the ceiling to create skylights,…

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How to Shorten the Cord on Your Vertical Blinds

How To Shorten The Cord On Vertical Blinds

Need for Window Blinds Window treatments are essential for your homes as they provide the much needed covering between the window and your room. The glass windows can cause loss of energy and allow electricity bills to shoot up. They can compromise the privacy of your homes and expose your vulnerability to the outside world. Windows without adequate treatment can…

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Do Solar Shades Provide Night Time Privacy?

Do Solar Shades Provide Night Time Privacy

Onset of Summer As spring bids us adieu and the sun’s rays start getting stronger you start getting apprehensive about the approaching summer months. The mercury rises and the days get warmer and less comfortable. You start avoiding the outdoor from the scorching heat and seek respite inside the house. As summer reaches its peak, the air inside gets hot…

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