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Motorized Blinds Offer Easy Usage and Convenience

Battery Powered Shades

Battery Powered Shades: How they Impact Our Lifestyle with a Smooth Operation


Modern technology, in every aspect, is the main reason our daily livers have become easier and smoother. It plays a critical role in helping us reach where we are today. Just like other household devices, we should think about ways to optimize and improve our doors and windows too, as they are also essential when it comes to security or protection. Smart technology in window treatments is significant and magnificent, bringing various benefits of light control and privacy while making our home safe and secure from outside hazards. Motorized shades or battery powered shades are designed to simplify your way of living, reduce energy costs while increasing safety, letting you to add convenience to your lifestyle. These types of shades are a combination of incredible beauty and functionality.

Operating standard window coverings manually can be a hassle, and they offer less functionality. But motorized blinds eliminate these issues by allowing the shades to open and close automatically depending on the settings you program into your home control system. Different types of remotes (single channel, five channel, and sixteen channel) are also available to adjust the shades individually or in a group. So are you ready to give your home a makeover with these blinds and shades to enjoy all their luxury? Before you get started, learn more about the advantages you can expect from your motorized window shades!

Battery Operated Roller Shades


Why You Should Consider Battery Powered Shades as the Ultimate Solution for Windows


Regular window shades require a cord or chain to open and close but there is a chance to get tangled between the cords which can pose a deadly risk to children. Some window treatments are also heavy and difficult to use. And for that reason, they often break easily. But opting for battery powered window treatments offers all the convenience you desire. Smooth functionality, versatility, durability, and flexibility makes them unique and the number one choice for most Canadian homeowners.

Zebra Motorized Blinds


How Battery Powered Shades are Beneficial Comparing to the Manual Window Shades


There are various reasons why battery powered window shades are more useful and effective than the regular window shades. The below comparison will help you to differentiate which one is right for you:

  • Motorized blinds are operated using a simple remote button which means you don’t have to get up to adjust them. They will move to the exact location wherever you want to keep them. Most importantly, you can pre-program them in different settings depending on your requirements, or according to the outside temperature and time of day. And when it comes to standard shades, pulling the cords or chain can be a complicated and stressful task which can break while adjusting, cause extra expense for you.
  • These types of shades are popular for large and hard to reach windows. Operate them from anywhere in your room. But in case of manual shades, windows that are high up can be difficult or even dangerous to operate.
  • Depending on the outside temperature, pre-programmable automated shades adjust themselves to create a comfy, relaxing, and comfortable home while saving on energy bills. For manual shades, you have to raise and lower the shades for yourself when the outside temperature is too high or low. It isn’t always practical to adjust every blind in your house multiple times per day to maximize energy efficiency.
  • Motorized blinds protect home furniture, floors, and valuable art from damaging sunlight with convenience.
  • Motorized blinds are very safe as there are no cords available. Because of that, you don’t have to worry about kids or pets getting tangled. Standard window shades with corded mechanisms can be an additional hazard and dangerous for kids.
  • Without the cords and wires, battery powered shades are the sleekest window treatments which offers the entire room with elegant, clear, and clutter free appearance. But when it comes to corded window coverings, so many cords can create a grimy room especially when you have several windows next to each other. Apart from that, a wide range of colors and design choices transform the look of an ordinary home into a stunning dreamy home.
  • No doubt that, z-wave motorized blinds are convenient, safe, and easier to operate. But do you know that they can protect your home from burglars too? Yes, as you control these shades by a remote and you can set timers to manage them automatically to create the illusion of occupancy. So whether you are on a vacation or far away from your home, you can use the timer to have your blinds move during the entire day and outsiders will think that someone Is there inside the home moving the shades manually.

Motorized Solar Shades


How are Motorized Window Shades Powered?


We all know that motorized window shades are designed to operate them through a remote button but there are various effective options available for powering the motorized blinds so that they work efficiently without any complication. Below are the powering sources that are used to raise or lower the shadings:

Battery Powered Shades –These shades have a tube and the battery fits above that and connects to the motor for power. 8AA lithium batteries are used to operate hard to reach windows and they can be mounted behind the shade or alongside the wall, making them an elegant and sophisticated choice to power the shades.

Hardwired Motorized Blinds –  A multi-motor power supply must be purchased, allowing you to hard wire from the power supply to your shades, offering a clean look that may require an electrician to install.

Solar Powered Shades – The main resource for this power control system is sunlight. A solar panel system is installed behind the shade confronting the sunbeams.

DC Power Adaptor Shades – This is another way to power the shades which is very convenient to opt for. Just hang your window blinds and plug them into a power outlet and they will work without any issue.

No matter what power option you select, that will offer you easy usage and convenience, matching your daily lifestyle and interior décor type.

Motorized Roman Shades


Shop Battery Powered Shades Online


Price of the window shades depends on the size and style you select. There are various motorized shades available – zebra motorized blinds, motorized solar roller shades, motorized roman shades, and many more. So personalize your product now and maximize your home space while making it more sophisticated than before. Their simplicity and excellent performance are the main reason to purchase them without giving a second thought. These inexpensive motorized blinds come with free samples and free shipping benefits. But if you need any help during customization or installation, feel free to contact the window specialist executives to assist you! Explore now to get these shades at an affordable price.


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