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Modern and Practical Automated Blackout Blinds to Try Out This Summer

Automated Blackout Blinds

Z-Wave Automated Blackout Blinds – The Best Technology to Make Your Home Smart


In this technology oriented world, we are all delighted and enveloped by the use of high-tech devices, which also have a significant impact on our daily routines. Be it a smart TV, camera, smartphone, or other smart gadgets; they have made our lifestyle easier and more convenient. All these smart devices save both our time and energy and turn our ordinary home into a smart one. There are endless options available to create a smart, safe, and hazard-free home. Making windows and doors smart and tech feature is a hot trend that keeps you safe from every outside hassle. Smart window shades and blinds are a great way to add security and peace of mind while giving effortless control. As the summer comes around, everyone wants to keep their home cool, relaxing, and pleasing. And nothing can be the best solution than the Z-wave automated blackout blinds. Z-wave permits for wireless control and operation of window treatments. Uses of Z-wave motorized blinds have increased over the last year because homeowners understood the importance and smartness of this technology.

Z-Wave Automated Blackout Blinds


Create a Standard of Living by Mounting Z-Wave Automated Blackout Blinds

Z-wave motorized blinds use a protocol that can be used by smart home hubs and various automated devices, such as smartphone and voice-controlled assistants which include Google Home and Amazon Echo (Alexa). Using these smart controller devices, you can operate the blinds and shades from any wifi zone. Using voices will also make the windows open and close. All you need to connect the window dressings with a compatible Z-wave smart hub. After that you don’t have to get up from your favorite area to adjust them, you can do it by installing an app on your phone or allow your voice to do the job. This summer, get all these conveniences at a reasonable price and enjoy their various functions all year around.


To keep your room comfy in the hot sunny days, you need to choose the right shading and customize them with your preferred style and design choices. There are various window coverings available with a range of fabric options, but window specialists suggest only Z-wave blackout blinds because blackout fabrics have the maximum efficiency in providing your room with the highest insulation while giving your space privacy. Below are the top electric blackout shades and blinds to try out this summer:


  • Electric Sun ShadesThese window shades are featured with high-quality material that makes them extremely durable and that helps them reduce glare and heat from direct sunlight. Solar window shades are cozy and comfy in high temperatures. Installing these window shades will not block your view as they are structured with various openness factors 1% to 5% and 6% to 14%. Depending on how much privacy and exterior view you need, you can personalize them. Install and enjoy their ease of use.

Blackout Roller Shades with Google Home


  • Electric Cellular BlindsIf you are looking for something natural for your windows, then electric cellular honeycomb shades play a major role. These blinds are a timeless choice for many homeowners because of their aesthetic beauty and functionality. These blinds are very efficient in blocking out the harsh sunlight and temperature to make any space relaxing and pleasing. Their honeycomb structured air pockets trap the excess heat to keep your interiors comfortable in extreme climate conditions. This helps to reduce electricity bills and save money. On top of that, motorization gives you the flexibility to adjust them according to schedules or with the press of a button.

Blackout Cellular Shades with Alexa


  • Outdoor Electric Blackout Blinds and ShadesIf you want to enjoy your outdoor spaces, then motorized exterior solar shades are an ideal choice. Not only do they reduce the daylight and heat, but they also provide you with a degree of privacy to stay comfortable on your porch. And using z-wave technology gives you easy accessibility while giving your outdoor porch area a smart makeover.

Motorized Outdoor Blackout Shades


  • Z-wave Roman ShadesIf you are extra conscious about the look of your interiors, then consider installing these fashionable and trendy roman shades. Their range of color and design choices makes them a unique, elegant, and sophisticated choice. Custom roman shades are the perfect integration of aesthetics and functionality.

Smart Motorized Blackout Roman Shades


Apart from keeping the entire home convenient and adequate in the summer season, there are various reasons beyond choosing smart automated blackout blinds:

  • Electric blinds are perfect for large windows as they are easy to operate using your smartphone or voice
  • Customizing the shadings with blackout fabric will dampen the outside noise.
  • Apart from providing privacy, when it comes to the home’s security level, these smart blinds and shades offer the highest level of security by creating an illusion of occupancy. With Z-wave enabled shades, you can schedule the timers to operate the shades automatically, even when you aren’t home.
  • With no-cord mechanisms, these shades create an uncluttered and neat look to your windows. This also makes them safe and hazard-free for homes with pets and kids.
  • As the shades use smart technology, that doesn’t mean they are expensive to purchase. Various deals and discounts offered by ZebraBlinds help you save big on your budget.


All these benefits make these automated blackout blinds an extension of your room while you enjoy a beautiful summer day. Now you are aware of how they are beneficial for your home. For any other assistance, feel free to contact our design executives.

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