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How to Use Automated Google Home Window Blinds

Automated Google Home Window Blinds

Automated Google Home Window Blinds – Smart Homes

Smart homes are the future of the interior designing world – and why shouldn’t they be? Who would say no to a home where the gadgets and devices act on their own like they have read our mind? Can you imagine a home where you wake up and just say “Hi” to a smart device and the blinds of the room slowly and gently open up to a beautiful sunrise lighting up the streets? The dew drops and snowflakes on the lawn shine like diamonds under the sunrise. The chirping birds and the rustling leaves of the trees can be heard in the distance. Making your life convenient in ways you previously wouldn’t know existed is the reason why Smart Homes are so popular.

Automated window blinds that are remotely controlled through technologies like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, etc. are the talk of the town in recent times. These are the latest revolution in the world of technologies as they are designed to be able to control and manage a multitude of smart devices, all under one app. These technologies are able to send and receive messages, make calls, play from your favorite playlist, set up reminders and so much more, all this using simple voice commands directed at the app or device. When it comes to your home, these apps have the ability to send commands to other smart devices, open or shut the curtains and blinds, slide the doors open or shut, turn lights on or off and completely control your smart TV, AC, and Refrigerator, etc.

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What are Smart Home Motorized Blinds and Shades?

Curtains and blinds have existed ever since people started living in homes with windows! Shelter is a basic necessity, but that doesn’t mean that you can simply live in a home that is completely empty. As soon as windows came into existence, so did other necessities like being able to control the light and provide privacy. Hence the necessity for curtains.

Ever since then, curtains and blinds have been revolutionized to meet a lot more of human necessities and comforts. Blinds that are able to block the solar rays, shades that are able to reduce noise, curtains that can keep your home cool and so on. Slowly, the revolution of shades and blinds reached up to the motorized version where they can be controlled by a remote controller. With the click of a button, people could open or shut their window treatments without having to get up or walk up to them to pull a set of cords etc.

Continuing that line of innovation in the world of blinds and shades and here we are, at smart home motorized blinds and shades. So what are smart home motorized blinds and shades? These are the shades and blinds that do not even need a remote control or the press of a button to be controlled. All they require is a voice command and they will act accordingly. Or you can set scheduled to have them operation automatically at certain times of day or based on certain conditions. The commands can be as specific as required. For example, say open curtains to 30% and the curtains will open exactly that much. Welcome to the 21st century!

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Automatic Blinds That Work with Google Home among Other Smart Home Shades

These smart home shades and blinds are programmed to be integrated and controlled by a range of latest technologies like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, etc. Google Home is the most widely known and welcomed one of these technologies simply because it has been designed and developed by the technology giant, Google.

However, when it comes to welcoming them with an open arm, most people are apprehensive simply because it is not a very easy process. It is not as simple as sliding the curtains into the rods and fitting them into the curtain holders! You will need an expert’s advice to choose the right kind of shades and their assistance in integrating these shades with your google home app or device. However, if something that makes life so much easy and comfortable is also easy to obtain, then it will lose its unique value! Automated Google Home window blinds are one of those amazing technologies that may take a little bit of research to understand and setup, but once the system is in place, it could make your life a lot more convenient.

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How to Use the Google Assistant Smart Blinds?

As mentioned previously, for fixing the smart shades and blinds in place and to get started, you may require an expert’s assistance. But once the shades are in place, integrating them with your google assistant app is quite a simple task.

Integration of Smart Home Motorized Blinds and Shades

  • Your Google Home and Shades should be connected to a compatible smart hub. We recommend using Samsung’s SmartThings
  • Once connected, please follow your smart hub’s instructions to send commands via Google Home to your smart Z-wave shades


Automation of Smart Home Motorized Blinds and Shades

  • You need to set up your voice recognition system on the Google home app so the device can differentiate between your voice and the voices in the surrounding.
  • Then you need to connect your smart shades with a particular type of command so that the app can differentiate between the shades and other smart devices.
  • Finally, just speak your command to the Google Home and Lo and Behold! Your curtains are literally moving to your voice!
  • If all this sounds very hard to follow or too much work, you can also integrate the shades and other smart devices to the Google Home app and use your smartphone as a remote control to control these devices! Which means you can open or shut the smart shades with the click of a button on your phone!

The automated Google Home window blinds have taken over the world of curtains, shades and blinds and given it a technological twist. Today, all those things are possible through these automated window blinds.

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