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Automated Window Coverings Makes Your Home Smart

Automated Window Coverings

Smart Home Automated Window Coverings

“The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Design It”

Are Smart Motorized Window Treatments Perfect for Your Room?

We all want to save both time and energy in our day to day life. In today’s world, it’s technology that plays a growing and essential role in our lives. We’ve experienced their time-saving benefits in our work lives, in our entertainment, and even in our homes. Smart homes use technology to connect us and to help us control our living environments.

It is time for you to transform the way you give thought to automated window coverings for the house. These motorized marvels aren’t just about looks. They provide unparalleled functionality and are even more powerful when integrated with your smart window blinds and shades automation system. When you aren’t home the window coverings can be closed and opened automatically, and outsiders will think there is someone inside the home.

smart motorized cellular honeycomb shades

Window automation is the key to maximizing your home’s efficiency. When integrated with your lighting system, you’ll have complete control over the lighting settings in any area, at all hours of the day. You can automate your shades to adjust based on the room’s temperature or on how much light is expected to come through the window at that time of day. With a wide variety of settings, these automated window coverings provide substantial energy savings over time.

The best part is you can control your shades with your smartphone, making the shades adjustable from anywhere at any time. So control the light and window shades in a single room or throughout your whole home by using a remote control or smartphone.


Why Should You Choose Automated Window Coverings?

  • Remote Control Blinds and shades provide convenient, reliable control of window coverings. They eliminate the need to pull a string or twist a rod. With the touch of a button, you can have instant control over your privacy and natural light. Motorized shades help you harness the functionality of your window treatments and unlock their potential so you can enjoy more of the time you spend at home.


Skylight Motorized Shades

  • Smart motorized window treatments are programmable. They can be configured for one or more positions and multiple coverings can be grouped so that all coverings in the group are perfectly aligned to the same position with a single command. Once programmed, the homeowner can simply press a button on a remote or in their smartphone app to adjust their motorized shades to the desired position.
  • Your shades can automatically adjust to eliminate harsh glare and give you the privacy and protection you need. With smart home window shades, you can manage light and privacy just by pushing a button, or through conditions, schedules, and timers.
  • Smart Window Shades are cordless. That means they help make your home safer for kids and pets.
  • Smart motorized Z-wave blinds and shades are clean and sleek and give your home a modern and beautiful look.
  • These custom window treatments save big on your energy bills. Both during summer and in winter the shades adjust can themselves according to the weather outside for cooling or heating.
  • Automated window coverings increase the value of your home.
  • These privacy shades are perfect for hard to reach windows. They can be opened or closed with the touch of a button, using a phone, or a voice assistant.


How to Automate Blinds and Shades?

The following procedure describes how to automate blinds and shades with Z-wave:

  1.   Establish the power connection
  2.   Connect the power to the motor installed in the shade
  3.   Pair the shade with your smart hub
  4.   Pair your remote with your smart hub
  5.   Pair your remote with the shade
  6.  Operate the shade with your remote or using the smart hub app on your phone

 And that’s it! Once everything is connected, you can also set different settings and conditions using the options on your smart hub app.

At ZebraBlinds, we have various motorized products for your beautiful smart home. Choose from our motorized roller blinds, honeycomb cellular shades, motorized roman shades or dual shades.



Ways to operate your Smart Home Window treatments:

Motorized blinds are operated by remote control. There are several options to choose from to fit the control style you want;

  • Single channel remote – This is an excellent option for an individual window or small group of windows. The single channel remote can be used to operate single shade or a group of shades simultaneously.
  • Five-channel remote – The five channel remote is a great option for rooms with multiple windows. It permits you to move blinds or shades in groups or individually.
  • Wall switch – This option acts through an installed switch on your wall. It is an excellent alternative for larger rooms like a living room or media room. These come in single channel and five channel options, for controlling a single shade or a group of shades simultaneously, or for managing multiple shades individually.

With modern functionality, efficiency, and effortless control, Smart motorized window shades can change the way you live in your home, and provide the contemporary lifestyle upgrade you deserve! Once you’ve experienced this truly innovative window treatment solution, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.

Let ZebraBlinds help you through the process of selecting, installing, and programming smart windows for your home. Your home will look as good as you will feel when you finally experience a contemporary lifestyle with Smart Home window shades.

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