Patio Door Window Treatments

Backyard Shade Ideas- Turn Your Small Outdoor to a Relaxing Space

Backyard Shade Ideas

Relax in Your Outdoors with these Backyard Shade Ideas

In Canada, during the month of spring, everyone wants to take out their patio furniture and sit under the sun in their pergolas, decks, and yards. Our home’s outdoor spaces are the perfect place to entertain friends and family, or to relax and have a cup of coffee. No matter how big or small your yard is, it can become one of your family’s favourite hangout spots.

There are so many ideas to enhance your outdoor space. You can use planting beds, container gardens, and weatherproof furniture to decorate. But what happens when it’s too bright at daytime or the heat is too much, or you don’t want your neighbours to see through your windows? Not to worry anymore because Outdoor Window Treatments like Exterior Roller Shades provides you with protection from harmful UV rays, control over the amount of light in your space, and they let you enjoy your backyard in peace.

Outdoor Living Ideas

Outdoor Blinds for Porch

A custom-designed window treatment will create years of outdoor enjoyment for your home. An outdoor area with beautiful window treatments and unique features will make a lasting impression on your guests. Turn your backyard into an outdoor relaxing retreat where you can entertain friends and family in comfort and style.

Create the Perfect Patio

Patio Door Window Treatments

A patio door is a welcoming extension of the house, calling you outdoors to enjoy cool breezes and fresh air. With a little planning, you can make your patio a comfortable seasonal room.

Patio Door Window Treatments are an attractive and energy-efficient solution to reduce cooling costs inside your home. Solar screen fabric permits air to flow through the windows while blocking heat from the sun and harmful UV rays. They are the perfect solution for preventing heat and glare while maintaining the view.

Ensure Privacy

Create an outdoor living space that feels like a seamless extension of your indoor area. Everyone wants to enjoy their privacy.

Exterior Solar Shades are more effective at letting you see from a darker room to a lighter room. So during the day when its darker inside than outside, you can see outside but its harder for the outside to see in.This means these shades would provide some privacy during the day, but not at night.

Get the Comfort and Durability

You have so many choices when it comes to furnishing your outdoor space. The proper window coverings will give you the comfort which you were looking for. Outdoor Window Treatments or Outdoor Sunshades provide style and comfort like any other indoor shades but are also treated specifically for exterior use.

Outdoor Blinds for Porch

Exterior Solar Shades

Screened porches are an excellent idea to enjoy an indoor environment outdoors.

Outdoor solar shades are a great option to protect from UV rays and also help in keeping your porch cool. Even though they obstruct the sunlight, outdoor shades don’t block your daytime view. These shades diffuse the sunlight that would be shining in your eyes when it is too sunny.

For complete privacy during both day and night, look for blackout window shades.

Save Your Energy and Time by Using Motorized Products


You can choose Graber Motorized Exterior Solar Shades for your outdoor space. The motorized control makes these shades easy to operate as you can easily control these shades through a remote control device. These motorized solar shades run on metal cables and are available with an optional wind sensor for better control and protection. This wind sensor helps the shades to retract during high wind flow, preventing possible damage. As these shades have no dangling cords, they are safe for homes with kids and pets, and spaces where you might have a lot of movement and activity.

Create a Relaxing Environment with ZebraBlinds Window Coverings

If you concentrate on your outdoor living space as much as your indoor design style, you’ll find that you can use your outdoor space more, whether it’s a deck, terrace, garden or large backyard. Make your patio a stylish and more comfortable outdoor space with our exterior patio window shades! Want to find out how to get started? Contact our team or visit our website for more information.

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