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Avoid frightful Headaches with Blackout Cellular Shades

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Blackout Cellular Shades a remedy for a migraine and SAD

Those who are prone to headaches know all too well the awful feeling of walking into a brightly lit room the morning after having tossed and turned all night – that instant nausea coupled with the dreadful and insistent hammering behind the eyes! Nothing gives relief at that point – not coffee, not aspirin, not the solicitous ministrations of a concerned spouse! Only a cold strip of dark, heavy cloth over the eyes while lying down flat, and no sudden movements, thank you very much! When you achieve a semblance of sanity, the room better be dark when you open your eyes, or else!


Migraine is an excruciating form of headache preceded by flashes of light color and blind spots, often accompanied by tingling of the extremities, and nausea. This headache is amplified by light, loud and high pitched noises and certain smells. Different people have different triggers – for me it’s light, and boy does it play hell with my head! I’ve become the butt of all jokes in the family, especially as I use dark wrap around Polaroid shades while I’m cooking or pottering around during the day….I’m called the Stevie Wonder of the family!


Over the years, I’ve learned to control my triggers, primarily light. Fortunate that I’m mostly a stay at home mom. Modern day TV’s and computers have anti-reflective screens, in spite of which I still close the drapes tight against exterior light. But sometimes, even that doesn’t help as there’s always some light seeping through the edges of the drapery panels. I’ve been reading up on magnetized edges or Velcro affixed edges on drapes that will do the trick for me, but I haven’t been able to wrap my mind around that! And the glare of the winter sun is pretty severe!!


And recently, I’ve come across something called SAD – seasonal effective disorder – this really exists! Though it occurs in only a negligible percentage of the population, it’s still mind boggling. It’s apparently headache and muscle tension associated with light deprivation that starts around October and lets off around April. It can only be treated by exposure to sunlight as even large amounts of bright artificial light don’t help. So apart from some sort of ‘light box therapy’, being outdoors is the only way to go! One just has to learn to maximize the available sunlight. It’s a conundrum, isn’t it? To combat one or the other, there has to be a solution, what with all the advances man has claimed to make!


So, I happened to come across this innovation in window treatments called ‘Cellular’ or Honeycomb’ shades. Sounds pretty fancy, doesn’t it? And it is! They are made of layers of synthetic fabric constructed to form horizontal hexagonal tubes stacked atop each other – sorta like pleated shades on the front, but a cross section will reveal hexagonal openings like in a honeycomb. These hexagonal cells trap air in them, so these shades are great to insulate a window from losing interior heat or from absorbing exterior heat They come in single or double layers, and needless to say, the more the layers the more the insulation, not just to temperature, but to noise as well. But wait! For me, it’s this option called blackout honeycomb shades that has me enthralled! What this is is simple – the insides of the cells are given a coating of Metalized Mylar that blocks off every bit of sunlight. This means that even white colored fabrics can be used, and no sunlight will pass through. Not even from the sides, as these blackout shades by Comfortex are equipped with side tracks so the shades can move up and down it without any trouble, at the same time, effectively blocking out any of the sunlight or artificial light from street lamps!


Apart from the fact that these blackout shades fit my purpose wonderfully, they’re also so easy to use. They come in a variety of lift options – from the traditional cord lifts to the cordless and continuous cord loop, to the motorized lifts. Plus, they are equipped with the fascinating TDBU (Top-Down-Bottom-Up) feature with which you van lower the shades from the top to whichever desired position, or raiseTop Down Bottom Up Canada - ZebraBlinds.ca it from the bottom to a desired position, or they can be lowered from the top and raised from the bottom all at once, giving the impression that they are magically suspended over a part of your window!


I also know that motorized shades are the best in terms of energy sustainability and efficiency, more so with cellular shades. Having read up a lot about them, I think any other options offered scarcely provide the same benefits of light blockage, insulation, and classy modernity all stacked into one! And the endless colors they’re available in make them a winner in my book. They are also really easy to maintain as they can be vacuumed occasionally though they are treated with an anti-static finish that actually repels dust. And should you accidentally stain them, you could blot the stain off with a sponge and mild detergent. Should you require more extensive cleaning, they can be ultrasonically cleaned as per the instructions of the manufacturer.


I am absolutely at peace with my little ailment as these blackout honeycomb shades from Comfortex Blackout Cellular Shades give me the perfect darkness when I require it at the press of a button! Those afflicted with SAD can also use these shades to maximize sunlight streaming into their homes to deal with the sun deficit that causes their symptoms.


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