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In Love with Walls of My Home Sweet Home

When you finally go back to your old home, you find it wasn’t the old home you missed but your childhood.
Sam Ewing
I have lived in the same house all my life. My dad had built our house lovingly, and my mom decorated with all her heart and soul. Their love for our family reflected the way they had built and maintained our home.

I loved this home so much that I did not care to move out even when it was time for me to live independently like my brothers did at a very young age. My parents did not mind having their only loving daughter around them so they, in fact, discouraged me anytime I decided to move out. I was in and out of relationships very fast, because somehow I’d never found a guy who cared about me as much as my family did. Yeah! I was the apple of their eyes, and they doted on me all the time. I loved Montreal, but somehow my brothers decided to move out to different cities. Since Jim could speak French fluently like most of the people in this town did, he was shifted to the headquarters of his company in the USA, and since they had tie-ups with France and they needed someone to handle their partners at higher level. Nathan moved to Toronto because he wanted a change, and he loved the city. Of course, the love of his life was also from Toronto.

My parents stayed back in Montreal even when both my brothers left, but my dad started being sick too often. That is when my parents decided to shift to Florida because that was where my Mom was from, and she had a home over there. We went to Grandma and Grandpa’s on vacations. She wanted to get back to her roots and dad loved the warmth of the place. Finally, it was left to me to decide whether I wanted to keep the house and stay back or move. I decided to keep the home, and everyone in the family was ok with that.

Initially, I thought I loved my family; when my brothers moved out, I thought I was staying back for my parents. Now I realize that I just love this home. There are so many lovely memories these walls reflect that I don’t want to lose them. This is where I wanted to be even if I was going to live here all alone. Once my decision was made, I decided to change the home and re-decorate it to meet my requirements and taste.


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I loved the furniture and decided to keep them. The kitchen needed a change, but I was worried how my Mom would feel about it. When I broached the topic, she was not only happy but helped me make the plans for the change. The carpet needed to go because it had borne the brunt of three naughty kids growing up. We had replaced our window treatments with something new and modern a few years ago. Dad had spent quite a huge packet getting it done. But somehow, I felt I did not want them. I wanted back the memories of my childhood when we’d had the pure wooden blinds in Montreal covering our windows. I decided to replace with wooden blinds. I decided to add Artisan Drapery to compliment the blinds and increase the aesthetic appeal of the windows. This is the new trend in Canada combination of blinds with drapery.

With new paint, carpet, kitchen and few new furniture, my home looked so appealing that I was happier with my decision. Even though it looked different, it still gave out the same warmth that reminded me of my childhood. This home made me feel loved and secure. Finally, with a heavy heart I sold the window treatments we had to install 2″ Normandy Real Wood SmartPrivacy Blinds. I loved these window coverings which were crafted from environmentally sound hardwoods, making for a stunning window elegance. The grain textured finish used lent a premium feel to interiors, which was perfect for both the small and large window in my home. A unique SmartPrivacy feature allowed optimal amounts of light filtering indoors as well as a feeling of quiet seclusion. For increasing the privacy levels, I had the Artisan Rod Pocket Teals & Purples Graber Drapery Panels in Monaco Passion color installed. The color and fabric enhanced the final look of my home and increased its visual appeal a great deal.


Everyone loved the new look of my home. Nathan especially liked the blinds and told me it reminded him of our childhood as well. He explained that these blinds were engineered with an award winning SmartPrivacy option that had an innovative Insta-Lock system that ascertains that their slats close tight, blocking out unnecessary light; that the wooden slats don’t slide out; and that cord fraying is prevented. They stand head and shoulders over other blinds in terms of visual appeal and privacy, as they block out even the faintest of silhouettes. Also, they offer a plush elegance to interiors. He appreciated the smart choice I had made and this pat on my back from big brother meant a lot to me. Though the blinds were made of wood, they were lightweight, ensuring easy lifting and lowering. Finished to highlight the natural wood grain, they surpass any faux wood option in adding textured elegance to a room. I loved the array of natural wood tints that allowed the blinds to blend in with other wooden interior elements I had.




Also, they had advanced tilting feature for ease of angling, optimizing the light streaming in, assuring expected amounts of light and privacy. A child and pet-friendly option, these blinds have a built-in Cord Release Device that allows cords to come apart in case of child or pet tangling; so my nieces and nephews were always welcome here. It also had the low profile steel headrail, giving it a better structural stability, and a three ¼-inch designer crown valance, adding verve to windows. Wow! This was something I loved even better than our old wooden window blinds. It was quite easy to maintain as well.
I went through a lonely patch when my family went back to their lives after spending time here with me, during Christmas. It was decided that we’d meet at this place every holiday. I thought I would miss them forever, but life took over, and I settled down into my beautiful, safe home, looking eagerly to start a life and family of my own.




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