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Are Smart Window Coverings Good for Sunny Days?

Automated Smart Window Shades

Automated Smart Window Shades for Sunny Days

Window shades are used to keep away light and provide privacy. It is a protective covering that blocks harmful UV rays and helps keep your home beautiful and safe. They are available with corded manual operation or the more popular option these days: motorization. Automated smart window shades are easy to operate and work smoothly to keep your window coverings beautiful, and your home functioning and comfortable longer.

Two of the crucial elements of every home is natural lighting and comfort. We all have the desire to have a house that is well-lit and comfortable, whether the sun is blazing outside during the summer or whether it is chilly during the winter. A reliable way to balance great natural light and interior comfort is with the right type of blinds or shades. Window coverings help welcome light when you want it and keep it at bay when you don’t want it.


Types of Smart Window Shades

There are two options when it comes to smart blinds or shades: retrofit option which are devices that will automate your existing blinds, and an all in one motorized system for shades and blinds. Currently, most of the retrofit options are either outdated, offer next to no warranty or ask for enormous amounts with little to no support. The easiest and simplest option currently would be to purchase motorized blinds or shades that are built with industry-leading motorization systems and come with excellent warranty and supports. They are also available in a  few different styles.


Motorized pleated or cellular shades are a stylish way to boost the energy efficiency of your room. These are available in many stunning fabrics, from sheer, and light filtering to opaque and blackout. These can be preferred for your privacy and light control. Automated roller shades are available in either light filtering or blackout. Depending on the fabric you choose, they can filter light in so your room is nice and bright or blackout the entire room, so it feels like night during the day. Venetian blinds can be classy or contemporary. The Venetian blinds offer a dual benefit: it transforms natural light of the sun and provides privacy. Smart motorized roman shades come with a wide range of fabrics and colors.

Automated Solar Shades


Smart Motorized Window Shades

Allowing beams of light inside your home with just a switch or getting rid of all light with just a switch would feel great. Smartblinds comprise of window coverings with a motor compatible with home automation systems and can automatically open or close them based on various events within your home. Depending on the sensors and systems connected to the system, the blinds and shades can even react to the temperature which would help significantly with your HVAC system. Another significant advantage of these motorized solutions is that there are no dangling cords which is a boon if you have kids or pets.

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Features of Automated Smart Window Shades

Some of the essential elements of smart blinds and shades are:

• Based on the home automation system it is connected to, it can react to temperature or other events to lower or raise the blind or shade

• When connected to a home automation system, you can use its app to control the smart window coverings from your phone

• You can even use your voice to open and close your blinds (once again when connected to a home automation hub that allows that)

• You can raise or lower the blinds individually or as a group at set times

• You can use geo-fencing to let your blinds or shades know to open even before you enter the door and close when you are leaving

• Raising or lowering the blinds automatically during sunrise or sunset

• Work with other sensors which are part of the home automation system and react to events while you sit and relax

Smart Motorized Solar Shades


Tips to Measuring & Installing Automated Smart Window Shades

When purchasing and installing smart blinds or shades, a few things should be kept in mind. They usually cannot operate without power; so you need to consider the various power options that would be available. Most motorized window treatments offer an external battery case, a plugin power source, a solar panel or a multi-motor power supply unit to provide power. Some even come with a space-saving built-in rechargeable battery which only needs to be charged once or twice a year. You would have to pick an option that would work best for you. Make sure when measuring you take into account any additional space that might be taken by something like an external battery case.

Installation is generally very straightforward. Screw in the brackets, snap the blind or shade in, plug in power, and you are ready to go. If you plan on purchasing a shade compatible with a home automation system, make sure to check if it meets all your needs before acquiring them.

Installing Automated Smart Shades


With the advent of technology, lifestyle and living standards have changed drastically in the past few decades, life without technology is difficult to imagine. Smart window blinds are one of the many approaches towards a smart home. Automated smart window shades are innovative and can save on your electricity bill as well as grant you comfort. Installing smart window blinds is a more natural way to control insulation and heat loss in the home. Moreover, since these blinds help in energy conservation, they can be put to good use to protect the environment as well.

So, why wait, get some smart window blinds or shades installed soon to live a comfortable life.


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