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What is the Average Cost of Styling Your Outdoors with Exterior Shades?

Average Cost of Styling Your Outdoors with Exterior Shades

Conventional window treatments are not enough anymore, for today’s homes require a lot more protection and sophistication. Motorized blinds, smart shades, solar shades and electric shades, etc. are gaining popularity quickly. Their ability to blend in with any kind of home interiors and their multi-functionality is making them the first choice among people who want smarter window solutions for their modern home. Moreover, more than the indoors, outdoor electric blinds and shades have started to grow famous as they function just like the indoor window shades. At the same time as they are mounted externally, they make the indoors look more spacious and free. With so many advantages in hand, people hardly make decisions based on the cost, however, it is always better to stay informed.

Why are Outdoor Electric Blinds and Shades are Better than Indoor Mounted Shades?

Let’s have a look at the range of benefits that these shades offer-

  • These shades are pretty amazing when it comes to toning down the harshness of sunlight. Their mesh-like material helps in filtering the sunlight to fill the space with a warm glow.
  • The solar shades reduce the glare from the sunlight. It is nice to fill a space with a lot of natural light. However, when the glare from sunlight affects your time in the room, all you feel like doing is pulling the curtains down, no matter if the room gets dark! But solar shades are able to reduce the glare without darkening the room.
  • They protect the floors and furniture from the harsh UV rays. Outdoor sun shades provide superior protection against UV radiations from the sun.
  • They provide complete privacy during the day. However, during the night, these shades have reverse effect and become see through from outside.
  • The outdoor sun shades protect us from harsh sunlight and its glare and also provide privacy, but without affecting the view from the window. The mesh-like structure of the shades enables us to keep the view from the window, which is a huge advantage.
  • Since these blinds are motorized, it is very comfortable and convenient to operate them. With the press of a button, we can close or open the shades exactly to the degree we want.
  • All of these advantages can be achieved through indoor mount shades too. But when you choose to go or exterior motorized solar shades, they leave the interiors looking a lot more spacious. They also make your exteriors look all posh and glammed up.
  • Additionally, exterior solar shades block heat and light before it even reaches your window, further increasing their effectiveness.

Motorized Exterior Solar Shades

The Cost of Motorized Outdoor Shades

Cost of any kind of window treatment is based on various factors like color, pattern, size, type of fabric, type of lining, motorization, automation, etc. One can always play around with these factors to arrive at the right solution that fits their budget. But we are speaking about exterior motorized sun shades here, so let us dissect everything that is involved in these window shades and what is the approximate cost you can expect to have to shell if you want to adorn your home with these shades. It is not an unknown fact that these motorized shades are surely a little on the costlier end, but they are to be considered as an investment for their range of advantages and versatility.

Fabric of the solar shades– solar shades are generally made of vinyl mesh-like fabric constructed in such a way that they block away the harsh sunlight without blocking the view from the window. This kind of multi-functional fabric is what comprises of the primary factor of costing. This fabric is further classified as sheer, semi-sheer, semi-opaque and blackout shades depending on the amount of lighting you need in the said space. Again, the costing may vary based on the type of fabric you choose.

Motor– Motorization of solar shades increases our comfort and convenience. The costing of the motor may vary from the lower end of the scale to the higher end. However, considering that the motor is the major part of the motorized solar shades, choosing to go for a cheaper motor wouldn’t be a wise decision.

Size of the window– considering that you can adorn even large windows with sun shades, but of course, the large outdoor sun shades are costlier than regular sized windows. Finding a perfect window treatment for those large windows can make or break the complete look of the house. Large windows are absolutely classy and luxurious to look at and finding the window coverings that doesn’t affect the look and feel of the windows is very important.

While these are the major factors that affect the costing of these shades, there are various other factors that may be involved too.

Motorized Outdoor Patio Shades

Why Outdoor Roller Shades are the Investment That is Worth It?

As mentioned above, all factors considered, the outdoor roller shades are surely a little on the costlier end compared to your regular shades and shutters. However, their range of advantages makes these shades worth the price. The light control, privacy and safety aside, these shades are also a great option when it comes to conserving the energy as they also block away the heat of the sun. They keep the interior ambiance unaffected by the external factors. Hence the energy consumed in cooling down the interiors like the AC or cooler is conserved. This also helps you save the money spent on your electric bills.

The outdoor roller shades are also very easy to maintain and very long lasting as they are made of PVC material. This advantage of the material is one of the biggest plus for solar shades. These shades do not accumulate dust or mold as they are water resistant and humidity resistant. Cleaning these shades is very simple using a piece of cloth or duster. They are also heat resistant and can withstand most of the natural issues like dust and pollution. These advantages put together makes these shades a true investment and worth every penny.


After the hustling at your work and withstanding the bustling of the city, at the end of the day, home gives us the strength to rest and rejuvenate to face another day. To keep that homely feeling intact, it is important to maintain a certain ambiance in the interiors of the house. The outdoor electric blinds and shades on the exteriors can help you achieve that home-like feeling on the interiors of the house.

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