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Avoid Common Decorating Mistakes That Make Your Home Look Messy


Avoid Decorating Mistakes for a Clutter-Free Home


Decorating your home is fun, but sometimes it can be difficult for many homeowners. Sometimes too much decorating or some of the decorating mistakes can make your house look more like a monster than a modern home.

Nowadays, everyone wants to keep their home clean and simple throughout the year. Maybe you clean your house all the time, but because of some common mistakes, it still looks sort of messy or cluttered.

But for these decorating mistakes, some small tricks and tweaks will help your space look more simple and tidy.


13 Decorating Mistakes and Solutions


Follow the below decorating mistakes and their solutions so that your home does not look messy or congested anymore –

#1. Using Too Many Colors

Designing with too many colors can make a home look cluttered and messy. Try to use one or two color combinations to give your home a cohesive and relaxed look. The colors of the walls, window treatments, and other accessories in the room should match with each other.

#2. A non-functional entryway


Entryway Window Treatments


An entryway offers a home’s first impression, but too much light or glare can give you a severe headache. So cover it with proper window coverings such as – Cordless Cellular Blackout Shades, Aluminum Vertical Window Blinds, Plantation Shutters, beautiful draperies, or any Smart Home Window Blinds and give a warm welcome to your dear ones.

#3. Arrange Your Furniture Properly


Furniture Decorating Ideas


Arranging all of your furniture up against the walls will make your room decor cluttered and messy. So pull them from the wall and keep them maintained so that they can create the illusion of a bigger room.

#4. Hang Your Curtains Properly

Curtain Hanging Ideas


If you want your room to feel bigger and less cluttered, hang your curtains as high and as wide as possible. This creates the illusion of larger windows, which makes the whole room bigger. And one more thing, use a rod that’s bigger than the window and make sure your curtains are longer instead of too short.

#5. Let the Light In

Dark rooms look more cluttered. To brighten up your space, choose ZebraBlinds best window treatments that will reflect the natural light.

#6. Try to Avoid Cords

Cordless Window Treatments


Nothing looks more cluttered than a tangle of cords. So choose cordless and motorized window coverings to make your room elegant and attractive. Choosing these options also ensures that your home is safe for your kids and pets.

#7. Don’t Use Too Much Furniture

Your furniture should fill your space and create a space that is both appealing as well as functional. But don’t over-furnish your room because overly furnished rooms make your room seem smaller than it is.

#8. Privacy Issues

Privacy Window Treatments


When privacy is the main key to your happiness, choose from our best blackout and room darkening window treatments.

#9. Make a Place for Your Eyes to Rest

Everyone loves to enjoy the outside natural view for their own comfort. But you won’t be able to see anything through messy windows. So pick window treatments that not only allow you to see outside but will also provide you with light and glare control and protect your room from harmful UV rays.

#10. Not Choosing the Correct Window Treatments

Not having the proper window coverings will not only let in an excessive amount of light, but it’s also a missed opportunity in terms of interior design.

So choose the appropriated window shade that will give your room an elegant and stylish look. But before you purchase, ask yourself: how much light do you want to let into the room? Is privacy a concern for this space? Then you can find the perfect window dressing to fit your needs.

#11. Don’t Have a Focal Point?

A focal point is something that makes a statement for your entire home décor. Your windows can be the focal point of your room. So decorate them with our best window coverings so that when your guests will enter your home they will feel relaxed and comfortable. In this way, your room will look well organized, and balanced.

#12. Don’t Shop Without A Plan

If you are new in the world of window fashion and don’t know about how to decorate your room or windows, then contact us. Our design experts will help you to find the best window coverings that best fit your room. But if you purchase any window coverings without knowing their functions, it will waste your time and money.

#13. Division of Space

Open Floor Plan Window Treatments


If you have an open floor plan and you don’t know how to divide the space properly, then the entire space can start to feel cluttered and messy. Consider having a rug to define a space or arrange your furniture to divide your open floor plan. This can make a big difference to your entire home’s décor.


Need Help to Avoid Common Decorating Mistakes? Contact Us!

It’s obvious that you would love to walk into a spotless cleaned home at the end of a long hectic day. There are so many ways to give your home or apartment the illusion of cleanliness instead of doing dusting or vacuuming.

Some decorating mistakes can be fixed by buying new furniture or selling, donating, or discarding your old pieces. Or you can hang some artwork or some family photos to create a beautiful home.

Giving your space a makeover can be both relaxing and rewarding. It takes some time and energy, but when done right, the result gives your interiors a brand new look.

Call our customer service executives if you face any difficulty while dressing your home windows.

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