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Automated Homes with Smart Window Treatments

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Automatic Window Blinds, Shades and Shutters

Elbert Hubbard announced, “One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man”.

Besides making life easier, smart windows with motorized window coverings bring your interiors simplicity, safety, and of course, style. How sophisticated you look when you control all your window coverings with a push of a button from your comfort zone! You don’t even have to be in the vicinity of the windows to operate them. How much easier can life get?


Why Go Smart?

To start with, the word smart itself has a nice ring to it. Practically because you don’t have to struggle with tangled strings and cords, uneven appearance of the blinds or shades, and climbing on chairs or stools to reach those unreachable windows. It also comes handy when you are glued to the TV, but the light streaming in is interfering with your view. You sure would prefer shutting the light out with a push of a button rather than get up to it manually. No more shrieks of despair when your children or pets get excited about the view outside, since motorized window coverings don’t pose a strangulation hazard. Busy in the kitchen? No need to worry about greasing your precious blinds or shades with dirty hands. Just push the button to control all the window coverings in your home.

When we see the little challenges we face with window coverings, day in and day out, it doesn’t come out as a surprise that motorized window treatments are preferred choice of many homeowners. There are plenty of good enough reasons for you to go smart.


Smart Programming.


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There is something about symmetry and alignment that attracts us. You can group together your shades/blinds so that they respond to a single command and align perfectly, like well-trained soldiers. You can also combine different window dressings into a cluster to respond in tandem. You can raise them, lower them or leave them hanging in a desired position with just a click of a button either on your remote or smart phone. Isn’t it amazing that smart phones can work as remote controllers of TV, AC and window coverings as well?

Another innovative feature of smart window coverings is the light sensors that can adjust automatically to the light shining through the windows. No matter whether the sun is at its zenith, just coming up or retiring for the day, you will have uniform light streaming through your windows anytime, which can be significant energy-saver for you. The artificial lights can automatically go off when natural light streams in.

Smart window treatments can be either wired or not, depending on the option you prefer. The wireless models are convenient to install and run on regular D batteries. They give your room a perfectly neat, uncluttered look with absence of wires, strings, and cords.


Automated Homes.

What was science fiction just a few decades ago has turned into reality now, with technology progressing in leaps and bounds. One of the dreams of sci-fi is completely automated homes that enable the homemaker to control, watch and manage a home even they are away from their homes. This is a boon to working parents of today’s generation of younger children. The home and away programs of the automated homes increase the security of homes when the homeowner is out.

Remember all those times you were enjoying the sun on a beach when a sudden doubt crept into your mind as to whether you had locked the back door to the kitchen, left a shade open or did not properly check the garage when you left home? The thought can spoil an otherwise perfect holiday.

With automated homes, no more doubts about your home-security. Adding your smart window operating system into the automated home programs will close all the windows to optimum security level when you are away. There is nothing more tempting to a thief than an empty house with an open window. As an added bonus, you don’t have to run from window to window to open all those shades and blinds when you are back. Your automated home system will do that for you, and more!

Further, when you pre-adjust programs in your automated system to home theater, party or work functions, your room is ready for the occasion in a second. Give your command and your windows will co-ordinate to give out perfect light setting, the home- audio will either come alive or go silent; you lights will flicker on/off, to create the perfect ambiance for the occasion.

You can also fit in the sleep/awake mode in the program. Your windows will be completely covered so that you can sleep peacefully, only to open and let you welcome the day with the sun shining on your face in the morning. Good for those who have trouble waking up in the morning, since nothing can chase away sleep better than the light streaming into your bedroom.

Smart window treatments add convenience, safety, security, elegance, UV protection, energy savings and a modern touch to your home. Moreover, they aren’t noisy. Put up your feet and enjoy the luxury brought to you by technology, because like in the words of Byron Dorgan “Working hard and working smart sometimes can be two different things”, and we prefer to opt for smart work today.




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