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Say Goodbye to Ugly Cords and Opt For Motorized Blinds Instead

Automatic Window Blinds and Shades

Install Automatic Window Blinds and Shades – Stylish Ways to Hide Dangling Cords


Say ‘No’ to Corded Window Blinds – Time has come to remove all the cords from your window shadings. Modern technology is spreading everywhere to make your lifestyle more convenient and relaxing, and this is also true with your doors and windows! A few years ago also, people used to raise and lower their window shades using the continuous cord loop system, but that is a hidden hazard for your home because children can be entangled between the cords which can cause injury or even death. If you want your home to be a safe and enjoyable place for your family, you’ll want to eliminate all the hazards in your home. Window specialist has introduced high tech featured automatic window blinds and shades which are proven to be the safest option for home as they don’t have any window cords. Use smart controller devices or voice assistants to adjust the position of your shade from anywhere in your room. Sounds too good to be true? This is the truth and the good news is you can make your surroundings safe and cord-free zone without breaking your budget. Learn more how to secure your home by opting for motorized blinds and enjoy a convenient home all year around!!

Remote Control Solar Shades


Time to Embrace Automatic Window Blinds and Shades

Window cords are one of the most dangerous things that is hiding in our homes and most of us not aware of that. And because of those cords, one child dies from blind cord strangulation every two weeks.

Improve the safety of your blinds now – You can tuck the cords up high so that kids can’t touch those dangling cords or else you can cut down the extra loop of the window cords. But in this modern era of technology, there are various smart ways to say adieu to your window cords while bringing technology and sophistication to your home – You can control the amount of natural light enters your room while maintaining privacy or set the mood in your home with the press of a remote button or tap of a mobile device or voice command. Smart motorized blinds create a safer environment for toddlers and pets.

Z-Wave Automated Shades


Operate the shades individually or a group of shades at the same time using one remote as there are various remotes available to manage the shades smartly and efficiently – Single channel remote, five channel remote, and sixteen channel remote. When you opt for remote controlled blinds, you’ll have the most flexible and versatile control throughout your home.

Apart from the remote-handled mechanisms, you can also use your smartphone to open or close your window blinds. Integrate the window shades with a Z-wave smart hub such as SmartThings and then operate the shades using a smartphone connected to wifi.

Voice-controlled assistants such as Google Home and Amazon Echo (Alexa) are there to operate the shades using voice commands. Just make sure they are compatible with your smart hub and then say ‘hey Google, turn off the window blinds’ or ‘hey Alexa, turn on the window shades’ and they will work automatically without any hassle. Using these smart technologies helps to save your time and energy both, creating a convenient and comfy ambiance all the time.

Alexa Smart Window Shades


Why the Motorized Shades System is the Best

Most homeowners struggle to disguise or hide messy and dangerous window cords, and automatic window blinds and shades are the right solutions for that. But apart from making a secure home, there are various reasons that will prove that they are the right choice for your home –

Smooth Operation that Saves Time – Manually raising and lowering the window shades is easy and simple enough. But it takes too much time to complete the job when you have to run around the house or get a pole to adjust your skylight shade. But with smart motorized blinds, it is quicker and convenient to move the shades and blinds with smart devices, all at once, and all with the press of a button.

Light and UV Blockers – When it comes to window décor, the first concern we should focus is natural light and privacy. Smart window shades diffuse excess light while blocking UV rays and maintaining privacy. So install these shades to protect your furnishings and artworks from the unwanted things.

Energy Savings – Motorized shades can save on energy bills by balancing the temperature with the outside environment. During summer months, lowering the shades will protect your room from overheating and during the winter month, raising the shades will allow the solar heat enter your room. In this way, a consistent temperature will be maintained throughout the year and as a result of that, you will enjoy lower electricity bills.

Motorized Blackout Roller Shades


Protection and Security – Apart from keeping the kids safe from the danger of window cords, automatic window blinds and shades provide security to your home. When you are far away from your home, an effective way to protect your home is to create the illusion of occupancy. Smart shades are pre-programmable which means you can set the timer for your shades and they will work automatically, giving your space a dynamic and lively appearance. You can also control your shades from anywhere you have wifi – even when you are abroad.

Aesthetics – With motorized shades and blinds, you can create a ‘wow’ factor for your home while making it synchronized and co-ordinated. With wide assortment of colors and fabric choice, you can design your own style for your home that will match your entire home’s décor style. And most importantly, cord-free mechanisms create a clear and clutter-free look which will be appreciated for a long time.


In conclusion, all we can say is that automatic window blinds and shades are the worth of investment as they add security, privacy, and efficiency to your home. There are various smart shades available – Graber motorized roller shades, outdoor motorized shades, skylight remote controlled blackout blinds, etc – Choose your product now and customize it easily on our website. For any doubts and concerns, contact the professional executives. They are always ready to solve your problems!

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