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Safe For Kids – Baby Nursery Window Coverings Buying Guide

Baby Nursery Window Coverings

Safe For Kids – Baby Nursery Window Coverings Buying Guide

A room can be decorated in multiple ways by adding or removing items, rearranging furniture, etc. But have you ever imagined that even a window could add to the beauty of the room? Children’s rooms, on the other hand, require certain points to be kept in mind while decorating, such as safety. So, if you are looking out for kid’s room window treatments, then let this be your guide. Keeping your child’s safety in mind, let us take you on a tour of some great baby nursery window coverings that you can install in his/her room. Choosing from countless designs can be difficult. So, let us highlight the points that we should keep our focus on while working on their décor.

Cordless Blinds for Kids Room


Things to Consider While Choosing Baby Nursery Window Blinds and Shades


  • Kids’ Safety 

Safety comes first when it is about installing your child’s window treatment. Dangling cords can be dangerous. We would recommend cordless shades for nurseries and children’s bedrooms. Children have a tendency to become mesmerized by anything dangling, and it can be a real hazard to have cords hanging from your windows. Hence, we should stick to blinds that do not touch the floor and are beyond the child’s reach. The kids get excited to see anything within their reach and have a tendency of playing with it. It may be dangerous if the child starts pulling the drapes and the entire pelmet comes crashing down.

Motorized Blinds for Nursery Room


  • Soothing for a Good Night’s Sleep

Keeping the child’s nap times in mind, the colors shall play an essential role in the whole décor. As an infant, the child will be asleep most of the time, including during daytime as well. Hence the color should not be too vibrant as it will light up the entire room, making it difficult for the child to take a peaceful nap. The colors of the baby nursery window treatments should be soothing to add to the ambiance of the room. Colors in pastel shades or white can also work, making the room look bigger and more spacious.

  • Fun for the Newborn

The child should be comfortable and happy to be in their own room. To add some fun side to the diplomatic choice of colors and length of the blinds, you can accessorize with a cute rug and crisp cotton linens in pastel shades should be appropriate. Hanging a wind-chime can keep the child entertained. Choose decor that pairs well with your window blinds to keep your room fun and exciting.

  • Blackout Drapery for the Night

Blackout drapery shall be very soothing for a good night’s sleep for the baby. At his/her age, strict hours of sleep are necessary to stay fit and healthy. The blackout draperies will have a cooling effect on the room, and the bright rays of the sun can be avoided in the morning until the blinds are pulled up. This allows you to keep your child’s room dark for their uninterrupted sleep.

Blackout Drapery for Kids Room


  • Measuring Drapery Properly For Your Window

Curtains, at times, can look like they reduce the width of the windows when pulled back, covering a great amount of the glass in the process. So, if you are game for buying curtains instead of blinds, you should go for extra wide ones that can be pulled to the side without blocking the view of your window. The glass of the window makes the nursery look bigger and brighter and not gloomy all throughout the day, making your child feel happier while playing in the room. However, you should make sure that the curtain rods are properly secured, to avoid them collapsing on the child, causing a mishap.

  • Using Roller Shades Instead of Blinds or Curtains

Blinds are comparatively expensive (though it depends on the material) while roller shades are a bit on the cheaper side. They come with an added advantage as well. These can roll up and disappear into their roll completely, letting your child bask in the sunlight, while blinds stack at the top and can be bulky if it is a large window. Roller window shades have different hues to them. You can select from a wide range of hues and even get a set or two to swap according to the seasons or moods.

Motorized Roller Shades for Baby Nursery Room


  • Honeycomb shades

Cordless honeycomb shades are always safe for the kids since they do not have any cords attached to them. The internal cords are inaccessible which makes it a fuss-free situation for parents. The cordless blinds and shades can be stacked up and down at your own convenience. If you want the light to come in from the top keeping the lower part covered, you may easily do so by pulling down the shades from the top and keeping the lower part still shut. This functionality requires the top down bottom up lift option and is great for adding versatility and allowing you to get in more natural light to your room while keeping privacy and protection from direct sunlight for your child.

Cordless Honeycomb Blinds


  • Roman shades

Roman shades do not usually have cords in the front, and often have the option of cord lifts on the back of the shade. These cord loops are often out of reach to the point that they aren’t a safety concern for your child. The fabric of shades is totally lined on their back to prevent the heat from leaking out of your home during the winters while keeping the room all cool during the summers using the same technique. This makes it a perfect child-safe window treatment option for kids.

Roman Shades for Kids Room


  • Wooden shutters

To add some class to your kid’s room décor, let’s put wood shutters to the windows. This window covering is absolutely cordless. So, you get to accessorize your home with a classic upgrade that is never out of style, while your children and your pets run around wild and free without the fear, danger or injury or even getting strangled. Further, you can customize the shutters for your children’s bedrooms as well as the rest of your house by choosing from an extensive variety of stains that are sleek for your wooden shutters. They are completely effortless and give your décor a different perspective altogether.

Wooden Shutters

Browse through this post and get some amazing and uber cool ideas for your baby nursery window coverings which, at the same time, are super safe and sound. Get into a safe home of comfort and luxury, without creating a hole in your wallet!


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