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Motorized Roller Shades– A Perfect Combination of Style and Functionality

Battery Operated Roller Shades

All You Need is Battery Operated Roller Shades to Redesign Your Home!


Everybody wants to make their home stylish, modern and beautiful. Even the workplace requires having a sophisticated and clean look for a comfortable work environment. There are many options to redesign your space which will end up costing a lot. Whether you replace your furniture or paint your walls, the cost will remain a major factor. Major renovations aren’t the only way to bring a big change to your home. Windows are also a very important part of your interiors which can make or break the décor or overall look of your home to a great extent. By adding window treatments you can drastically change the ambiance or atmosphere of a room. 

Battery operated roller shades reflect economical creativity and innovation combined. Spending every penny prudently is a must to order to get the most worthy solution. Motorized Roller Shades are streamlined and give a sophisticated and neat appearance to your home. They are the best solution to stay away from harmful UV radiations especially in summers. Battery operated roller shades come with different specifications like size, color, pattern, texture, opacity, and functionality. You can weight your needs and budget, and select the most suitable one accordingly. Our experts can assist you with all their means to make your investment worthy and reliable.


Motorized Roller Shades


Say ‘Yes’ to Battery Operated Roller Shades

If your home needs an upgrade, then giving a makeover to your windows is one of the best ways. They are not only attractive but are also durable with modern features intact. Complementing many different types of home décor, these roller shades add a touch of tradition and technology together. Here’s how:

1. Program your roller shades as per your requirements

Look around yourself. What did you see? Technology. Its all around you. You are carrying it in your hands, in your laptop bag, at your workplace, and now it is getting a hold inside your home also. Home automation products are gaining popularity by drastically making the life of homeowners simple. Our roller shades are also technologically advanced as they come with built-in Z-wave radio technology. With this technology, they can be operated with a portable remote. No need to get tangled in cords for operating your window coverings. When the world is getting digital, why not make our homes digital too? The virtual cord Somfy motorized roller shades can be operated by your smartphones also.

Moreover, they are equipped with RollEase clutches which provide a smooth and convenient start and end to them. These features give a class to your home décor. In addition, with Z-wave built-in, these motorized roller shades make them compatible with various home automation systems like SmartThings and Wink. When configured with voice assistants like Google Home and Amazon Echo, they provide you hands-free convenience as you can operate them by giving voice commands. Timers allow you to program these roller shades as per the time, temperature, or other conditions.


Battery Operated Roller Shades


2. Practical yet sophisticated

Roller shades are available in various specifications as per your needs and desires. They can also be customized to match the theme of your home interiors at affordable prices. You can implement sheer roller shades which will filter out the excess sun rays and merge them with artificial light which results in a perfect ambiance. They won’t block your view too. If you want complete privacy and want your room to be completely dark, then you can go ahead with blackout roller shades with side and sill channels. They won’t let any light enter your room which lets you have a sound sleep even during the daytime. You can select the range of opacity you need in your shades. They can be crafted with fabric, wood, jute, PVC or other materials too. Every material and design has its own charm and appearance.


Blackout Roller Shades


3.  Maintenance and cleaning

Roller shades are easy to clean and doesn’t need much effort. They just demand regular dusting. If you want to deep clean them, then you can take dish wash soap solution or detergent solution and dip a soft cloth in it. Clean the fabric with this cloth very carefully and gently.


4. Perfect for patio doors as well

Our supreme quality light filtering roller shades can be implemented on both windows and doors. Patio doors allow an abundance of light to enter the house, making the temperature and ambiance uncomfortable. You can implement exterior roller shades to filter the light and harsh glare. These shades absorb sunlight and keep the temperature of your indoors nice and comfortable. These can also be installed on windows that are large in size and hard to reach.


5. Budget-friendly

These roller shades are modern, stylish, elegant and also are available at low prices in various colors, shades, textures and patterns. ZebraBlinds provides the perfect customization options under the guidance of our professionals. This is not an expensive investment if it will change the entire feel of your home and make it smart. With functionality and smartness, you will get a traditional touch too which is the best quality of these shades. They will cost you much less than replacing your furniture or painting your walls. In addition, they also help you in saving energy bills as implementing these will lower the requirement for air conditioning.

Thus, these battery-operated roller shades are eco-friendly and cause no harm to the atmosphere. Air conditioners, on the other hand, use a lot of energy and be harmful to the environment. Our battery operated roller shades are efficient and durable. They are cordless as well, so safety is also a major feature of these. Operate them using a remote from anywhere in the room.


Smart Z Wave Roller Shades


Be smart, make your home smart, and walk hand-in-hand with the changing world. Explore our unique collection and shop right now to redesign your home with latest and eco-friendly smart roller shades. These will not only enhance the look of your space but will also make it an intelligent place with simple and easy functions.

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