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Battery Powered Shades to Create a Magical Retreat for Your Modern Home

Battery Powered Window Shades

Battery Powered Window Shades for a Remarkable Home Transformation

Motorized Shades are a great addition for your home, especially when you have large or hard to reach windows. Opening or closing window blinds regularly, especially if you have high up windows, is a daunting task for most homeowners. Imagine accessing all the window dressings in your home with the touch of a remote. You can come home and press a single button and every blind in your home would operate as you need it to – what a luxury! This is all now possible because of the latest and tech-featured innovation of Graber’s Battery Powered Shades. These amazing renovations will bring a drastic change inside your home. They play a huge role in changing the overall decoration of your home design.

Apart from adding convenience, these battery powered window shades bring a whole new dimension to your home management system. Whether you want to enjoy a glowing natural light or outside stunning view, the shades will help to complement your mood and overall aesthetics with their wide range of fabrics and style options.  These are one of the best affordable solutions to make your home smart, stylish, and elegant. These smart window coverings are the true combination of creativity and innovation. There are various window solutions available to match your needs, so select the suitable one accordingly.

Smart Motorized Dual Shades


Top Recommended Battery Powered Shades and Their Benefits

We feel the impact of technology in almost every aspect of our lives – so why not also in our home décor? Home automation systems are gaining popularity to bring convenience and comfort to our daily life. Window treatments offered by top manufacturing brands are very practical and advanced and integrate z-wave radio technology. With z-wave shades, you can manage all your window treatments using remote controls, with a smartphone app, or even with your voice. Smart solutions are compatible with various home automation systems such as Wink or Samsung’s SmartThings, which lets you set automation or group controls with your phone. For hands-free control, integrate the shades and blinds with voice-controlled assistants that include Google Home and Alexa. Corded window coverings can be risky for toddlers and pets. Why to get tangled between the cords? Get them installed today and enjoy a hazard and tension free life.

Below are the most suggested window products that will provide numerous benefits apart from providing comfort.

  • Energy-efficient Window Protector

The name of this product says it all. Yes, the cell pockets of the cellular shades hold the excess heat to create a barrier against harsh climate conditions. In this way, your room maintains a perfect atmosphere throughout the seasons. Adjust these shades with smart accessories to get perfect control over sunlight, UV rays, and glare. Depending on your taste and needs, select the style and design that goes perfectly with the home décor.

Smart Motorized Cellular Shades


  • Adding Texture with Fabricated Shades

When we talk about both looks and functionality, remote control roman shades are an amazing collection to go for. Smooth texture, modern patterns, and eye-soothing hues make the shades perfect for every Canadian home residence. A perfect combination of functionality and versatility make the shading solutions easier to raise and lower from anywhere in your home. They are ideal in blocking out the daylight and other unwanted things with their variety of fabric options. Get the design you wish to decorate your windows with.

Remote Controlled Roman Shades


  • Roller window Dressings

When you are searching for practical yet sophisticated window dressings, battery operated roller blinds are popular choices in all the window fashion trends. When it comes to blocking out the direct sunlight, glare, and rays, they are very effective and practical. Their superior fabric quality and best performance along with the smart operating system make them a perfect option to install on large windows and patio doors. Open or close these battery integrated window shades using your voice or smartphone as per your needs. These modern, stylish, and elegant window treatments are available in the best prices at ZebraBlinds.

Motorized Roller Solar Shades


  • Battery Powered Natural Shades

These eco-friendly solutions are made of natural or recycled materials, so they are safe for your home. Smart mechanisms make sure there are no lift cords that can be dangerous for your kids and pets. Programmable timers let you to program these shades as per the temperature, light and other weather conditions so that you can stay comfortably inside your home. Regular dusting and vacuuming are the best ways to increase the lifespan of these window solutions.

These shades have an external battery case which is connected to the motors for easy usage. 8AA lithium batteries are used for this kind of window coverings, which last 8-12 months (based on 1 open and 1 close per day) on a single charge before needing to be replaced. Choose battery powered window shades for a unique choice that will not disappoint.

Motorized Natural Shades

Explore the wide collection of these smart motorized blinds to change the overall design of windows you desire to have. Simplicity and smart functions will spruce up the home. Invest in these home automated window blinds to ensure that you make a worthy decision.

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